There are certain songs you only listen to because they make you feel a certain kind of way. For a while, you are addicted to how the songs are able to stir up the indescribable feelings inside you. But then one day, you turn on that song, and it doesn’t seem to touch you the way it used to. It no longer reaches you anymore.

Anthony Hamilton: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert  



I am restless today,
he tries to
draw me,
watercolor fingers
that mean business
busy on the white sheet,
I look away
by their meticulous
worried that he could
get some of
my mood
onto the paper,
who wants to feel that
I heave a sigh,
my mind plummets
down thoughts,
I am caught entangled
in a mesh
and I cannot come up
for air,
I dissolve
slowly, painfully
until I am only water
that will stain his canvas,
or maybe, I will pour
like rain
over every last line,
and, my soulful black eyes
will be charcoal shaded
that reveal
(too) much
too little
of what I feel.

© SoulReserve 2017


Chance The Rapper: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert  

Set List
“Juke Jam”
“They Won’t Go When I Go” (written by Stevie Wonder)

Chance The Rapper (vocals); Nico Segal (trumpet); Peter Wilkins (keys); Rachele Robinson (background vocals); Ben Lusher (background vocals); Elliot Skinner (background vocals); Richard Saunders (background vocals); Greg Landfair Jr., aka “Stix” (drums)

i love me some chance….