anyone else kinda lowkey worried about a quizzie who drank from the well and what that might mean for da4 cause i am


Knight!Stiles and Prince!Derek AU!

“A flower?,” the wolfman grunted in agreement “if i was a lady i would’ve assumed you are after my heart” Stiles chuckled.

“I am” the wolfman said.


@loveactually-rps Happy Birthday sis!!!! am so sorry am this late i hope u like this!!!♥♥♥ basically its lost knight in the woods, found by his mate who is a prince to the Hale tribe Au! that flower symbolizes the bond Stiles and Derek have. by accepting that flower their souls will be bound forever~♥

Dark Souls 1: Out of Bounds (Part 2)

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5) The Unused Entrance to the Firelink Altar

There is concept art from the Dark Souls: Design Works book which shows Andre pushing a statue aside to reveal a hidden path:

There is also an unused cutscene in the game data which shows this statue sliding over: (starts at 56 seconds end)

While the final game doesn’t actually have a path back there, bear in mind that there is that weird cylindrical structure behind it, which could have been intended to house a staircase.

There’s nothing to see if you clip inside, and I can’t recall if this statue has been 100% confirmed by the devs to be the originally-intended entrance to the Firelink Altar, but given its proximity to Frampt, it would make sense.

But since this is a post about out of bounds content, what do we have that relates to this? 

Down in the Firelink Altar, there is a broken staircase that leads over to whatever this stuff is:

As it is currently in-game, there’s no collision out there, and even if there was, the area is surrounded by an invisible wall so that you couldn’t possibly make the jump.

But there is something to indicate that this area would have been the original entrance. Up and off to the side is a weird cave-like entrance hidden behind the wall:

Stepping out from it would put us over here:

This indicates an unused physical entrance to this area, as opposed to the serpentine transit system, which fits in quite nicely with the idea of the statue sliding open to reveal a path that would lead down here. Furthermore, the map data is laid out so that the Firelink Altar is physically near the statue area of the Firelink Shrine.

Larger images here:

I learned about this from CrestfallenWarrior, he has a video demonstrating it here:

6) Miscellaneous Junk in the Catacombs

Underneath the room before the first bonfire, you can find a couple things beneath the floor. Here I am looking back towards that room from the hallway, with part of the map disabled so you can see it:

Those blobs on the right are candles, the same kind you see nestled in those various nooks in the walls:

You can find a spot by the last door-opening-lever where you can see the VFX for a flame, but it’s not attached to any candle. It seems like one of these should have been moved there:

The other thing seen down there is a set of of these corpse-carrying nooks (do they have a proper name? They’re called “Loculi”, thanks algi!):

There’s also another spot in the Catacombs with an out of bounds object. Far beneath the entrance to Pinwheel’s lair, is a duplicate of the table found in Pinwheel’s room:

Why is this down there? I have no idea.

It’s not uncommon for videogames to hide assets used in cutscenes in out of bounds areas, to avoid having to spend time loading content. One of the first games I can recall finding a bunch of hidden cutscene assets in was Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

For example, there’s one level where after you beat the boss, it transitions to a cutscene in a “completely different” area, where you see your character on a plane. But the cutscene loaded quickly without a loading screen, due to this area simply being underneath the floor of the map. I looked up the cinematic on youtube, and in it you can even see debris floating in the sky above the plane, since the fight with the boss must have left some broken objects behind that the game failed to toggle visually: (11 minutes and 28 seconds in)

Dark Souls does this in a couple places as well. In the opening cutscene to the Undead Asylum, you can see a rat scurry by:

That rat turns out to be an object file that is stored beneath the floor of the opening cell (that small black thing in the center):

Also, when you place all of the Lord Souls in the Lord Vessel, the game shows all of the yellow fog gates dissipating. Instead of loading each area with a yellow fog gate, those segments of map are copy/pasted into the area of the Firelink Altar, floating somewhere out of bounds. 

But I’m still confused by Pinwheel’s table, because Pinwheel’s room already has that table in it. So it seems like it could be cutscene content, but it really shouldn’t need to be used for the cutscene in any way. 

MFW (insert witty meme about being confused here):

Larger screenshots here:

7) Nito’s Third Coffin

So this last item is simply well hidden, and not technically out of bounds since you can see it in-game. But I don’t think most people will notice. I certainly didn’t, not without looking out of bounds in the first place.

Nito has those two coffins in his room. His personal coffin, plus that one smaller one to his side:

But wait, can you spot the third? It’s on the far right of the image, hidden in an inaccessible nook. It’s probably even harder to spot in this next image, but it’s dead center in this one:

Clipping through the map, we’re able to get a better look at it:

At first I thought this might have been storage for the coffin that’s used by Gravelord Servants to travel here. But it’s not the same coffin. It looks different, and this hidden coffin is part of the map data while the Gravelords’ coffin is a proper object file:

Plus bearing in mind that the third coffin is visible in-game and not hidden like 50 feet beneath the room, that suggests that it might be an intentional part of the design.

