The Tale of Remus Lupin, and the Ever Glowing Tattoo

Remus Lupin had one tattoo.

One no one had ever seen before, except one person.

One Nymphadora Tonks could vaguely remember after getting drunk, and doing things with him that would lead to Teddy Lupin.

One Harry Potter was shown after the autopsy of Remus’s body.

One Harry remembered from somewhere else, he couldn’t place a finger on.

One of the stars, one star  glowing magically highlighting a familiar one

One of Canis Major, highlighting the star Sirius, that shone only when Remus Lupin was in  contact with Sirius Black.

One Remus and Sirius had both gotten, the day they eloped. 2 months after their last day at hogwarts.

One that stopped shinning for 12 years, when Remus thought he was alone.

One that shone again, when Sirius reappeared. A shinning Remus found out never to take for granted

One that burned just a bit when the other was hurt.

One that burned so bad when Sirius fell through the veil, Remus almost passed out

One that stopped shining. Again

One that began to shine again, feet and feet under ground. In a coffin.

One that stayed with them in the afterlife.

One that then shone for eternity, brighter than ever

Remus Lupin had one tattoo.

And it was his favorite thing in the world

No one had ever truly seen it, shinning in glory, but one person

And that little secret, was the best one he kept. For the person who made it shine, was his favorite person.

And he never took the shinning for granted.

My new motto (on relationships):

I will give all of my love to my life, my existence, my universe. Relationships should be exclusive to who I am, Where I am going, and what i will become- In a full partnership with my intuition. My energy belongs in trusting the universe and being open to all that it gives to me. I no longer need to rely on others to make me come alive to feel life; no longer searching for someone else to complete me. Home is in my heart. Soulmates are simply giving to us to mirror ourselves as separate entities that remind us of who we are; they are a guiding light. They are extensions of our heart, but I belong to myself. I am in a relationship with my existence and all the possibilities that I hold. Soulmates and lovers are simply there to teach us to care about someone other than ourselves and that is all. When I die, I leave alone and the only thing that I will carry with me is my soul and rather my existence was worth something. 


Think how hard it is for us now to get some Crisscolfer …

  • “Damn Darren, I need a cigarrette now”
  • “I have never loved you more Darren“
  • “Is Darren Criss a good kisser? Yes, he is… And he knows it”
  • “Hey Darren! Am I a good kisser? Cause I’ve never kissed myself before! Yes? yes, I am.”
  • “How’s to kiss Chris Colfer?.. Magical“

Aaaand.. the photoshoot of “Klaine” back in 2011 (I think it was 2011)..

Now it seems unrealistic that we actually got that, and I’ve never aprecciated it as much as I do now.


I know it’s a bit late, but here’s a little thing about Garnet. I imagine that she’d explain it to Steven like this- it’s a little bit from Plato’s ‘Symposium’, which has been used time and time again to explain the concept of soulmates. 

It took a while, because I had to use a ton of references from the show itself, for both colors, and poses.


Just friends?’  Huh, well… “Just friends” don’t steal secret glances at each other. “Just friends” don’t get jealous when the other one talks about someone else. “Just friends” don’t get butterflies from each other. “Just friends” don’t hold each other like that… “Just friends?” Yeah right

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