soulless robot

  • Reaper: It's time again.
  • Soldier 76: Please don't.
  • Roadhog: Too late. He just left.
  • Soldier 76: DAMN IT!
  • (Later)
  • D.Va: What is that?
  • D.Va: AHHHH!
  • Reaper: Works every time!
  • Zenyatta: Hello, Reaper.
  • Zenyatta: *head turns around 360 degrees* Omnics don't have souls.

Asexuals and Aromantics are interesting enough people to carry stories. I am so sick and tired of tv writers and writers in general and people in society thinking that just because someone doesn’t experience sexual or romantic feelings, they don’t lead interesting lives. Our lives are just as interesting and fulfilling without crushes and dates and making out or having sex or whatever. We can still tell a story. We aren’t broken or boring or whatever other lameass excuses you have for excluding asexual characters from your stories. We are people that deserve representation. And I don’t mean coming out arcs or self discovery or shit (which I wouldn’t mind), but you can have a character in a story. Make them ace or aro or both and thats it. It isn’t hard. Its not like they don’t care about people. Aces and Aros have friends. Friends they love and care about deeply. They are just normal people. They aren’t a soulless robot. They aren’t the villain because they don’t have sex or a romantic partner. I’m so fucking tired of this shit.

Me: The Hobbit Films, if you think just putting the Shire theme music in your soundtrack is enough to make me cry–you’re wrong. I am a soulless emotionless robot with a heart of bronze and eyes of steel

An Unexpected Journey: (plays the Shire theme music in the first minute of the film)


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fjdslakjfkds isaac sumdac is a profoundly good person at heart, a pacifist, someone who had sari suddenly thrust into his lap under mysterious circumstances and he not only respected her as a person he raised her as his own and– then in the span of an instant he realizes that he built his entire automaton empire not on the back of a mindless, soulless robot, something he didn’t have to worry about taking apart, but a sentient person. 

could you imagine. 

Smiling through the grimacing

SnK S2Ep3

Treasuring the brief moments of joy before all the terror starts up again.

Hange’s talk-to-the-hand moment with Armin.

Loved every moment between my boys. In a different series within a different genre under different circumstances, Eren would be thinking how handsome Levi still looked even though he was obviously tired and stressed as F.

Poor Sasha: saving a little girl and facing down a titan with just a bow and arrow STILL can’t get her noticed by the popular kids.

At least potato still loves her, and she loves potato.

Everybody and their mother and grandmother and great-grandmother loves Krista by now. You’d have to be a soulless robot from hell NOT to love that drooly bundle of cuteness.

H for Hell. Probably funny to me and me alone.


Seriously, what the fricking frack ARE those things?? They look like a cross between a sheep, an anteater, and a miniature polar bear. 

So I have so many, many issues with Sarah J. Maas and her books from her treatment of PoC characters to queer-baiting to ableism. Love interests being stalkers and abusive relationships being #goals. So anyways. With all that said she added aphobia to her list this morning. 

I saw a quote from the three chapter sampler of ACOWAR and it said “I was starting to wonder if the two of them perhaps preferred no one’s company but each other’s. IN whatever unholy capacity. Not a blink of interest toward the beauty who often made males and females stope to gape. Perhaps any sort of physical passion had long ago been drained away, alongside their souls.” 

In this quote, SJM equates a lack of sexual attraction with being soulless. And what really fucking hurts about that shit is that, especially when I was first coming to terms with my sexuality, that is something a lot of asexual people struggle to remind themselves isn’t true. They aren’t soulless, they aren’t a robot. It doesn’t make you broken. And SJM is saying that not being physically attracted to someone, you have no soul. Now I have see people saying that she is calling the twins soulless because they were evil, but she didn’t say it like that. She could have, but she didn’t. The phrasing was careless. It caused me physical pain. Its haunting. Its cause way more tears than I ever wanted to give her. To give someone who hurt me. 

I just really can’t deal with her or her stans right now. So I’m gonna blacklist that content. Sorry.

My grand final review

Hey there, folks! It’s exhilaratingly close to the big moment, the beginning of this year’s grand final! Here’s my rundown of the Eurovision grand final songs, in running order. I call this a “lights and shadows” list, as, for the sake of nuance, I’ve added something positive and some criticism for every song on the list. For those who missed it, this is the semi-skimmed version of this full-bodied critique of all the songs. Let’s go!

