Speaking to one of my (teenage) clients today who just can’t seem to find her way. Remember, everything begins w/a thought and we become what we think…. So never give power to the negative; always look for the lesson and/or solution to whatever challenge you maybe facing….
This is how we learn from our mistakes and grow! #evolve #gratitude #manifestations #alignment #lightbeings #soul #faith #aura #energy #duality #positivity #nirvana #divinity #healing #

#sunday is for #lovers_and_thinkers.

today’s topic is #duality and the struggle it causes us all.

be soft, child. billow in the wind to a lover’s chime. explore your darkest halls. find. reveal the heart’s true design. for it is everlasting. refined. and calm as the oxygen breath of pines. cast away your ripples. your chains. rise to exhale a blood orange sunset at the dawning of your truth. be soft, my child. be so very soft.
or would you leave yourself to be an iron man? sitting your iron throne. an iron heart with which to love no one. iron hands. lifeless grips. lost on precision and grace to where you cannot so much as clutch a daisy or brush her face without causing pain. there are two men within you. indeed, there are a thousand. you don’t have to choose. you just have to find the ones you fancy. grab their hand and pull them up to the surface. drink the apothecary wine and dance with them. find their nakedness. study the stories of their bones. and one by one, you will discover your most sincere attributes. even your falsities are your design. so love them, too, as you love your virtues. we are a great and perplexing dichotomy. and life is our dictionary. pinpoint the words that strike your soul. and integrate them into your experience. write, speak, and act their definitions. fuck the grain. fuck the trail. you’ve been swimming against currents all your life long. and here you are. far from the safety and solace of home. walking on your hands. making love to your own soul. and birthing yourself a freedom that is immortal.

Senses and Harmony

Our primary senses are dual by nature, because the world of the senses is dual. We have two eyes, two ears, and two nostrils to understand and always be receptive to two perspectives of the material world of the senses that surrounds us. Negative and positive, up and down, true and false, light and dark, existent and nonexistent, matter and energy, present and absent: all poles of which our intellect knows there are ever increasing infinite lists. The yearning for balance, harmony, oneness, fusion with another, fusion with nature, fusion with God, are all strong reactions in the opposite direction of the reality of duality that stands before us like an iron door to which we have no key. But this door, with intricately carved and chiseled swirls and spells is not flanked by any fencing, nor walls. Artists know this because they walk around the door all the time and dwell there when they create. The space of creation is behind that door. There is an air there that inspires creativity and for creations to begin to flow forth through the soulfulness of whoever dwells there. The source of creativity is this almost-fulfilled wish for the grace of the harmonious to enrapture one’s soul.