things I saw in france: some wicked pretty patchwork farms, about two dozen zlatan dolls complete with ponytails, keyboards that are inexplicably different from the rest of the world (what the fuck the-fuckboy-dynasty??), a very #squad book about french politics, and myself.

Three Kingdoms in Japan

The story of the Three Kingdoms is no doubt one of the greatest of China’s literary classics. Some might be surprised to know that the story is almost as famous in Japan, where the Three Kingdoms has a firm grip in popular culture.

The most famous version of Three Kingdoms novel in Japan is Eiji Yoshikawa’sSangokushi (三国志, the Japanese translation of both Records of and Romance of the Three Kingdoms).

His novel mainly features Liu Bei; as Yoshikawa himself states, he arranged the characters a bit to the Japanese taste without omitting the essence of the story.

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Chris Brown is now doing a small mini tour run in the UK and stopped by to talk to Tim Westwood about a few things. Chris talks about Rihanna,Tyga,Drake, Royalty and even gets into a little argument with a DJ.

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6 Musicians of Chinese Descent

China has produced many a contributor to the music scene. Most of the well known ones ply their trade in the popular music genre, but there are many more that create great work in less-favored styles.

Here are a selection of notable musicians with Chinese blood that may not belong to the popular crowd, but their influence will far outlast that of the disposable artists heard nowadays.

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Feeling the heat? So did the Manchu rulers of Qing dynasty China (1644–1911). Their hot-weather clothing was more elegant than tank tops and shorts, however. For summer their elaborate robes were of lightweight silk gauze, an open weave with the warp threads twisted around the wefts. Gauze is not only cool but shimmery, providing a good background for embroidery and woven patterns.

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Man’s Court Robe, 19th century, China

Woman’s Robe, 19th century, China

Man’s Court Robe, 1875–1907, China

Man’s Court Robe, late 19th–early 20th century, China

Woman’s Robe, early 20th century, China