somewhere I can rest my soul

by togetherwecouldbealright

|| harry/louis || 3k || [ao3] ||

“I’m Louis Tomlinson,” the boy says, holding his hand out. Glancing down at it, Harry starts at the word beautiful written there, just along his pointer finger. It seems someone else knows exactly how stunning Louis is.

Willing himself not to act like a complete and utter prat, Harry takes Louis’ hand in his own and quietly murmurs, “It’s nice to meet you.”

Also known as the AU where the way your soulmate sees you is tattooed onto your skin.

la luz de tu alma
the light of your soul
by víctor m. alonso

tú eres la luz que unifica, da consistencia y da sentido al conjunto de mi existir,
a las partes diversas de lo que soy;
tú eres la rama que marca la diferencia
en la vegetación enigmática del acto de respirar.

you are the light that unifies, gives consistency and meaning to the whole of my existence,
to the diverse parts of what I am;
you are the branch that makes the difference
in the enigmatic vegetation of the act of breathing.

/víctor m. alonso/25 de diciembre de 2016/

anonymous asked:

Could you pretty please do a headcanon for the RFA playing piano? And MC can't play but really loves hearing others play. Because I feel like Saeyoung can play really well! Like crazy well! Sorry if that's too much. Please and thank you

^^;;; Because I feel guilty for being so inactive here’s one of the ones I finished. But I totally agree that Seven can play incredibly well…almost scary well.


  • he learned when he was a kid but when high school came around he sort of quit
    • wanted to put his time into studying and volunteering with Rika
    • his parents didn’t mind because hey at least he wasn’t doing drugs
  • those skills were still put to use when he was introduced into LOLOL
    • not even Seven could comprehend how fast he can move his digits
    • neither can you
    • you just thought he played too much
  • after one RFA party, everyone was helping wrap up
  • you help put away one of the tables when you start to hear this pleasant yet familiar melody
  • you follow the music and you see Yoosung sitting in front of the piano
  • !!!
  • that dumpling can play piano!?
  • it takes you a second before you realize what he’s playing
  • it’s the fucking theme to LOLOL
  • -_-
  • when he learns how much you love piano, he gets his old keyboard to start playing for you
  • you even have him play the piano during one of the RFA parties!
    • poor Yoosung is so self-conscious but he does it because he knows you love it


  • she started around the time she got her first big paycheck for working overtime
    • wow she got some serious big bucks
    • working until you die is worth it!
  • with some left over money, she applied for piano lessons
  • that was about a year ago so she isn’t quite on the same caliber as someone like Zen or Seven
  • but she still practices when she has the time ^^
    • which is never
  • you were hanging at her apartment when you find her lesson book
  • actually comes home to pick it up but she sees you perusing through it
  • first words that come out of your mouth:
  • “JAEhee pLay ME soMEThIn”
  • oH BOY
  • lord save her because you just have stars for eyes with the purest intentions
  • she has you sit in one of her lessons
    • so much so she keeps screwing up
  • her instructor is frustrating but stays patient with her
    • bless his soul
  • by the end you’re just gushing how good she is
    • she’s not bad it’s just she doesn’t do well if you’re gawking at her the entire two hours
    • and Jaehee can’t stop blushing
  • it’s sort of amazing to sit in her lessons and see her improve
    • improve enough to play in front of you so calmly
  • If the pianist at the RFA party doesn’t show up you just turn to her
    • “jaehEE pLAY soMethiNg ”


  • this man is the best of the best
  • he’s been playing piano even in the womb
  • where’s that sonogram of him with his arms out like he’s playing piano???
  • but he’s such a dork because he does stupid shit like play b-a-e when you’re around
  • you walk into practice at the end and he bursts into song
  • even got everyone to join in
  • has you lay on top of the piano as he’s playing like in the movies
    • “Zen I don’t think it’s safe for me to be up here ;;;”
    • “Nonsense babe. Just lay there and look pretty.”
    • ^^;;;
  • and he sings as he’s playing because he’s Zen
  • will get into intense duets with Seven
  • Seven wants to go faster so Zen does too
  • it ends up being a hot ass mess


  • mr. perfect here learned when he was a kid because it was just something to pass the time
  • and he got really good 
  • but he doesn’t really play it all unless it’s for Elizabeth 3rd
  • when you’re at his apartment you see his grand piano so you just assume he plays
    • or more likely he has someone else play for him
  • you sort of hop on for shits and giggles
  • your playing even attracts Elizabeth 3rd to sit and listen
    • she must really like piano whether it’s good or bad
  • he comes home to you on the piano
  • and he just sits next to you to watch what you’re doing
  • it makes you nervous so you stop
  • but he catches on what you were playing (or trying to play)
  • ヽ(゚〇゚)ノ
  • doesn’t play all the time but seriously all YOU have to do is ASK
  • one time Yoosung was trying to get Jumin to play at the RFA party
    • Y: “The elite want to hear you play! Don’t you want to show off?”
    • J: “No”
    • “O-O”
    • “It’s trivial to ‘show-off’ when I don’t find a reason to.”
    • “Please, Jumin?”


