i am my mom screenshots & topaz Pearl kinda confirmed what i didnt want to be confirmed. I wanted there NOT TO BE. A color coordination with diamonds. The color u are should not be the diamond ur made for. (Blue diamond shouldnt have all the blue sapphires) BUT it looks like the crewniverse are being boring and giving (yellow) topaz to YELLOW diamond and (blue) aquamarine to BLUE diamond. Its kinda cliche and expected but whatever

Percy Jackson Animatic starring Leo Valdez and Festus the dragon. I’ve been working on this for about a month and I just finished! I just really wanted Leo to have a good time.

I seen some posts about how like….. The Hamilton fandom is weird for like shipping characters and like writing fics and whatever. I think it’s weird when ppl do that for real people like in general but these fics are all based of the musical which is obviously not accurate. The characters in the musical aren’t accurate either so idk I don’t think it’s similar to shipping real people at all

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on something I read recently, where Emma Thompson/Michael Caine said today's young actors are actually being cast predominantly because of their social media accounts and followings, rather than just talent. I had no idea there even was such a thing as a "social media contract", although now that I know it seems to explain the rise of certain actors over other, perhaps more talented, actors (the attention ADC gets over Eliza, for instance).

Oh yeah. Absolutely true! 100%. It’s a conversation I’ve had over and over again for the last year or two when that trend really took over, but it’s especially been predominant in conversations I’ve had casting my new feature. One of the other producers made a spreadsheet of all the actresses I said I wanted for the lead and one of the primary things that took space on the spreadsheet was how many followers they had on each social media account. That weighs heavily in casting decisions these days.

Myself and one of the producers were having lunch with a TV actor a few weeks ago for one of the big supporting roles in our movie and he kept being self deprecating and joking about how he “only has 25k instagram followers because he hates social media but his show made him get one” and how that was probably not enough followers for the role we were looking to cast. 

Social media presence/fanbases/followers are a very real thing that comes into play and frankly if you have an actor that’s like a 5/10 on the acting scale but has 3 million followers on insta and another million on twitter going up against an actor who is a 11/10 but has no heavy social media presence the wise business decision would be to go with the actor that has the 4 million followers even though he is not as good. It’s why I keep repeating…just because someone is on a show or a movie doesn’t mean they’re talented. SO MANY THINGS are factors in casting decisions these days. It has become about so much more than talent and social media is one of those variables that are heavily considered. 

These days agencies scout huge swaths of their talent on social media. It’s easier to sell an “actor” that comes with a fanbase to producers and in turn producers have a simpler time selling them as their leads to investors. They’ve realized that fans/audiences don’t actually care if they’re talented or not because celeb worship is a real and fucked up thing. They’ll throw these kids on movies or give them overall deals to produce content when they’re just a no one from youtube or instagram with no real discernable skills beyond being attractive and having millions of dedicated followers. It’s really messed up and it’s changing the business for the worst. The talent that is in movies/TV is almost as big of a problem as the content that is being created.

Why? Free marketing and a minimum guaranteed audience. No matter how terrible a movie objectively is you’re expecting to have fans - especially the younger ones - to show up and tell their friends it was amazing simply because they adore this one actor. The market is saturated these days. It takes a lot to float to the surface and make your content stand out BUT if you already have people willing to show up because of XYZ talent half the battle is theoretically won. Sure, that doesn’t always translate to box office hits because the market is ultimately volatile and unpredictable, but on paper everything indicates that this business model should work and that’s the best you can give your investors. If a movie flops they can at least turn to the people who gave them money and go “We did our best and made the most sound business decisions including casting the person we thought would sell the most.” That’s just called covering your ass. 

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pick a story/scenario/etc. from a few muses/idols you write for that you really enjoyed writing, whether it gained popularity or not – and then tag your favourite fellow writers to share their own favourite works as well!

hahahahahhahahahahah yeah all of these are probs only gonna be exo and got7


Angels | ↦ chanyeol
↳ based off the song angels by the xx. real sad, includes mentions of illness and death. is sort of happy in the beginning though! (if that makes it any better lmao)

Astraphobia | ↦ baekhyun
↳ in which baekhyun is afraid of thunder and one stormy night you figure this out. ah this one was so fluffy!!! akjsdkgf.


“Hey… let’s ________” || mini masterlist ↦ jinyoung
↳ a 15-part compilation of drabbles, narrating your relationship with park jinyoung. this is one of my recent works!!! i like this one a lot and i’m quite proud of it. [on-going]

It’s Not What It Looks Like | A/F ↦ jaebum
↳ in which you’re about to confess to your label-mate but catch him in a kiss with someone else. p.s. i love nayeon pls don’t @me…

Jasmine | ↦ youngjae
↳ youngjae’s just arrived home from tour and can’t wait the couple of hours until he sees you, so he takes it upon himself to see you now. ok… this was so so so fluffy like;;; i loved writing soft youngjae)): also sorry @jaebum for stealing your kid in the middle of the night.

Sick. (2jae) | A/F ↦ jaebum/youngjae (no reader)
↳ inspired by youngjae’s short hiatus. honestly this is what happens when you leave me and my 2jae trash ass at home alone for 3 hours.

The White Box. (Thriller) | A/F ↦ jaebum
↳ you and jaebum haven’t spoken in years but one day a face from the past quite literally brings you back together. if only the circumstances were a little more pleasant. another one of my favourites!!! i spent a long time working on this.

Warm You Up |↦ jinyoung
↳ you and your best friend take a short escape to osaka, japan and find that there’s more to the countryside than fresh air and sakura. me and my soft heart couldn’t take this… i love jinyoung so much please send help.

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i am going to say this one (1) time only

being non binary does not make me a boy nor a girl

i am outside of the binary system

i am genderless, agender, genderqueer, ect.

to be without a gender

i use they/them pronouns only

no, i won’t be upset if you slip up, but yes i will be if you do it on purpose or refuse to try to correct yourself 

so please, don’t call be a boy nor a girl cos i’m not