Hi guys, this is Daisy Brown as a grown up and I have a plan for her and I would like to know if any of you are interested. As I’ve stated, Daisy is my favorite of the D generation and I want to use her instead of her just sitting in a folder. I’m thinking of doing a life states dynasty with her. I would start it with a BC with the contestants being unique supernaturals and all will be used as different generational spouses, so the winner will get with Daisy, second place to their child and so on and so forth.

I would be changing her surname, most probably to Connelly, which was Ronnie’s name before he married Charlie.

My main question is would anyone be interested in making a supernatural when the time comes? It won’t be ready to go for a while but it’s worth asking about, isn’t it?


I know it’s just a picture but it felt pretty damn awesome to have my drawing up on the wall in the pub set. It was like there’s my mark saying how much I love this show, how much I’m going to miss it and still imagine the characters going on to uni and growing into who ever they want to be. I’m so glad *try not to spoil it if you haven’t seen* that rae said what she did when finn asked. 

Kuvira Week Day 6 - Ambition

I shall be the one to unify and rule the land. 

Whew! The event’s almost come to a close–and this has got to be my favorite =D Earth Empress Kuvira is my guilty pleasure.