Mew Giichi

Name: Himeyuri, Gil
Name Meaning: Lily Princess, Happiness
Age: 27
Occupation: NEET/amateur fashion designer (on Earth); actually an alien princette
Gender: Non-binary
Hair: Light pink
Eyes: Pale orange
DNA: Demom cat/Quirval
Mew Mark: Heart with crescent moon in the center and whisker lines. Located on the right inner wrist
Weapon: Gii Staff
Attack: “Ribbon Giichi Strike!”
Attack Description: Shakes staff to jingle the metal rings and points it at the enemy who is struck with a powerful volt of light.
Bio: Gil is a curious, quirky and gentle soul who loves Halloween, photography, flowers, anime, cats, fashion design and baking. Gil is actually royalty on their home planet but was killed and reborn on Earth. After being found on Earth by their guardians, Gil was taken back to their home planet. However, Gil comes back to visit Earth on vacation and encounters a monster in a park where they transform into Mew Giichi with the help of their royal pet and run into Mew Ichigo.

Note on ‘Giichi’:
Originally, Giichi was a combination of Gil and Ichigo but for the purposes of this story, Giichi is a type of fruit from Gil’s home planet which is also known as Gii fruit. Gii fruit is round in shape, a little larger than a grapefruit in size and has a waxy, black outer skin. The inner fruit is red-violet and it is lightly tart and sweet. It has a texture that feels like a mix if watermelon and custard.

Note on the demon cat:
Originally, the cat is a kind demon cat with a bad backstory who gives it’s powers to Gil thus causing them to have cat ears and a tail. For this Mew Mew focused story, however, the cat is actually a type of royal beast from Gil’s home planet known as a Quirval. They are nearly extinct but have great magic abilities that are tied to the royal family. This particular quirval befriended Gil back home and lends it’s power to them to become a Mew Mew on Earth.