+ If the hosts’ robotic intro has put people to sleep, this will wake them up.
- The lyrics make less sense than your average Edward Lear poëm.
Rank: 24

+ Kasia has a good voice and sings with passion and conviction.
- The song is an absolute dirge with no real sense of direction, and those rhymes are ridic.
Rank: 17

+ Instant cute happiness, this is just so squeeeee
- They could have fit another verse in to make the song less repetitive.
Rank: 3

+ He put a lót of work into promoting himself and his song, which is admirable. His covers of former ESC songs made him seem like a fan of the contest, which puts you in good steed with fellow fans. I think he got in the final by sheer force of personality.
- Saccharine, plim-plom song. Those “hey naaaww” repetitions annoy the hell out of me! And I always mistrust someone so perma-cheerful. It comes across as forced, not quite right and makes me feel he’s got human heads in his fridge at home.
Rank: 21

+ Majestic. This song soars like the eagle of Artsvik’s name. This kind of song is precisely why I love Armenia, a perfect mélange of traditional and modern that sounds like nothing else in the contest. Artsvik herself has got a special, almost regal poise. Feels like this song dropped out of outer space, love it.
- She could have made it even better by including more dancers to closer emulate the surreal video.
Rank: 4

+ Their live vocals are impeccable. And as for the song topic, losing a beloved relative after seeing them battle a disease something, unfortunately, to which so many of us can relate, so it does pull on my heartstrings.
- If they were a less popular country amongst eurofans, would folk consider the girls to be using their mother’s sickness for sympathy rather than sympathising with them? My internal jury is out on that one. As for the music, it is derivative and dated - their voices deserve something a few decades closer to “contemporary.”
Rank: 8

+ They perform this song with verve and do their best to bring the party.
- This band’s continued success goes to show how far getting adopted as a meme by confused American non-viewers of Eurovision can get you in the competition.
Rank: 15

+ Perhaps the contest’s best example of how one can use dance to make the story of a song understood beyond linguistic boundaries. One of the most original songs in the contest, performed with passion, emotion and defiance, and certainly some of the strongest lyrics.
- Many folk have an automatic dislike to rap at the contest and may get the wrong idea of his bars, seeing them as angry rather than as the deep and moving lyrics that they are.
Rank: 2

+ Francesco embodies easy-going charm, and his satirical lyrics are amongst the contest’s best.
- The Eurovision version of the song has much less impact than the San Remo one; it slipped down by rankings because most of those biting and ironic lyrics were removed, leaving only half a verse where there had been two.
Rank: 7

+ What Anja does very well indeed is connecting with the audience. It’s a song about intimacy, so the number of long close ups communicate that well - it feels as though she’s singing right in front of us.
- Musically generic, and the aforementioned intimacy is undermined by vox that are beyond the border of shouty.
Rank: 13

+ Magnificently moving, ethereal song that has the timeless quality of an instant classic. Sang beautifully in a way that shows nuance trumps power. I never thought a song from this decade’s ESC could challenge to be my favourite ever Eurovision song, but this does.
- Whilst his interpretation of the song through movement is a key part of its appeal to me, it distracts some folks. My own biggest problem is that I’d rather see Salvador (and Luísa) up on the stage for hours rather than three minutes.
Rank: 1

+ Best Azeri entry ever. Something genuinely stylish, mysterious and modern.
- The staging seems a bit “GCSE Drama” and gimmicky.
Rank: 9

+ It’s impressive to be able to sing a duet with yourself in two completely different vocal styles. It’s bloody hilarious, too.
- This is the ultimate example of the saying: just because you cán, doesn’t mean you shóúld. This is more cheese than a tower made of Camembert and his fake smiles are creepy.
Rank: 14

+ As a piece of music, I quite like the style. With another singer, I might well enjoy this a fair bit.
- He sings as though his nose has never been blown, and his forlorn looks to the camera that seem like that of a puppy dog who fears he’s going to end up served in a dish of bosintang seem fake and are very disconcerting.
Rank: 18

+ Only lasts three minutes. Demy must be a generous soul, given the way she allows the backing vocalists to sing more audibly than she.
- It takes me about 20 minutes to walk from my home to my workplace or vice versa. In that time, I reckon I could write 4-5 songs of higher quality than this. Utterly generic and disposable pop with lyrics which are just a stream of thought-terminating clichés.
Rank: 26

