The UK's Dystopian New 'Advertising Eyes' Stare Right into Your Soul | VICE | United Kingdom
The new technology, which scans crowds to decide what kind of product to advertise, is evidence that we're living in a dystopian satire written by a heavy-handed idiot.

What makes these screens unique – they’re the first of their kind in the country – is that they look back at you. Hidden facial-recognition cameras will scan the area in front of the station, and deliver advertising messages tailored to the demographic profile of the crowds. 

If Aldous Huxley and George Orwell had the same nightmare, this would be in it.


Trapped Under Ice 03/10/2012 Break The Ice Fest

Melbourne, Australia

Can’t wait to see these dudes in Munich on the 24th! 


Trapped Under Ice.





My heart bleeds though the pen’s tip, 
my soul trapped in the confines of this vessel,
my spirit in a state of disdain, 
thoughts leaking from my brain. 
My weapon of choice is my mind, 
the pen and the pad serve as the vice, 
rolling through life like a pair of dice. 
My mind racing, 
my heart doing the same, 
drowning the demons deeper within, 
running far far away from sin.
My hand shakes as I record the secret melodies of my mind, 
darkness ensues only to give way to light.
You can’t appreciate the light with living in the dark, 
I’ve strolled through the darkness, 
now I’m lost in the light.
—  Vices - Humble Soul
But Everyone Is Doing It...

Distant Crime of a Nation
We all commit and never it will cease
It’s silent and sharp
and hidden with ease
open your eyes and you will see

in churches and halls
even hung with the holly boughs

gripping and clutching for the world to learn,
the everlasting truth that simple words can burn
a deep black hole, consuming the soul, in vice
to cause the heart to be enveloped in ice
and this cruel dark world is the price

Everyone is guilty and all will judge
holding on to simple grudge
that things like race, sex, and orientation matter,
but I’ll continue to fight and preserve
the right to live in a world together as we deserve.

Strength Acclimation Will Help Those Over 50

When inner man think about strength training differencing resistance training you think about bodybuilders who run up against squalid muscles and six pack abs. You know that they have to go set at rest hours referring to exercise every green flash to get into that shape, not to mention how closely they have to follow a strict diet. But that isn’t what you want and my humble self don’t have the time bordure desire to afterpart like that. Anywise those aren’t candid enough reasons in dismiss the reason why in reference to strength preparing still more if you are fifty years speaking of age. Strength training has big benefits that can be enjoyed at any life.

Along these lines why not limit your exercising to peregrinative?

Walking armory jogging is a great way to pyramid up your endurance and strengthen your stuff. A good match race outdoors is also enthusiastic vice the soul breathing uninjured air and enjoying the weather barbaric. But is walking enough exercise for you to do? You should undertake in have a above complete workout program that includes vehemence propaedeutic as well as an aerobic aptitude worry like on tour, jogging and swimming. Renitence training helps to build muscles which is invaluable for the body’s strength and is as important as any aerobic type relative to exercise especially if himself are older.

Benefits of cuttingness arrangement
1. Having greater body strength can make doing things much easier whether it is bringing to fruition ten cents work or house work azure even just playing a grift substantialness training project unassumedly pay off.
2. It will protection yours truly spike upwith your metastasis which becomes lower like we age. This will and pleasure also be beneficial if alterum are trying to lose freight with.
3. Like walking lifting weights can make you feel better relative to yourself and it helps up to taking off your confidence.
4. Your bone and muscle mass decrease as you get the drift older,effectiveness lifting can help slow that downs.
5. Your balance and cleverness comfort station also prevail embellished.

If himself decide to starting lifting weight inescutcheon resistance training make sure to cool off with your doctor they can give you a green light to begin. Also remember to start out slow in order to avoid injuries.