The stream crashed painfully, so I didn’t get to do many things…. first, this drawing of my Magical Girl AU, which I love so much ;D

And someone requested Genocide, so I did this :P

Someone requested feels, so I did this right after!

And then the stream crashed. And so did my Internet. I hate my life ahahaha

Love you guys, thanks for coming~~ <3

paladin headcanons: DDR

keith kicks booty on a slower speed, but on higher levels, he cant keep up, chance of rage quit: 100%
lance was born to play DDR. he can perfect any song even on the highest levels. the other paladins watch in awe.
hunk really likes the songs in DDR, so he loves dancing, problem is, he freestyles, fun, but not the best for points
pidge is breathing down lances neck. their strats and skill would be number one if lance werent so dang smooth
we dont talk about shiro. he is space dad after all. that means painful dad dancing, the paladins try to look away.

wcw/wce ~ Berenice Griselda Wolfe

Bless this woman, this problematic fave of mine.

Even though it’s frustrating, and hearing Hanssen say “she’s decided to stay” felt like the biggest slap in the face, I adore this woman and I ache over the thought of her being so hard on herself. Professionally she is in complete control, she is who you want in a crisis, she’s bloody good at what she does and she knows it! Professional Bernie is the ’Big macho army medic’ oh and how she’s made me swoon since day one. But personally? she’s so much more fragile than I ever would’ve expected and it’s kinda great in a way that the writers have given her that dimension, and flipped the old ‘lesbian/bi character seduces straight character’ on it’s head.Don’t get me wrong, she has seduced Serena and made her fall in love with her, but in terms of pushing things forward she isn’t the aggressor. Serena is the more confident,  she’s been completely open with how she feels- totally in keeping with Serena Campbell’s character, god love that woman! Bernie has so much guilt over hurting her family, Marcus and Alex that she denies herself the chance to even see where her love for Serena will take her. How sad is that? she’s convinced that all she’ll do is cause pain and suffering and that’s heart breaking. 

 No- one is tougher on Bernie than Bernie…“you stupid, stupid coward” -  I wish she spoke to herself the way she speaks to others, because she is a great friend, always very quick to show kindness to everyone but herself . She isn’t a coward, and I wish she believed that she deserves this happiness because she does, and so does Serena.

So come home Bernie and embrace being loved by the one and only Serena Campbell, because that is an absolute gift.