Introducing JP Cooper

Manchester, UK raised singer/songwriter JP Cooper expressed in a recent interview with UK blog Soul Features that while he wouldn’t call his music gospel, that it is heavily “influenced by gospel.” Well, JP, while I, too, wouldn’t call your music gospel, I certainly would say that it bares the same spirit. It is not merely music that’s pleasant to the ear but something, which, much like gospel, transcends the tangible in this world and allows the listener to feel connected to something special. I realized that quickly after watching YouTube videos of this blue-eyed, dreadlocked, guitar-playing soul singer. One listen of “I’ve Been Watching” or “The Only Reason” and it is evident that JP Cooper’s music is something that needs to be shared.

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5 DAY OF DANCE | To celebrate the release of my new single “Let’s Dance” All week I’m going to be sharing my fave tracks to let go and let loose to. Everyday I’ll share a new video as I get down! Let’s dance!! Just hashtag #ssletsdance so I can see how you break it down on the dance floor 👯👯
Hump day is all about my #wce @janetjackson and spreading those good vibes. This song is one of my favourite to get me in the mood for whatever the day throws at me. What song do you put on to change your mood? 📹Video- @stillirisecollective
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#AboutLastNight MAZE featuring Frankie Beverly closed out the first night of the Capital Jazz Fest and they tore down the house. Frankie and the fellas still got it, and he was looking good in his all white and sounding very good. Best show I’ve seen of theirs in years and it was a sho nuff party, especially when they closed with the Black National Anthem “Before I Let Go.”

#MAZE #FrankieBeverly #CapitalJazzFest #SoulBounce #soulbouncing (at Capital Jazz Feastival)


This baby loves Big Poppa. 

The Talent of 14th Has No Where to 'Hide'

With features on Audio Diva and Soulbounce, 14th is hot in the streets right now.  This London duo comprising Tracy Duodu and Tom Barber released an impressive four track EP that segues into electronica, soul, and dubstep without missing a beat.  Their sudden genre shifts adds emotional depth to their tense-filled songs about relationships.  As true artists, 14th’s creativity doesn’t end with their music.  The video treatment for the EP’s title track, Hide Yourself, is just as inventive as the song’s concept.  The sparse piano opening gives a sense of Tracy’s loneliness as her love interest disappears from her bed.  From the beginning, the scratchiness of Tracy’s voice mirror the conflict within.  As 14th gets into their dubstep groove, we see weird visuals of Tracy gorging on food and costumed characters getting their Carlton on.  It’s definitely the side eye moment of the video, but it makes you wonder what people are hiding from others and ultimately themselves.  As the video closes, Tracy and Tom run away only to resign next to their authentic selves.  Hide Yourself encapsulates 14th’s ability to be artistically abstract while grounded in realism.  With this balance, it goes without saying that 14th is an group you should look out for.  Facebook  Twitter  Website  Soundcloud  Youtube            

14th - Hide Yourself EP by 14th

30 Days of soul
Day 11 -1980’s Albums
Guy - Guy
Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814
Soul II Soul- Club Classics Vol. 1
Lisa Stansfield -Affection
Keith Sweat- Make it Last Forever

Although Prince and Michael Jackson ruled the 80’s , New Jack Swing and British Soul from the late 80’s was the soundtrack to my teenage life in high school.

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Day 1: Blues Brothers & Sisters

My pick is none other than Clarence Carter. The man who brought us the classic song “Strokin.” I remember back in the day always seeing the commercial for Malaco Records’ “The Rhythm & The Blues” compilation and hearing Clarence sing/yell “I be strokin! That’s what I be doin!” at the end. When I got older I finally listened to the whole song and clutched my pearls when I heard one particular lyric – y'all know the one! LOL

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Just waking up from a late night and trying to figure out what to make for brunch?

Check out our resident Food Editor’s recipe for jerk fried chicken and red velvet waffles, prepared to the soundtrack of Marsha Ambrosius’ album, Late Night & Early Mornings.

These Late Nights Jerk Fried Chicken Tenders and Early Mornings Red Velvet Waffles will have your partner singing your praises, and whet their desires for another round – a repeat performance, if you will – of this culinary delight.