We chilled on the trunk of my car, smoking weed and watched the stars until the sun rose..

Random spontaneous chilling.. Just enjoying the company, talking about memories, having a few jokes. This has been such an amazing ending to the summer. I love stargazing. I love care free people. It got extremely cold around 4am and I killed the vibe a few times by answering emails lol.. But still.. 🌻❤️

In the end, Crona is a part of Asura

I finally got around to reading the official translation of volume 25 today, and I noticed something that has completely blown away what I had thought of Crona’s fate.

Allow me to share.

To make my point, I need to foreground it with Crona’s inner dialogue while inside the Kishin:

In this first panel, Crona is thinking to themselves about how the others absorbed by Asura have lost their bodies and identities to become a part of the whole, a “shapeless mass”–but Crona continues to hold on to their body and individuality.

Then, in the second panel, Crona thinks about giving up their body to “bring an end to [their] pathetic existence.”  They won’t, because they “cling to life,” but if they did give up their body, they would become a part of Asura in total and die.

Now here’s where it gets interesting.  As Crona is enacting their sacrifice, using brew and the blood to trap Asura, Asura himself describes what is occurring.  

Asura says, bluntly, that Crona has “cast off [their] flesh” to overcome terror.  In effect, they have given up their mortal body as a part of the process of becoming a prison for Asura. They no longer have a body, and their only existence is as that prison.  They have, in essence, become to Asura what Ragnarok had been to Crona–his blood, that like his skin before it, acts as his prison.

We already know, from the earlier panel, that for Crona to give up their body is to die.  Crona has not just sacrificed their freedom but their life to imprison Asura, and only exists as a part of him.  At best, they are as inextricable as Ragnarok had been before them.  

The bottom line?  Crona cannot be saved. 

I had always suspected this to be the case, but this is clear confirmation of it–and that confirmation makes this panel even more poignant:  

When Crona says they believe Maka when she says she’ll come back for them, it’s a half truth at best–Crona must know Maka will try, but that there will be nothing to come back for.  Yet, they must lie if they are to achieve their goal of saving Maka; they know Maka well enough to know she would never leave if she knew all of what Crona planned, that they would actually be killing their mortal body to enact that plan.  So they lie because saving Maka is far more important to them than telling her the whole truth in that moment.

It’s just that bit more painful when you realize that Maka, at least initially, clings to hope that Crona knows all along doesn’t exist, nor do they seem sorry for that.  Saving Maka is the only thing that matters.


The new covers are so beautiful! I only bought the special edition City of Bones and the Infernal Devices box set for now. I’ll get the others throughout the next few months ➰✨📚