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I’ve decided burgundy is my signature Look lol. My hair is not dyed! This sprayed Jerome Russel temporary hairspray in burgundy! I have 18inches of tasha hair . 16 and 12 inches of Zury hair! In black wine (99j) .. And yes I am preparing a video on how I create a deep side part! Stay tuned!! 😊😊 #youtube #esscenceofme #soulqueenwu


These are more pictures from my recording!! 

-I wet my hair with a spray bottle, mixed with water and 100% Virgin Cocanut Oil

-I then add Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner

- Then I add Eco Styler Gel

All over my hair

- I take a soft brush and lightly brush my hair in circles!

-I create a part and use to clamp pins to keep it in place for about 10 mins until its slight dry

Afterwards I lay my edges using the Eco Styler Gel

and then I’m DONZO! Stay tuned for the video! :) Youtube: Soulqueenwu

OMGEE!! I know it’s late but I’m up so what the hey! Just got done making a video! SOOO I was sent this LaceFront Wig From to Review! I cut and styled it myself it is cute! MLF 18 Lavender is the name of the wig! Premium Fiber Wig! There will be more info on my Blog and in my YouTube Channel #soulqueenwu … I always wanted curls like this! Check out they have good stuff for reasonable prices 🙌👍💁💇💆🙆😁😘 #divatress #youtube

Wow the thirst trapping is very real today 😂

But every Girl deserves her pair I’ve Levi boot cut distressed shorts! I’m selling these for $15.00! I’ll be giving you more info on sizes soon. !!! Check out my last posts see where 10% #soulqueenwu #youtube

Are you looking at this picture like ooo gurl that jacket is reall cute! Do you want to know where I got it? How much it cost w/ 30% off 😁 check out the like in my bio to my SUPER SOHO NEW YORK HAUL VIDEO !!! Check it out ! A whole bunch off good stuff 😊 #soulqueenwu #youtube #checkmehout

#sighs *Ghetto Bathroom Pics* I need a tripod lol! But I finally found a highlight green top!!😁😁😁 it was $12! My skirt was only $7 👏👏 my hair isn’t cut it’s just braided in the back! The shirt is from my Fav store Amsterdam in Soho NY , the skirt is from@the clearance rack at Rainbow! Check meh out! #soulqueenwu #bargainista #youtube #donthateonmybathroompicidc idc lool

I will NEVER pay for ANYTHING if I know I can learn how to make it by myself 😊! I made the Flower Girl HeadBand Video Coming Soon! #MaybethisaThirstTrap #Maybenot 👀 but while we figure that out Go Checkout my #YOUTUBE channel #SOULQUEENWU !! So much more is on there!! Stay Tuned I have se goodies for you 🌞🌻

Yess this is a closure! 😬 @mermaid_wavess Peruvian Natural Wave 22,22,20,12in SWISS LACE Closure. I bleached my hair and then dyed it using BLAZING BURGUNDY by Clairol Textures & Tones. This is a wig created by me 😬 I tried to do a video but my memory card broke 😩 but if someone is willing to buy me new hair to do a review you got it 😂😁😳 until then this is all the info I have 😘😘 Thankyou @mermaid_wavess ( check out the holiday sale) ! #mermaidwavess #seaqueen #soulqueenwu #virginhair #protectivestyle #youtube #hairguru

Straightened my natural hair after 18 months of growth! (I wear protective styles throughout the year) ! It frizzed back up not to long after tho! I used CHI heat protectant and %100 Virgin Cocoanut Oil! I didn’t measure it. but that’s ALL ME BEHBEH! 😁😜😊 #soulqueenwu #hairjourney #update!

SOOOO 3,160 people are will to sit down and listen to me babble about clothes, hair , music , life etc .. I honestly believe that I am a creative genius lol and I hole do much in it makes me feel like am going to explode. But thankfully I get to share some of it with you all from all over the world!! I love you guys I’m glad I can Help and I’m so happy you give me something to do!!! LooL … SHOUTOUT TO ALL MY YOUTUBE SUBBIES AND VIEWERS!!! 😄😄😁😁😊😊😘😘👏 #youtube #esscenceofme #soulqueenwu #love the support!!