+ The song has brought me hours of amusement, because my kids have made a game of making mocking references to it whenever they can. Before a pronunciation face-to-face challenge, one lad psyched another out by saying “are you ready to do it… for your lover?”
- Wasted money voting on other songs only for a jury of the “winner’s” friends to overrule the public vote. So that they could force this masterpiece in which “do it for your lover” or “just do it” is said, on average, every four seconds. Grim.
Rank: 25

+ I listened to the acoustic version of this and they sing it well, and it sounds much better acoustic. They seem like nice lads.
- Cold, soulless, robotic, and with silly rhyming dictionary lyrics.
Rank: 18

+ The BBC has finally upped its game and tried to create an impressive show. Well done.
- Shame the song itself is part sleeping pill, part excruciatingly annoying. “This maaadnnesss…”
Rank: 23

+ For us linguaphiles and/or Armenophiles, there was a great moment in a video where Hovig and Artsvik spoke at the same time, he in Western Armenian, she in Eastern Armenian. That was cool.
- Pales in comparison to Rag and Bone Man’s “Human” from which the music was ripped off without mercy. Also, physicists across Europe are weeping as Hoving considers gravity to be something that lifts you up ánd halts your fall.
Rank: 22

+ The second dose of “adorable couple” tonight. This shouldn’t work, this unholy blend of rap and yodel, but for me, it so does. Mostly on how happy they are and how that transfers to me in the audience. They’re just full on adorable. And you know, as much as it’s great that Eurovision has a great many serious acts, I love that something so wild and just plain carefree can get so far too. There’s a really good message of living for the moment in this, too.
- Ilinca’s vocals are powerhouse; Alex’ are more underwhelming and that might see them penalised by the juries.
Rank: 6

+ When she was in the final of that ridiculous national final, duelling against herself, it seems obvious Levina wanted the other, marginally less terribad Wildfire, and felt lumbered by the public’s pick of Perfect Life. Despite that, she’s done a great job of wholeheartedly promoting the song and has travelled far and wide. I respect the work ethic. She had by far and away the best vocals of the national final, too (shame she got this song which doesn’t play to her strengths.)
- Usually, I cannot look past the ripped-off Titanium intro. When I can, the lyrics blow my mind in the worst possible. Almost a sinner, nearly a saint, people…
Rank: 16

+ I love a good rock song. This is not so great, but is like a mirage in a desert - giving sóme hope of refreshment, even if it ultimately doesn’t deliver.
- Runs out of steam after the first minute and becomes a bit of a sludge after a few repeated listens.
Rank: 12

+ Absolutely spellbinding studio version. 50-60 years ahead of last year’s throwback from Belgium. Minimalist and moving. I hold out hope in a really good final performance.
- Poor Blanche has looked as though someone was molesting her dead pet dog in front of her during the semi final. More traumatised than vulnerable.
Rank: 5

+ The music, whilst nothing special, is quite catchy. Especially the instrumental parts with the synth-based flourishes.
- I find it hard to look past the ugly and forceful “rapey rhyme” style lyrics, or the cringeworthy stage show aptly and succintly referred to by a friend of mine as “fuckboys on treadmills.”
Rank: 20

+ Polished and contemporary song, sung with confidence.
- As anything other than background music, it leaves me cold. I really find the performer to be highly offputting, too.
Rank: 11

+ Not as good or half as charming as Amir and his song, but not a bad effort. Very French, which from me can only be a compliment.
- Feels quite inconsequential after they removed the most meaningful lines and replaced them with a cliché English chorus.
Rank: 10

My pre-final top 10, thus:
1 - 🇵🇹 - Portugal
2 - 🇭🇺️ - Hungary
3 - 🇧🇾️ - Belarus
4 - 🇦🇲️ - Armenia
5 - 🇧🇪 - Belgium
6 - 🇷🇴️ - Romania
7 - 🇮🇹️ - Italy
8 - 🇳🇱️ - Netherlands
9 - 🇦🇿 ️- Azerbaijan
X - 🇨🇵 - France

true as fuck zodiac
  • aries: literally a soulless robot
  • taurus: cute ass nerd
  • gemini: eyeless but cool as shit
  • cancer: fucking chill
  • leo: cats everywhere
  • virgo: killer style, gay as hell
  • libra: fucking licks everything
  • scorpio: what a bitch
  • sagittarius: sweaty minotaur porn
  • capricorn: creepy as fuck, also high and a juggalo
  • aquarius: royal jackass
  • pisces: stop with the shitty fish puns you supporting character

“HE goes and he visits the people, then HE leaves the people… goes away, and waits until the time when that HE can secure the kingdom. Then He returns to the people that He had made Himself manifest to.”

