I Think of You

I think of you
when I go to bed.
I can’t fall asleep
I think of you.
I think of all
the things we could do
once we meet.
I think of you
when I listen to music.
When I hear the song
“Lips of an Angel”,
I can’t help
but think of you.
“It’s really good
to hear your voice,
sayin’ my name,
it sounds so sweet
coming from the
lips of an angel,
hearing those words,
it makes me weak.”
I think of you
at school.
Sitting with my friends
at lunch,
I think of
what it would be like
with you there.
I think of you
when I hear the word
I think of
all the times
we’ve skyped,
and I get
a goofy grin
on my face.
I think of
your smile.
Your adorable smile
that you greet me with
when we skype.
I’ve stopped
thinking about that time
when we were crying
together on skype.
I love your
happy face better.
Obviously, huh?
I think of you
when I see water guns
and all the fun
we could have with them.
I think of you
at random times.
I think of you
in class.
About how
it would be like
if you sat
in front of me,
or behind,
and we would be
holding hands
and passing notes.
I think of you
when I draw.
I think of
all the ways
I could draw you,
or both of us
It’d be a challenge
to draw myself,
but it would be
worth it
for your smile.
For you.
I think of you
and what it
would be like
to wear a
sweatshirt of yours.
I think of you
when I wear
my beanie.
I think of you
wanting my other one.
That I sorta lost.
(I know it’s somewhere!)
I think of you
when I’m in Spanish.
I think of
that one time
when you told me
you write “yes”
as an answer.
I do that now
whenever I don’t
know something.
I think of you
when I’m at a park.
How we would
half-heartily swing
while eating ice cream.
I think of you
when I’m at a mall.
We would have
so much fun there.
You’d give me
a piggy back ride
if I wanted one.
I think of you
when I see couples.
I think about how
we’d be the cutest couple.
I think of you
that when you’re
reading this poem,
you’d be
grinning up a storm.
I just know it.
When I’m all alone,
I think of you.

~By me~

Think the best kind of romantic relationship anyone could have is when a friendship is formed first, and when you know just a lot of things about that person. When you know what he or she is like when they’re pissed off. When they’re sad. When you’re sad. Etc. I personally don’t think a relationship will last if you’re only looking to be romantic with that person. I think the best relationship is when it accidentally comes. When you both aren’t looking for someone just because you’re lonely or you want to have sex. You want to actually know the person first. You want to laugh with them. I just realized I had described mine and soulpatchman’s relationship thing we have.