DAY 24: Thinksquad interviews Souliberty

Thinksquad: Assume that my audience has no clue who you are as a person, tell me something about you?
My name is Jillyann but you can drop the ann. I’m a photojournalism major at Ohio University in beautiful southeastern Ohio, but I grew up in suburbia Indiana.

Thinksquad: How long have you been on tumblr?
Man, I have been on Tumblr for around 5-6 years. For the most part, I have been blogging about my personal life with a little bit of argumentation and opinions sprinkled in.

Thinksquad: Where did the name Souliberty and Therefore, I am come from?
When I got into libertarian philosophy, I wanted a URL to do with liberty. All my older URLs had soul in them in someway because I believe I have a life source that transcends death. I put the two together to create souliberty. Therefore, I am is from the phrase “I think, therefore I am” from Descartes. I could say something really deep about it, but really it’s catchy and true.

Thinksquad: Has this always been your blog name and if not what else have you changed it too?
I’ve gone through various URLs from saveyoursoulstartarevolution to soulgrandma. My blog title has gone through various song lyrics and stuff like that.

Thinksquad: Has your ideas evolved since you have been on tumblr?
When I first joined Tumblr, I didn’t even have ideas. I was a freshman in high school. I was introduced to the ideas of liberty by someone on Tumblr who I later became really close to. He introduced me to Students For Liberty and gave me so much material to learn.

Thinksquad: What sort of music you like? Name some bands?
I like acoustic sounds. My favorite group is by far Iron & Wine.

Thinksquad: Your bio says you are a photojournalist, what do you like take pictures of?
I just love going into people’s lives and photographing their circumstances. Even though I am still a student, I have already met so many interesting people with interesting backgrounds. It’s wonderful to gain that sort of perspective.

Thinksquad: What kind of camera do you own?
I own a Nikon D600. It’s pretty awesome.

Thinksquad: How is college life?
College life… is extremely transient. It’s tough and definitely not for everyone. At this point, I’m at my sophomore slump. The changes are finally catching up to my relationships with people. Now, I am just on the search for a good time, friends, love, and the potentiality to transcend the transient nature of University.

Thinksquad: What are you studying? What is your major?
I am studying photojournalism in one of the best and most challenging programs in the nation. I am so appreciative of everything and everyone that has gotten me to the point I am now.

Thinksquad: How is the Ohio University?
Ohio University is a hoot. Athens is a small city with a lot of crazy people in it and a lot of beautiful scenery. I fit in well.

Thinksquad: What does Liberty mean to you?
Liberty means that I own my own mind and body. It definitely goes beyond the political. I am sick of politics. I apply the philosophy to every aspect of my life; from my relationships to others to my work ethic.

Thinksquad: What made you create a tumblr blog in the first place? When did you decide that you were going to dedicate your blog to a cause then just your standard tumblr blog?
Before tumblr, I had a Blogger (I think that is what it’s called). I posted things about my day to day life, which wasn’t really that exciting because I was in middle school. When I found tumblr, I really liked the platform and my friends used it and all. I don’t really think my blog is dedicated to any cause but sharing to the world the reality of a young female college student with a certain set of ideas that dictate her life.

Thinksquad: Do you have any other tumblr URL’s?
I have a blog that I post some of my writing on, which isn’t that often. The URL is soulfulgathering.

Thinksquad: Are there people on tumblr you look forward to seeing when you are scrolling?
I have some friends on Tumblr that I always like seeing, like antigovernmentextremist, asuperfluousman, (spooky)shephardmoon, and a few others.

Thinksquad: Who influenced you to create your blog’s overall message?
I don’t know how much of a message my blog has, but antigovernmentextremist, who I know personally, has really influenced me in the realm of the ideas of liberty. And really life in general.

Thinksquad: Do you do anything besides tumblr to further your cause?
I am an active member of Ohio University Students For Liberty. Last year, I was almost disciplined for putting a flyer on my dorm door that compared Obama and Romney and shared OUSFL’s meeting times. I contacted FIRE, Foundation of Individual Freedom in Education, and corrected the university. I also walked around with a sign that said “I’m a libertarian, let’s talk” when Obama came to my school’s campus. We also do things like Free Speech Walls allowing students to have a platform for any kind of speech in the busiest area of campus, know your rights events, and other various things. It’s a lot of fun.

