I ain’t tryin’ to say I don’t understand
But I ain’t showin’ no sympathy for no lazy nigga
All you do is sit at home tweet and facebook and hate on niggas
You complain about your life, like I be in the mood
And your ass was to cool to try and finish school
Now you sittin at home, broke, without shit to do
Tryin’ to find a bitch to stick your dick into
I know the game nigga
Ain’t nobody have a job for me
So fuck your mothafucking sob story
You see, you shoulda noticed
I keep it real I don’t sugar coat it
Can’t respect you if all you doin’ is smokin nigga
Get it together
Cause ain’t no forever in what you treasure
If you don’t like to be lectured, nigga, turn my shit off
But just remember when your mind’s a little different
You won’t be able to turn my shit off!
Nigga work on yourself - Dizzy Wright


Daniel Kandi - Soul Searchin’ (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

I know I’ve posted this before, but it’s one of my favorite trance tracks.