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*Umber busts through a non-existent wall in the void* OH YEAH!!! *Maddy is there too* Sup.

-Dark vines wrap tightly around them. Souls is glaring at them with their yellow eyes having turned black, and glowing as well as they could.- *HOW ABOUT NO!?


-Even louder, which shouldn’t be possible.- *HOW ABOUT NO!!!

…….Nnnn, Souls, come-* gets slammed into a wall with Souls’ talons near her neck *

*How about no?


These are all the best reactions to that eerily Twin-Peaks-esque photo of Mitt Romney dining with Donald Trump on Tuesday

One potential snag? The pair has some ugly history. A photo snapped by press covering the encounter appeared to make that painfully obvious. But hey, these two are trying! (Sort of?) The New York Times even called it an “awkward courtship," which is sort of putting it mildly.


the signs as undertale souls
  • Red (Determination): Taurus, Leo
  • Orange (Bravery): Sagittarius
  • Yellow (Justice): Gemini, Libra
  • Green (Kindness): Pisces, Virgo
  • Aqua (Patience): Capricorn
  • Blue (Integrity): Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Purple (Perseverance): Cancer, Aries

I’m not dead, I’m just a few weeks away from graduating uni! Have some Pumpkin Cats - the souls of black cats killed on Halloween are brought back to life by the Spirit of the Pumpkin Patch. They guide souls lost between the worlds on Halloween night back to beyond the veil (all the while causing ruckus for the still living).  

Be your own muse and be your own masterpiece, make yourself entirely your own and make yourself proud of this body that captures the beauty of your soul. Like any masterpiece, let others interpret you, let others connect with you and be inspired by you. Just like even the greatest works have critics, you will as well, and just like the greats you will take it in your stride. You are beautiful. You are rare. You are a masterpiece.

Masterpieces by Amy Kennedy




You can find Yurie hidden in the abandoned Byrgenwerth library on the lake in Bloodborne - unlike a lot of characters in Souls games, Yurie, outside of what can be inferred from her title as “Last Scholar” and her Choir outfit, is very ill-defned. There are none of the usual obliqe references to her you would expect to see, no background info, even her name isn’t surfaced explicitly ingame. For a lot of people, Yurie is just a final bulwark between them and Byrgenwerth’s greatest secret (and she does pose quite a challenge,even with assistance).

Inexplicably, i’ve almost cried over Yurie, alone, last scholar in the halls, holding up the stars by herself.