Did I misspell Appreciation? Yes. Yes, I did. Did I really just make this edit which is more or less the embodiment of this blog? Yes. Yes, I did. Do I have any shame over it? No. I Do not. Because it’s this nerdy blog’s second year anniversary today!! Wooo!! It survived yet another year and closely approaching its 3k mark and I am so fudging happy about that!! And of course, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this point if it weren’t for all of you continuously bestowing me your unending support and encouragement!!

Thank you so so much for everything!! For your time, your patience, your beautiful muses and intricate writings, and more importantly, for following me!! It means a lot to have been given the chance to represent my views and portrayal on Toshiro. And it means even more to me to know that numerous of you genuinely love and accept what I do and treasure him as a character as much as I do. Now without further procrastination, here’s a list of several individuals who have made things memorial for me. If you do not see yourself enlisted, then it’s because we have yet to have interacted in any method and should totally try to change that ♥

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god that’s a lot of you!

   this blog has been years in the making; it’s incredible how many of you guys who I’ve known since the very beginning have followed me all the way over here, with all of my ocs & all of my canons. I cannot begin to thank you enough for following me, through thick & thin, my ups and downs , & my multiple blog making phase. There are OVER 500 of you guys, and I have no words to express really how GRATEFUL i am to all of you, and how much I love you!! 

I love all of you, mutuals & non-mutuals alike, and here’s to lots more interactions in the future!! (i’m definitely going to forget people, so I’m v. sorry about that! )

                                                               #SQUAD GOALS

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