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How would all of them react to Annies death tho?

Mikasa: Somehow sad
Reiner: Bitter
Bertholdt: Would be heartbroken and wonders how he could live on without her
Annie: Relieved
Eren: Likes her alot and misses her
Armin: Mourns her death, he always thought Annie was a good friend and a delicate soul
Jean: Has many thoughts about her death. He liked her a lot but also critisizes her actions
Marco: Doesn’t really have many feelings regarding her death
Sasha: Would cry for her
Connie: Feels something calm inside of him now. He is conflicted about how to feel about Annie. He liked her but dissagreed with many of her actions
Historia: Isn’t too sad, everyone dies after all
Ymir: Doens’t have any feelings for Annie
Levi: Feels deeply sorry for her, but knows that death was her final relieve
Mike: Didn’t know Annie that well to have any thoughts about her
Erwin: Wouldn’t react at all
Nanaba: Feels bad for the people she left behind (if she left someone behind), but that’s all
Moblit: Is glad that she is gone
Hanji: Thought she was a tragic and sad character and wonders what could have done to make her life better