soulless robot

  • Reaper: It's time again.
  • Soldier 76: Please don't.
  • Roadhog: Too late. He just left.
  • Soldier 76: DAMN IT!
  • (Later)
  • D.Va: What is that?
  • D.Va: AHHHH!
  • Reaper: Works every time!
  • Zenyatta: Hello, Reaper.
  • Zenyatta: *head turns around 360 degrees* Omnics don't have souls.

Asexuals and Aromantics are interesting enough people to carry stories. I am so sick and tired of tv writers and writers in general and people in society thinking that just because someone doesn’t experience sexual or romantic feelings, they don’t lead interesting lives. Our lives are just as interesting and fulfilling without crushes and dates and making out or having sex or whatever. We can still tell a story. We aren’t broken or boring or whatever other lameass excuses you have for excluding asexual characters from your stories. We are people that deserve representation. And I don’t mean coming out arcs or self discovery or shit (which I wouldn’t mind), but you can have a character in a story. Make them ace or aro or both and thats it. It isn’t hard. Its not like they don’t care about people. Aces and Aros have friends. Friends they love and care about deeply. They are just normal people. They aren’t a soulless robot. They aren’t the villain because they don’t have sex or a romantic partner. I’m so fucking tired of this shit.

Ki-bo headcanon

Growing up at his father’s house, Ki-bo spend a lot of time in his room, reading books and dreaming about living through all this stuff himself. He never had friends as a child as it took a long time to make sure it’s safe for him (and his surroundings) to actually send him to a school without being supervised by the Professor.

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In many respects, we are not even seen as fully human. There’s a common fallacy, for instance, that we are limited in or even totally devoid of any capacity for love or caring, or indeed just about any kind of emotions - almost robotic-like soulless automatons.
Many of the myths and stereotypes about Autism feeds into this “not quite human” viewpoint. For instance, the typical Asperger’s person is a young, male computer nerd, with no social life, has poor personal hygiene, who is more interested in ASCII than actual people. Or that we have no sense of humour, aren’t able to joke, do sarcasm and irony, etc. Or the idea that we have “empty lives”, devoid of the usual things that others focus their lives around, while our actual interests are ignored or judged as a “waste of time”, or as further evidence of our “wrongness”.
This dehumanisation can and often does have a devastating flow-on effect. If we are not seen as fully human, then we can be treated however others wish. If we don’t have feelings like normal people do, then we can be freely bullied and abused, rejected and excluded. If we have no sense of humour, then it doesn’t matter if others jeer, ridicule or poke fun at us, and so on. If our lives are “empty”, then they are seen as “worthless”. In common with other disabled people, it’s presumed we lack “quality of life”. We become sidelines, marginalised, invisible, our rights as human beings ignored.
—  From Penni Winter’s “Loud Hands & Loud Voices” in the book “Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking”
I am an Aries

I know you’ll all look at this and say “haha! tipical Aries!” and scroll past this, but seriously. I’m so tired of negative comments on the Aries. Signs like Pisces get described as “Sensitive. Sleepy. Emotional. Kind.” and what do Aries get? “Fool hardy. Bossy. Bitch.” I saw one earlier that littterally said “Aries: Soulless robot.” Like. Is that supposed to make me feel good about myself???? Because it doesn’t. I thought that’s what tumblr was all about. Making people feel better about themself. But right now all I feel is anguish. I’m so so so sick of this. I’m not bossy. I want my opinion to be heard. I’m not fool hardy. I’m a teenage girl who is naive. I’m not a bitch. I’m a human being. And I see you shaking your head. Typical Aries? So what if I complain? That’s just me. It’s not a bad thing. It simply makes me human.