-Elijah Muhammad-

Jay Electronica at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

Photo by Me.

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The Devil You Know

Written for the 100 Kinks List, #66 - Outdoors requested by an anonymous requester. Also fulfilling my prompt for the June writing challenge from @faith-in-dean.  My prompt was tree.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Soulless!Sam x female reader

Word Count: 1265

Warnings: explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex

Author’s Note: First fic in almost 2 weeks. Ugh. Finally.

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Ki-bo headcanon

Growing up at his father’s house, Ki-bo spend a lot of time in his room, reading books and dreaming about living through all this stuff himself. He never had friends as a child as it took a long time to make sure it’s safe for him (and his surroundings) to actually send him to a school without being supervised by the Professor.

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by xredninja (with additional material by TauMan942)

Xeno Scum
: You have one cow, it is far better than those stupid mon-keigh cows; but you must now protect it at all costs! That is until the day the Laughing God arises as Ynnead and destroys the She-Who-Thirsts! But before that, the cow will probably pop off and join the Craftworld’s Infinity Circuit. You will then mourn the cow’s demise by singing ten-thousand year old songs of lament.

Dark Eldar: You had two cows, but one you have tortured, mutilated, killed and resurrected so many times, that it has now gone mad. The other cow you gave to your Haemonculus…‘Oh, fuck it I’m bored!’

Exodite Eldar: You have two cows that live with you in the forest. 'The moo cows are my friends. Don’t worry little moo cows, I’m like totally veggan!’ Sadly your dragon eats your new cow friends.

Orks: You 'az two of dem 'umie kowz, but den da Big Mek takes 'em bof to make 'um all proppa shooty like. Deyz all gettin’ grot brains to mak'em shoot bedda; and red paint jobs soz dey goez fasta!

Tyranids: First you have two gene stealer cows, then sixteen, then sixty-four…but now it is too late for the unsuspecting populace of the planet! 'It’s Game Over man, Game Over!’

Necrons: You have two cows. Phareon Poopoototek: 'After sixty million years asleep you bring me what?’ The two soulless robotic cows do not reply; but stand there with glowing green eyes and gauss weapons at the ready.

Squats: You have two cows. One you convert into a trike with turbo-charger and twin-linked melta guns. Then other cow is customized into a super secret high tech weapon system. 'Sssh, we were never here! You didn’t see anything! You didn’t hear anything! You-don’t-know-anything!’

Tau: We all have two cows, who are joyfully welcomed into the Tau Empire for the glorious unity of all cows, and for the Tau'Va – Greater Good! 'Just as planned!’

Why I’m Amazing at Writing Romano/Lovino

Here’s some examples, children.

  2. I’m tremendously proud of what I did for those giraffes, shut up.”
  4. Oh fuck, shit, it’s one of them! God fucking damn it, every goddamn day some of this nonsense has to fucking happen!
  5. Am I high again?
  6. I will disembowel you and feed your intestines to your disgusting wurst-eating fuckboy.
  8. Fuck, is that rude to ask? I barely know this jabroni. Goddamn it, Lovino.
  9. So help me God I will burn your apartment down
  11. “Choke on your fat, Jones.”
  12. What is this, middle school? Fuck, I did steal Alfred’s lunch money. Well, he left his change on the table and I’m sure that glutton was about to buy something to worsen his diabetes. Future diabetes. Futurebetes.
  13. I am a robot. I am a soulless, lifeless robot and I fucking need quarters to live.
  15. “Hey, pervert, don’t you have playgrounds or preschools to hang around instead of bus stops? Or are you waiting for the little Catholic school boys to come by?”
  16. “You don’t have Super AIDs.” [Spain] / “Maybe not but this fucking contract is giving me cancer.” [Romano]

I really shouldn’t be allowed to write fanfiction.