Kima PROOF/ why I ship Kima (Rant)

Okay, so I ship Kima (KidxMaka), and a lot of people don’t understand why, when I can instead ship the most canon ship SoMa. Let me explain why I ship Kima more in 3 or less reasons. *CONTAINS SPOILERS IN THE MANGA!*

1. Starcrossed.. Souls?

If you read later on in the manga, or paid detail to the story, you notice that Maka has a Grigori soul (Very rare) which literally means angel shaped. Kid is a Shinigami, which literally means death god. The fact that they’re complete opposites is very interesting in a sense, considering the fact that Kid wants to protect Maka so much, which leads me to my second reason.

2. Kid protecting Maka

In chapter 63, page 31 of the manga, Kid is being beaten up by Gopher, and Noah tells him to go and make ‘preparations’..

Just goes to show how much Kid cares about her. They’re both also meisters so they are extremely strong, increasing the chance of their lifespan if they were to be together. Kid is lord deaths son for petes sake, he could protect Maka no matter what (That’s not the most important thing but I thought I should include it). Note how he also instantly wants Gopher to stay away from Maka instead of anyone else, and that even when gohper mentions about killing all of his friends he still only thinks about Makas safety.

3. The time that they do share in the manga is adorable!

There are so many cute little scenes in the manga with Kid and Maka!

They can be such dorks together and they seem to have a really strong connection overall.

I just wish Kima was canon, cause it makes so much sense.  

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Anyone agree?