Hello, honey bees!  This is my personal Soulmate Tarot Card Spread, and I would like to share it with all of you.  Feel free to reblog, like, and add it to your own catalog of tarot spreads if you wish.

I’ve decided that, based on current interest, I’m going to add this spread to my current list of readings I will be doing for purchase.  I plan to charge $25 (CAD) for this spread, which is very reasonable considering this specific spread, and I put a lot of time, care, and thought into giving you a proper, and thorough reading.  

If you’re interested in getting a Soulmate Tarot Reading done by me, please send a message to my askbox, or pop me an instant message, and we can go over all of the details from there!

Words On My Skin (Part 17)

Bucky Barnes x Reader Soulmate AU

A/N: IF I STARE AT THIS DOCUMENT ANY MORE, I’M GUNNA GO EVEN MORE BLIND… SO HERE YOU GO!!! Stuff is gunna start going wrong, now! *insert evil laughter* Enjoy, my pretties.

Warnings: Swears… Idk.

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Bucky and Sam? Together?

For interviews?

Oh god. Poor Bucky.

You stood off on the sidelines, tablet in hand, watching as the host talked into the camera, doing the intro while the crowd watched. You could feel Bucky’s anxiety, which was beginning to make your anxiety increase, as well. Large crowds and somebody asking a bunch of personal questions – aside from you – was something that Bucky would rather cut off his own toe than partake in.

Please don’t let this go badly. For the love of fuck. Please let this go smoothly. He didn’t even have Steve for a buffer, until later.

It was totally rational to be worried, since he’d gotten his hair significantly chopped and was pissed about it.

You thought he looked like a GQ model, practically ready to jump him the second that you saw his new haircut, but he’d liked his longer hair. He didn’t want to look like Bucky Barnes from the forties, like everybody remembered him in the history books. He wanted to be his own, new Bucky Barnes.

It was easy to see where he was coming from, since the general population thought of him as either Sargent Barnes from the forties, or The Winter Soldier.

…but, you had to admit, he looked fine as hell.

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✨ how to manifest ✨

hi babes, I’m back! wanted to make a quick post on my manifestation routine and some of the essential steps necessary for the law of attraction to be effective. for those of you who don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, the loa states that our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions create our reality. there are various methods, of course, but this routine has worked beautifully for me! I’ve manifested an entire business, a dream job, $2k in 24hours, my soul family, & so much more! let’s jump into this shit! 

1. get in a high vibrational state of being! what does this mean? it means focus on eliciting positive emotions and feelings at the start of this process. when we raise our vibration, shift our mood, we’re more in alignment with what we desire. in a high vibrational state, you’ll feel bubbly, happy, and excited! do anything that you can to achieve a higher vibration! listen to music, watch some R.IP vine compilations on youtube, dance around your room, etc. do whatever the fuck you gotta do. struggling with depression or anxiety? it’s okay! this state only has to be maintained for a couple of minutes for it to be effective. 

2. set your intention! what are you trying to bring into your life? to set your intention, all you have to do is write it or speak it out loud. pro tip: instead of saying ‘I want to manifest xyz’, say ‘I am ready to receive xyz’. the word ‘want’ creates more lack and will keep you in a state of ‘wanting’. another ex: “I am manifesting my perfect partner” vs. “I am going to manifest my perfect partner. 

3. visualize your desire manifesting. this is the fun part! vividly imagine and feel what it would be like to hold the desired amount of cash in your hand. what emotions would you feel if you were given what you asked for? being able to truly envision having your desire is going to make it a reality in your mind and put you in alignment to receive it in the physical.

4. detach from the outcome. definitely the part that everyone fucking hates. it’s important to let go of any attachment and trust that the universe will deliver what it is that you’ve asked for. surrender and allow it to unfold. don’t stress about when, where, or how it will manifest. just trust that it will happen. this is the one area where most people get stuck!

5. act as if you already have what you desire. this is also a pretty fun part! how would you feel if you had everything that you wanted? probably pretty fucking fantastic. acting as if sends a message to the universe that you are ready. 

6. & finally, take action! sometimes the universe will just drop blessings right in front of us, yes, but not always. you’re probably not going to find the love of your life if you spend all day in your house. you’re not going to become a famous actress if you don’t get up and audition! the universe can do so much for us but we also need to work with it. don’t just wait around for something to happen. search and be open to receiving the opportunities that you ask for. 

THANKS, THAT’S ALL I GOT FOR YOU BBYS !! hit me up with any questions and reblog with your manifestation tips or stories! share the good vibes. 💖💖

Ok. This is for all the Drarry nerds out there. Imagine:

First year:

Harry had learned long ago to wear long sleeves to hide his wrist in fear of being bullied for having both male names on his wrist. Once both Dudley and Harry had been old enough to understand the concept of morals, homosexuality, and shame, Dudley had joined on his parents’ bandwagon of shaming Harry for having both male names. So, Harry hid his wrists.

Harry had heard tales that for the most part, you wouldn’t find either of the people on your wrist until you were 20+, so he didn’t worry about either. A problem for later.

But here he was, in front of the Grand hall waiting for Professor McGonagall to call them in for sorting, and this Draco Malfoy prat was quickly making himself an enemy. As soon as he heard the name, “My name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.”, Harry felt chills down his back as he knew he’d found one of his wrist prophecies. At only eleven.

He stared at both his best friend, Ronald, and his newfound enemy, Malfoy, bite at each other, subtly looking at his left wrist, at the fancy name written in fancy calligraphy, and then looking at the blond git in front of him.

Later that night, in the privacy of his four-poster bed, he lifted both his sleeves to look at his new enemy, Draco Malfoy, on his left wrist and his future husband, Tom Riddle, on his right wrist. He felt, maybe, a little better, now that there was less guessing.

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||Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot|| 

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