I wish we had this program when I start riding 4 years ago! #BayArea if you’re new and want a faster and more informative way to learn how to be a rockstar on the bike, join us for SOUL101

SOUL 101 is for new and inexperienced riders to cover: Bike Set- Up Proper Form Riding with resistance Signature moves Practice a 30 min. class! It consists of 3 sessions: MARIN: (with Jenny, Chris and Allie) SAT., 2/22 2:00P  SAT., 3/1 2:00P SAT., 3/8 2:00P PALO: (with Lindy, Ginny and Lisa) WED., 2/26 7:30P WED., 3/5 7:30P WED., 3/12 7:30P