Australia sounds nice! -k. The one, the only, the inordinately bony, Camden; the Sydney 5 piece have released their new single, titled Too Pretty For Punk.

Recorded at the former BJB studios, (now Turning Studios); under the watchful ear of producer, Evan McHugh (Jet, Midnight Oil, The Scare).

The new single Too Pretty for Punk continues the poetic landscape of the early releases; Handsome Ransom, Students and Please Dont hold me In Your Arms, with confronting themes of depression, romance, and escapism.

Camden’s original music is often compared to a combination of Morrissey’s voice, Klaxons’s energy and the melodies of Motown. Camden’s unique ability to photograph his emotions and voice his observations through lyrics and song is paralleled by none.

Camden’s debut promo film is available at

with a Sydney launch in early 2013.

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So we had the pleasure of shooting Jimkata for Soulrebella and we went to go check them out at Church of Boston and at The Thirsty Moose in Portsmouth, NH. What a KILLER show. The guys are cool and laid back. They told me about how they are going on tour and playing at all these music festivals so if you get a chance to check them out you should. I would compare them to Tame Impala. Their sound is so rare and dope. They jam too.


Radiohead-Lotus Flower

Shit we’re jammin’ to today. Happy Mondaaaaaaaay!

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The Gift of Time: My time in England is nearly done, for now. I think I have seen and felt all in which anyone person could handle on a “holiday” but as I wake to the surprise of snow I think “I could of seen more, it could have been different” but no regrets, only experience. Time, a precious thing, a thing that should never be wasted on anyone or anything that doesn’t return such a gift. Till next time, till the next grande adventure. 

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