Thinksquad: I know this is a little cliché, but where do you see your blog in 5 years?
I hope to just be here for people to relate to and learn from.

Thinksquad: Have you meet helpful people here on Tumblr?
I have met soooo many amazing and helpful people on Tumblr. Whenever I post personal stuff, people are always replying and sending me messages. When I post my opinion and refute other people, people message me and thank me for doing what I do. It’s really nice to have that kind of support.

Thinksquad: What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are pretty much reading, writing, and photography. I used to snowboard, longboard, wakeboard and all of those board sports but I don’t really have that much time anymore.

Thinksquad: Have you ever doubted your blogs overall message?
Sometimes I get angry messages, even from some of my favorite followers, and I do listen and try to improve to be less… controversial. I just want to be someone people can relate to, not get angry at.

Thinksquad: How did you come to your political beliefs? How did that all come around?
I think I have always had a libertarian mindset. Growing up, I was always independent. I had two sets of completely different parents due to divorce. So everything just kind of melded together.

Thinksquad: What message do you think is the hardest for people to accept about a free society?
It’s definitely market economics. I don’t even fully understand it. And I think a lot of people have a certain amount of fear of freedom and the want to control people to protect themselves and create the perfect world for themselves. Sadly, it just doesn’t work that way.

Thinksquad: Other than your personal blog why do you have links to the other two blogs?
I don’t really know what you are referring to, but one of my links is to my Flickr account, which is just a showcase of my photography.

Thinksquad: How does your family and friends feel about your ideas, do they think along the same lines as you? Anyone you close to, who doesn’t think like you?
No one in my family shares my same ideas but they all accept them. A lot of my friends share my ideas but it’s not a necessary condition to get along with me. Unless you try to control me, I can be friends with anyone of any philosophical or political background.

Thinksquad: What do you want people to know or take away from your blog?
I guess what I want people to take away from my blog is that people with different beliefs than yourself aren’t trying to burn the whole world down. They just have a different opinion of how to make it a better place. Also, life goes on, even in the bad times.

Thinksquad: If I wanted to visit you, would you be okay with showing me around your neck of the woods?
I would gladly show you around.

Thinksquad: Do you consider yourself influential?
For some people, I am. But in the end I am just another college student with a blog. One day, I hope to influence people through my photography.

Thinksquad: Were you always political?
I’ve always had some pretty strong beliefs.

Thinksquad: Were you a democrat or republican, and then changed to how you believe now?
I was pretty “democrat” I guess you could say. I have always valued social freedom. It was how I was raised, that’s for sure.

Thinksquad: What caused this change?
I learned about economics.

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@souliberty (why can’t I tag you??) literallysokka - it’s a fine from PHC (which is like in charge of all the sororities).. Basically they don’t want new girls during recruitment to be able to tell which sorority the recruitment guides are in, so we were supposed to have our friends lists private and any profile pictures or cover photos with a guide private.. In total my sorority was fined $570 lmao..

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there are hundreds of great mens boots. seriously

Not many under 350 bucks :(

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I am right there with you.

Jilly, you have an impeccable taste in boots. Anything you can recommend up to 250 and with enough insulation so my toes don’t become gangrenous? 

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Timberland boots faggot

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This scares me because my roommates never clean my microwave. Does it eventually break it?!

Probably depends on the microwave. All of ours have been cheap with glass turntables. The fact that they never clean out their water or meat-defrost gunk or countless other solids and liquids means that all that shit gets caked on to the inside, degrades the interior over time. I went to go wash the glass turn plate (which had like, burnt cheese and shit on it) and it shattered in the sink as I was pressing a sponge against it trying to scrape shit off it.

souliberty asked:

8 and 35

8:Talk about the thing you are most proud of: Umm… I think it’s kind of sad that I can’t think of anything. I guess getting accepted in the University of Hertfordshire was crazy big for me. I’m really proud of that.  

35: Talk about things you wish you could stop doing. I wish I could stop letting people, like my parents, walk all over me and treat me like shit. Stop letting people make decisions for me, like accepting jobs I don’t want to do…