Blue Carpet Abyss

standing on the spawn-point, the blue carpet abyss,
silence all around me, surrounded by loneliness,
they encircle my body, but they’re really just sleeping,
now my soul has been bound, it is theirs for the reaping.

i can do nothing as you walk slowly into the flames,
you turn your head and whisper softly that ‘this isn’t a game’,
i follow to find you gone, perhaps there is no such thing,
and so the light fades out and the darkness sets in.

many have come before me, now am i all that is left?
just lost souls in a time capsule, all else is bereft,
i found the children’s bodies in the hollow trees,
with the weight of the world, i drop to my knees.

still searching for you in a place time has forsaken,
hours of lonely wandering seemingly mistaken,
senses foreboding that something more is amiss,
for at the end there is nothing, i stare back into the abyss.

It might take centuries, but sooner or later hell will burn away your humanity. Every hell-bound soul, every one turns into something else. Turns you into us.” - Ruby

Dark Souls 1: Out of Bounds (Part 2)

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5) The Unused Entrance to the Firelink Altar

There is concept art from the Dark Souls: Design Works book which shows Andre pushing a statue aside to reveal a hidden path:

There is also an unused cutscene in the game data which shows this statue sliding over: (starts at 56 seconds end)

While the final game doesn’t actually have a path back there, bear in mind that there is that weird cylindrical structure behind it, which could have been intended to house a staircase.

There’s nothing to see if you clip inside, and I can’t recall if this statue has been 100% confirmed by the devs to be the originally-intended entrance to the Firelink Altar, but given its proximity to Frampt, it would make sense.

But since this is a post about out of bounds content, what do we have that relates to this? 

Down in the Firelink Altar, there is a broken staircase that leads over to whatever this stuff is:

As it is currently in-game, there’s no collision out there, and even if there was, the area is surrounded by an invisible wall so that you couldn’t possibly make the jump.

But there is something to indicate that this area would have been the original entrance. Up and off to the side is a weird cave-like entrance hidden behind the wall:

Stepping out from it would put us over here:

This indicates an unused physical entrance to this area, as opposed to the serpentine transit system, which fits in quite nicely with the idea of the statue sliding open to reveal a path that would lead down here. Furthermore, the map data is laid out so that the Firelink Altar is physically near the statue area of the Firelink Shrine.

Larger images here:

I learned about this from CrestfallenWarrior, he has a video demonstrating it here:

6) Miscellaneous Junk in the Catacombs

Underneath the room before the first bonfire, you can find a couple things beneath the floor. Here I am looking back towards that room from the hallway, with part of the map disabled so you can see it:

Those blobs on the right are candles, the same kind you see nestled in those various nooks in the walls:

You can find a spot by the last door-opening-lever where you can see the VFX for a flame, but it’s not attached to any candle. It seems like one of these should have been moved there:

The other thing seen down there is a set of of these corpse-carrying nooks (do they have a proper name? They’re called “Loculi”, thanks algi!):

There’s also another spot in the Catacombs with an out of bounds object. Far beneath the entrance to Pinwheel’s lair, is a duplicate of the table found in Pinwheel’s room:

Why is this down there? I have no idea.

It’s not uncommon for videogames to hide assets used in cutscenes in out of bounds areas, to avoid having to spend time loading content. One of the first games I can recall finding a bunch of hidden cutscene assets in was Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

For example, there’s one level where after you beat the boss, it transitions to a cutscene in a “completely different” area, where you see your character on a plane. But the cutscene loaded quickly without a loading screen, due to this area simply being underneath the floor of the map. I looked up the cinematic on youtube, and in it you can even see debris floating in the sky above the plane, since the fight with the boss must have left some broken objects behind that the game failed to toggle visually: (11 minutes and 28 seconds in)

Dark Souls does this in a couple places as well. In the opening cutscene to the Undead Asylum, you can see a rat scurry by:

That rat turns out to be an object file that is stored beneath the floor of the opening cell (that small black thing in the center):

Also, when you place all of the Lord Souls in the Lord Vessel, the game shows all of the yellow fog gates dissipating. Instead of loading each area with a yellow fog gate, those segments of map are copy/pasted into the area of the Firelink Altar, floating somewhere out of bounds. 

But I’m still confused by Pinwheel’s table, because Pinwheel’s room already has that table in it. So it seems like it could be cutscene content, but it really shouldn’t need to be used for the cutscene in any way. 

MFW (insert witty meme about being confused here):

Larger screenshots here:

7) Nito’s Third Coffin

So this last item is simply well hidden, and not technically out of bounds since you can see it in-game. But I don’t think most people will notice. I certainly didn’t, not without looking out of bounds in the first place.

Nito has those two coffins in his room. His personal coffin, plus that one smaller one to his side:

But wait, can you spot the third? It’s on the far right of the image, hidden in an inaccessible nook. It’s probably even harder to spot in this next image, but it’s dead center in this one:

Clipping through the map, we’re able to get a better look at it:

At first I thought this might have been storage for the coffin that’s used by Gravelord Servants to travel here. But it’s not the same coffin. It looks different, and this hidden coffin is part of the map data while the Gravelords’ coffin is a proper object file:

Plus bearing in mind that the third coffin is visible in-game and not hidden like 50 feet beneath the room, that suggests that it might be an intentional part of the design.