  • you figured this was the last guy you thought would play piano
  • all he does is his job 24/7 so who has the time???
  • but oh boy were you in for a surprise
  • after an RFA party Seven finds you sitting at the piano just fiddling with a few notes
  • he sits next to year just chatting you up
  • one thing leads to another and he puts his fingers on the keys
  • you were thinking he was just going to play terribly for a few laughs
  • but his fingers just go
  • his arms are practically a blur

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  • HOW CAN HE PLAY SO WELL!!!!!?????
  • th-this is has to be a prank
  • you fucking check the piano to see it’s legit
    • and to your dismay it is
  • this jellybean picked up the piano in college
  • but he started on the synthesizer and just self-taught himself
  • pulls out his old synth to play random sounds with complex concert pieces
  • makes a track of your cute sneeze and plays Canon in D minor with it

I don’t want to be Sam Winchester.

I don’t want to have known something was wrong with me since I was a child

I don’t want to find out that a demon bled into my mouth at six months old

I don’t want to watch my whole family die right in front of me because I’m supposed to be Lucifer’s vessel

I don’t want angels and demons alike wanting to kill me

I don’t want to be blamed for starting an apocalypse that I was trying to prevent

I don’t want to listen to my brother tell me I’m a monster, that he found a better brother, that it’s my fault our mother is dead. 

I don’t want my brother to try and kill me with a hammer or to close my eyes so he can kill me with a scythe

But I do want to be LIKE Sam Winchester

I do want to be kind, compassionate and caring

I do want to be, not only book smart, but clever and resourceful

I do want to be brave and be able to stand tall in the face of danger

I do want to loyal and forgiving when I’m told that I’m a bad person

I do want to be told that nothing is worth my dying for by an angel

In other words, I don’t want Sam Winchester’s life, but I do want Sam Winchester’s soul


Resbang 2016 Posting Schedule

It’s the final countdown! Posting for Resbang will start on January 2nd, 2017 and to pump up the jamz, we present you with this awesome list of fics and their posting dates. Take a look and start preparing yourselves for the results of our amazing partnerships this year!

January 2nd

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by author: Redmtion13
with artist: atruedeathchild
and artist: darkpurply

January 3rd

by author: Squeeb100
with artist: Shojomangatrash

January 4th

Mirror Image of our Dreams
by author: WhiteLightning
with artist: TheApatheticKat

January 5th

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with artist: SandmanCircus

January 6th

In the Colors of a Photograph
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with artist: elevensouls

Playing for Bees
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with artist: judoletteflip
and artist: notanirishginger

January 7th

Sotto Voce
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January 8th

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January 9th

Coming to Terms with the end of the World
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with artist: AlmanacComics

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January 10th

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January 11th

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January 13th

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January 14th

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January 15th

A Lack of Armor
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January 16th

To the Last Letter
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January 17th

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January 18th

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It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing
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January 19th

Repercussions (Part one of the Dead Moon)
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with artist: QuinnsTrashTrain1498

Suffering Sappho
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January 20th

Nothing Compares 2 U
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and artist: Mister Proma

January 21st

The Lake House
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and artist: guessesmachina

January 22nd

Spun by the Moon
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January 23rd

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la Peite Mort
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January 24th

Heavy Dirty Soul
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January 27th

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January 29th

Under the Grinning Moon
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January 30th

Pell Grant Matrimony
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January 31st

Soul Incubus
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February 1st

I go 99 problems and Medusa is all of them
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with artist: Eisschirmchen

February 2nd

Resolutions (Part three of the Dead Moon)
by author: jcrycolr3wradc
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I Come From The Land Down Under
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February 3rd

Now the Light Falls
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February 4th

Pressing Forward, Falling Back
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February 5th

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February 6th

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A Kiss Behind Curtains
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February 7th

Macabre Records
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Your Soul Is Where I Made My Home
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February 8th

Forces of Attraction
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February 9th

In the silence I hear you
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and artist: AmberLehcar

February 10th

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February 11th

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February 12th

Super Ordinary
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