Childish Gambino - Redbone (2016)

this shit though….

There are many reasons why you are unhappy. It’s mainly the lack of sunlight in your soul. The lack of staring up at the night sky and seeing the stars. The lack of good hugs and the lack of laughter. Well, the truth to the matter is, there are always opportunities to laugh, to smile and to love. There are opportunities to be free, even if it’s in the four walls you call home. Happiness is surrounding you, if you chose to see it.

The Reason Why You Are Unhappy by Amy Kennedy



Lianne La Havas - Say a Little Prayer (Live)

A Seat At The Table -
A well written album by Solange Knowles
This to me represents current social black issues & events, the frustration, anguish yet thought provoking all while giving you soulful harmonies that heal. She is an artist

What is the definition of an artist to me?

An artist is someone who creates timeless pieces of beauty. They are influenced by their surroundings and what time has to offer. … they are not famous because of their work, but because they inspire us. If not a collective, but a single heart is touched by their body of work then their work is done. Therefore that makes them, her an artist. Not by the amount of CDs sold but the hearts they influence and inspire.

‘Daniel Ceasar - Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)’

- As soon as I spotted that this was produced by BADBADNOTGOOD I knew I had to give it a listen. 'Get You’ is a downtempo soulful jam that is ideal for stumbling blearily into a new year of (fingers crossed) good times.


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Chance The Rapper - Israel (Sparring) ft. Noname Gypsy  

“ Sparring is training
Chain snatching the slaves
But a rap song is a match in a cave
Dim lit, wet wick, wicked wrath in its way
Drunk off of light, lies, laughing
Claiming asylum while shying in shade
I can’t stay silent, I go violent when my violets is gray
And my roses is black
Fuck the pharaohs and pharisees, Moses is back
I don’t need to see a Sphinx to know they noses was black
I don’t know one temptation that had Otis’ back…”



Childish Gambino covers Tamia ‘So Into You’ for Like A Version  

Don’t let a negative moment control your mind. Bad things, or things going the opposite to plan, hurting us or making us vulnerable is a part of life. Unfortunately this may occur more frequently than others, but the power is in your mind. Stop allowing bad things control over you and your peace, let the good things in and let joy spread through your soul.

Control by Amy Kennedy