I made some of my dolls cosplay the cast of Mystic Messenger cause I am so in love with the game. It’s taken over my life. XDDD

“I’m focused feeling blessed Cause my eyes be the truth”


Monito Manika 2015: ManikaManila’s Annual Christmas Meet
12.19.15 / Casa Patdes

Finally posting my photo backlog~ XD Here’s photos from our local community’s annual Christmas meet, which is a big exchange gift, doll style! :) We take photos of each pair, so here are mine along with some group shots of dolls and humans alike~


Okay, so I know the majority of destiel shippers agree that its a M/M relationship, but I never saw it that way. Sure, Cas’s vessel is Jimmy Novak, but Cas is an angel obviously. With that, do you think that that power in Cas can even pertain a gender? I am fascinated with Christianity and all, but I’m on the fence about it, but that’s just me. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t think that powerful, majestic, celestial energy sources can pertain a gender that can contain that power, so to me, destiel is just a human soul that loves an all-powerful celestial soul and vice versa. To me, it’s just love between two living organisms wherever it comes to a ship between a human and something that’s not human. The same thing with God. Whenever I get to a conversation about religion, I call God by it, because something as powerful as God can’t be contained in something so insignificant as a gender, which makes the most sense to me. It’s just easier for me to think of it that way. For your enjoyment, here’s some Jenson Quackles.

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