A Seat At The Table -
A well written album by Solange Knowles
This to me represents current social black issues & events, the frustration, anguish yet thought provoking all while giving you soulful harmonies that heal. She is an artist

What is the definition of an artist to me?

An artist is someone who creates timeless pieces of beauty. They are influenced by their surroundings and what time has to offer. … they are not famous because of their work, but because they inspire us. If not a collective, but a single heart is touched by their body of work then their work is done. Therefore that makes them, her an artist. Not by the amount of CDs sold but the hearts they influence and inspire.

There are many reasons why you are unhappy. It’s mainly the lack of sunlight in your soul. The lack of staring up at the night sky and seeing the stars. The lack of good hugs and the lack of laughter. Well, the truth to the matter is, there are always opportunities to laugh, to smile and to love. There are opportunities to be free, even if it’s in the four walls you call home. Happiness is surrounding you, if you chose to see it.

The Reason Why You Are Unhappy by Amy Kennedy


To get a sense of how it might feel to be a Druid, try saying this: “I am strong - a steadfast seer, a knower of magic and enchantment. I am a sage of the forest. I know the secrets of the oak and the wildwood.” Say it several times over, with as little inhibition and as much conviction as you can muster.
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Don’t let a negative moment control your mind. Bad things, or things going the opposite to plan, hurting us or making us vulnerable is a part of life. Unfortunately this may occur more frequently than others, but the power is in your mind. Stop allowing bad things control over you and your peace, let the good things in and let joy spread through your soul.

Control by Amy Kennedy




Jazmine Sullivan’s presence in the music industry cannot be limited to just one venue. Dabbling in Reggae, Pop and dominating R&B, her edgy and sultry voice is unforgettable, to say the least. So when she announced her music hiatus via twitter, all of her fans were disappointed but it was understandable. She told herself she would take a step back from music when it stopped being fun & we totally understand so what did we do in the meantime? Put it on a beat of course! “Smoking Gun” featuring Magnolia Shorty (r.i.p) is every New Orleans’ gals favorite song to dip to & with Jazmine’s vocals, it makes for the perfect bounce song, lol!

It’s been about 3 years since Jaz has been on the scene so when news broke that she’s working on a new album, we were more than ecstatic for one of our favorite songstresses to be back doing what she does best. Be on the look our for her new music here on the blog and everywhere else, because I know the second she drops something, we’ll be all over it like yeah!

Hoda, xo.