soulja boy


young goon rich nigga


what have i done?


We’re going to break down this episode into two parts. In part one we get deep into recent race issues such as the Black men shot by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma in South Carolina, as well as our experiences with racism in the past week. We get into white people treating us as pets because of our hair and how Black people, especially young Black men, get a separate “Black Education” from our parents that we get in addition to traditional schooling in order to survive. From there we get into what we’re eating and foods as aphrodisiacs. This is supposed to be a Hip-Hop podcast, so of course we get into albums that mean something to us and reminiscing about Soulja Boy, Master P The Last Don and No Limit, Kanye West and College Dropout, Twista and his Kamikaze album, Lil Wayne, Nardwuar interviews, Nas albums, Camron & Dipset, Young Jeezy, and a lot more. We get personal in this episode about our connection to music growing up & Singod’s older brother’s influence on our musical tastes. Shoutout to Howard University & Drew Hall! Definitely an episode you don’t want to miss!

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