There isn’t a lot of Nito lore out there, but my interpretation is that this hints at Pinwheel’s obsession with Nito, and ties things together with the whole family theme of the Catacombs (the family masks, the statues showing the father and mother/child, and Pinwheel itself being comprised of three bodies inside that garb, each corresponding to a family mask).

If you take a closer look at the skeleton on the table in Pinwheel’s room, you can see that they’re giving the skeleton a Gravelord-sword kind-of-thing for an arm. Like a recreation of Nito:

Since Nito has two coffins nearby and not just the one, it’s evocative of this same kind of family theme. Additionally, pinwheel has three people crammed into it, and while Nito’s family is nowhere to be seen, they could just be piled into a much larger family that Nito built- all combined into his body:

Nito. Not just a bunch of random skeletons, but one big family?

This would also be very cohesive with Pinwheel’s design, where Pinwheel is trying to copy/ steal everything that Nito has done, including becoming a creature out of a family bound together. The black garb itself could even be a cheap way to imitate Nito’s black aura.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to draw these parallels between Pinwheel and Nito, but I’m not sure if the extra coffin in Nito’s lair has been offered up as additional evidence to that hypothesis yet. 

Larger screenshots here:

This pretty much covers all the strange out of bounds content that I could think of (not counting skybox stuff like the “other burg”, etc). Thanks for reading! If I missed anything, please let me know and I can make an addendum. 

Main Characters of our game, Sunny and Jed!

Our first week was dedicated mainly towards set up. Our characters and world have existed for a while now, so that left solidifying our plot arc, deciding on written concepts for our levels, and discussing what we want the final project to be like. Hopefully, we can have some of this information compiled into a digestible format to share in the near future, for those who are interested!

I have been, and always shall be, your friend

My humble tribute to Leonard Nimoy, and I know this isn’t enough. 
I’ll be honest here - I’m not really in the Star Trek fandom. I’ve only watched the new films and loved them, so I kind of feel unworthy of this.

But anyways, even though I haven’t been following Nimoy’s career, I know that he was a remarkable human being and he will be missed dearly. 

So ST and Leonard Nimoy fans alike, I feel your pain and send you my love. 

May he rest in peace and his soul be bound in the bundle of life.

You have the choice of letting past pain eat away at you or you can let it run its course, and when you are ready you must let it go. Then when you have found your way out of that valley, you can see that the world is more beautiful when you look at something other than the past. We all too often tie our identity into our feelings, and then we grow hazy in how we actually feel, so when it’s time to let go, we never know how to because it would mean letting go of who we are. But we must learn that we are more than heartbreak and rejection, we are living breathing souls that are bound by no one.

We have a choice each day to choose joy or sorrow, and sometimes we need to heal from our pain, but we are not resident to our suffering, we are citizens to a joy far greater than the dark.

So live once more, and learn to see the beauty in moving forward.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m still learning at 25
A Little Note to Each Sign
  • Aries: You've always got my back whenever I need you, you're strong and independent soul is bound to do amazing things.
  • Cancer: Thank you. You have made me a better person and have taught me so many valuable lessons that you make a person stop and think about how lucky they are to have you.
  • Taurus: You're royalty, you walk in like you own the place and you can belong anywhere when you choose. Your courage and empathy is stunning. Your heart will forever be gold.
  • Gemini: You use your mind very wisely and that's admirable. You have your priorities straight and you're always on task. You manage to make anyone smile in the hardest times.
  • Leo: You appear in so many places. Your presence is missed when you are not in the room and you are always the talk of the town. Your beauty is astonishing.
  • Virgo: Even though I have not met you, you sound like someone I would adore. When people talk, it gets around. You are the light, and when my day is in dusk, you bring the dawn.
  • Libra: Congratulations, you've made it. Keep going. Your adventures will bring you to great heights and great depths. Your spirit will always remain within the heart of everyone you meet.
  • Scorpio: You daredevil you. What would we do without you? People say darkness is a bad thing but when you wear it my dear it's imperial. The grandness of it all is stunning. Keep it.
  • Sagittarius: You always know what to say. I wish I could get with you more. The crispness of your mind aligned with your body is downright unifying. It uplifts me knowing that someone knows.
  • Capricorn: My dearest, you are the moon, sun, and stars. Don't let anyone take that away from you. Your aura is enlightening and your smile brightens the room. Like Scorpio, keep it.
  • Aquarius: You I know the least, for I am you, and you are me. Let's rule together. Hand in hand and drive the future to greatness. I know we can. Let's see how far we go.
  • Pisces: Last but never least. You're always so charming and can win over anyone you meet. Your kindness can kill and it's amazing. I can see you go places soon.
  • With love,
  • From me.

“I wish that Dean could understand that saying “I love you” isn’t a curse. That “I love you” isn’t a sealed deal with the Devil. That “I love you” isn’t a promise of death. That “I love you” isn’t something that he has to earn. That “I love you” is something that is given freely, that knows no boundaries, that understands no faces, that only speaks the language of hearts and souls that are bound by destiny, forever fated to search through every nook and every cranny of every place on Earth, in every space between every star in the Universe, to find one another, to be united and made whole again.” (X)

Dedicated to crossroadscastiel
Happy birthday, my darling.<3