Something I wrote. Enjoy? o_e

The fire roared as it’s flames licked the mantle, it was dark as night in the home, the only light force happened to be the fire place. Tonight the blonde was on the hunt - alone - Hazellyn, the nightmare fairy was away as well as Sera, the smoke fairy. And well, the glimmer fairy of the family, Rhy, was just out of the equation. This was shadow fairy work.

Rising out from the dark a feminine figure appeared, it was the soul catcher, also known as Gwyneth, one of the most feared breeds of shadow fairies. Making her way up the stairs, she sensed the power of the souls belonging to the humans that lived here. A soul filled with greed and lust - the Father’s. A soul filled with envy and pride - The Mother’s. And Oh! What do we have here? A soul filled with simply just purity. No evil thought crossed this one’s heart nor mind. Of course not. It was a child’s.

She saw no point in going for the polluted souls. She went straight for the pure one. Taking the form of a glimmer fairy; her black gown was replaced with a pink one laced with a glitter coating, ick now even /she/ was disgusted with herself, her dark make up was replaced as well - her sisters call her ‘Panda eyes’ for them - now they were coated with a light base color, with yet another glitter coating. Ew. 

Even a true glimmer fairy would suspect nothing. 

Coming into the young girl’s room. Gwyn began to feel ill more so than she already had when she saw how the room was decorated. Different shades of pink. Fairies - glimmer fairies. Stuffed animals. Ick. Just.. was seeing this really worth getting that girl’s pure soul? No. But she wanted to feel that purity running through her veins. It would give her more power.

Shaking it off, the blonde continued to make her way inside, swiftly she found herself coming near the sleeping child’s bed. Inhaling a deep breath she crouched down. Still propped up onto her spiked heels. Tilting her head, Gwyn watched her slowly awaken. Her eyes were bright green with a tent of dark blue. 

A smile curved onto her lips, Gwyn pushed a few hair strands out of the young girl’s face. She spoke to the fairy. “Hello.” My god, even her voice was pure.Perfect. Gywn’s smile widened to a grin. An evil grin. The blonde spoke, finally. “Hello dear, do you believe in magic? Would you like to see some?” The young girl leaped out from her bed and onto her bedroom’s floor, and clinged onto the blonde. Tightly. “I’d love that! Can, can I please? Please show me the magic!" 

Good. Pulling herself free from the child’s hand, Gwyn took the green-eyed girl’s hand into her own and pushed herself up off the ground - and took a seat onto the plush bed. Picking up the child she placed her onto her lap, her grin never fading. "Ready?”

She once again wrapped her arms around Gywn’s neck, and she nodded.

Waggling her fingers; 'sparkles’ soon to had fallen from Gwyneth’s hand. A gasp was heard. Clearly the child was impressed as well as excited and perhaps even shocked that magic existed.

“Want to see something else?”
“Yes!” The little girl’s voice was laced with such glee.
“Lie down on your back.”
She did as she was told. Wow. If she was able to live another day into adult hood her man would /love/ her for being so obedient. Pressing her palm onto the child’s chest, where her heart lied beneath the flesh and bones. Concentrating nice and hard. Applying more pressure; the pure soul soon exited out of the girls’ mouth and flowed up to Gwyn’s. 

She had received what she came for. She /got/ more than she was expected to out of this hunt. Now she would return home and allow this child to either die or take the chance to go into the next stage after death. All depends on her destiny now. Her heels clicked with the panels of the floor, each step she took the glimmer fairy attire soon vanished and went back to her normal style. “Sleep tight dear,”