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Wincest Writing Challenge: May | @doctor–idiot vs. @brother-let-me-love-u
Prompt: Soulless!Sam
Rating: Mature | Wordcount: 684 |
Warnings: Sexual Content

Sam’s got Dean’s wrists pressed together in one hand, pinned to the sheets over Dean’s head, and Dean knows he shouldn’t be enjoying this.

He’s too weak to say no, always has been, and his body keeps betraying him. Sam’s thrusts are sharp snaps of his hips, almost brutal, and Dean’s meeting ever single one with fervor. Sam’s hand on his waist, fingernails biting into his flesh, wouldn’t be enough to hold him there but Dean isn’t going anywhere. Can’t.

He’s hard, harder than he’s ever been or maybe that’s just what it feels like, and it’s shameless, the way he keeps writhing against the bigger body on top of him, the body of his little brother who’s missing a very crucial part of himself and Dean cares, he does, but right now he doesn’t.

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* Who are you?

* I’m you

* But stronger

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Soulless Against Man

Pairing: Soulless!Sam x Reader (female) 
Request:  Hi! If you don’t have too many requests I was wondering if you could do a ReaderXSoul-less Sam where reader goes on a date to get over Sam but the guy does somethingbad and Sam comes to the rescue because he’s not heartless, which=smut and fluff 😁💞 
Word count: 3,528
Warnings: sexual harassment, language, bad-ass Sam, dirty talking, oral sex, rough sex 

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Request: #2

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Ask thing

I was tagged by @neo-soulless​ (Thank you ♥ i’m gonna try giving slightly different answers since i love all of yours and we’re so similar lol)
If I were a month: October
If I were a day: Friday
If I were a planet: Saturn
If I were a god or goddess: Athena/Apollo
If I were a sea animal: Orca
If I were a piece of furniture: A Vase(?)
If I were a gemstone: Aquamarine 
If I were a flower: Plumeria
If I were a weather: Rain (♥)
If I were a color: Red
If I were an emotion: Exhaustion
If I were a fruit: Guava
If I were a sound: Sea Breeze
If I were an element: Wind 
If I were a place: A small forgotten house in a quaint street of a sprawling metropolis. Lined with flowers and greenness hat are detached from the busy world around it.
If I were a taste: Sugarcane water. 
If I were a scent: Summer sunlight hitting concrete/roads. 
If I were a song: Relax, Take It Easy - MIKA
If I were a bodypart: Clavicle
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anonymous asked:

i always see your blog as really aesthetic (TM)

yeah, I went through a phase on tumblr where it would recommend me all these BASICALLY IDENTICAL 80′s aesthetic/vaporwave/net art blogs and I would just… follow each and every one bc they were pretty.

It’s funny because when I was 13 I used to make fun of aesthetic blogs and think “they’re so soulless and boring! i’m so glad I’M a fun and awesome FANDOM BLOG!”

I guess I just thought the people behind the blogs were sad robots with an affinity for neon signs and photos of dead malls.