soulfire's art

She calls herself G-C! because the c stands for Caroline!!!! :la:
I dunno where she keeps finding these things .-.

Anyways I did this a while ago and just forgot to post it. I might finish this one day.

Caroline Soulfire © HowSplendid
Gatchman © Tatsunoko

Almost forgot to post this. I tried out Five Guys for the first time a couple of days ago. Loved the burger, thought the fries were ok. Overall not a bad place. They had a wall of drawings. I had to. Caroline’s purposely saying it like that to be a little s**t =3=

Caroline Soulfire © HowSplendid

Your body is a work of art. Every scar, mole, freckle, discoloration, tattoo, piercing… they’re all the details that paint your picture. Every breath you breathe is igniting your soulfire and you should never let someone shame you for revealing your beautiful masterpiece… YOU.

Today I was shamed for this picture, but I’m proud to finally be comfortable revealing myself and using my body as art in photographs. I’m not letting him take that.