There isn’t a lot of Nito lore out there, but my interpretation is that this hints at Pinwheel’s obsession with Nito, and ties things together with the whole family theme of the Catacombs (the family masks, the statues showing the father and mother/child, and Pinwheel itself being comprised of three bodies inside that garb, each corresponding to a family mask).

If you take a closer look at the skeleton on the table in Pinwheel’s room, you can see that they’re giving the skeleton a Gravelord-sword kind-of-thing for an arm. Like a recreation of Nito:

Since Nito has two coffins nearby and not just the one, it’s evocative of this same kind of family theme. Additionally, pinwheel has three people crammed into it, and while Nito’s family is nowhere to be seen, they could just be piled into a much larger family that Nito built- all combined into his body:

Nito. Not just a bunch of random skeletons, but one big family?

This would also be very cohesive with Pinwheel’s design, where Pinwheel is trying to copy/ steal everything that Nito has done, including becoming a creature out of a family bound together. The black garb itself could even be a cheap way to imitate Nito’s black aura.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to draw these parallels between Pinwheel and Nito, but I’m not sure if the extra coffin in Nito’s lair has been offered up as additional evidence to that hypothesis yet. 

Larger screenshots here:

This pretty much covers all the strange out of bounds content that I could think of (not counting skybox stuff like the “other burg”, etc). Thanks for reading! If I missed anything, please let me know and I can make an addendum. 

I have been, and always shall be, your friend

My humble tribute to Leonard Nimoy, and I know this isn’t enough. 
I’ll be honest here - I’m not really in the Star Trek fandom. I’ve only watched the new films and loved them, so I kind of feel unworthy of this.

But anyways, even though I haven’t been following Nimoy’s career, I know that he was a remarkable human being and he will be missed dearly. 

So ST and Leonard Nimoy fans alike, I feel your pain and send you my love. 

May he rest in peace and his soul be bound in the bundle of life.

Lol but

Sasuke and Naruto reincarnate together, their souls are bound by fate.

So their marriages and canon couples don’t add up to much since they aren’t the ones who will reincarnate with them.

Sasuke and Naruto are reborn together and have always married different women. The only similar thing that has been everlastingly true is their bond has surpassed lifetimes.

SNS is canon in that they are soul mates in all aspects. Their sexuality and marriages have never trampled over the fact that those two are always brought back together.

Who knows if this cycle has been broken because of Sasuke accepting Naruto’s love. They may very well continue on being reinvented as ying and yang and sun and moon. It’s never clarified but one thing is for certain

SS and NH shippers can kiss their precious OTPs bye because when all is said and done, Sasuke and Naruto are still going to be together in the end. And when they reincarnate is won’t be SS or NH anymore … It’ll still be SNS.

And that makes me crack up endlessly.

sweetteaowl  asked:

Sad headcannon ahead: the red robe from here there be gerblins that had the umbra staff was Lupe and Taakos been carrying it around this whole time not knowing and now he remembers. Also what if the staff absorbed Lupe like it did the lich from wonderland?

um, i think instead of headcanon, you mean 

a legit theory i’ve been fukcing clinging to this whole time

but instead of it absorbing her so she’d have no agency inside of the umbra staff, i think she bound her soul to it like a phylactery and now essentially IS the umbra staff. thats why it doesn’t like being used by anyone except taako, and it tried to attack kravitz on its own (if lup is a lich too, she’d have reason not to like kravitz/death), and it spelled out LUP with scorching ray, and barry said “YOU FOUND HER?!” when he first noticed the umbra staff in crystal kingdom, and taako heard the voice of a woman that he knew he loved saying “love barry, trust barry” as soon as he turned on his telepathy item

so yes, taako looted his sister’s dead body in gerblins, but thats what she wanted. because she’s been with him this entire time, protecting him from inside the umbra staff

You have the choice of letting past pain eat away at you or you can let it run its course, and when you are ready you must let it go. Then when you have found your way out of that valley, you can see that the world is more beautiful when you look at something other than the past. We all too often tie our identity into our feelings, and then we grow hazy in how we actually feel, so when it’s time to let go, we never know how to because it would mean letting go of who we are. But we must learn that we are more than heartbreak and rejection, we are living breathing souls that are bound by no one.

We have a choice each day to choose joy or sorrow, and sometimes we need to heal from our pain, but we are not resident to our suffering, we are citizens to a joy far greater than the dark.

So live once more, and learn to see the beauty in moving forward.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m still learning at 25
Soul Bound (Part 3)

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“She/He’s so cute Puddin’!” You heard a female voice sqeauled in your ear. You winched. “Oh can we keep ‘em? Please Puddin’! ” The voice pleaded. “I don’t know Harls. She/He might not like us.” A gruff male voice said.

You were confused. What’s going on? Where am I? Who are these people? “I think she/he’s waking up!” You opened your eyes but immediately closed them hissing, as the bright light beamed in your eyes.

“Turn off that light Harley.” You heard a pair of heels clicking against the floor. “You can open your eyes now doll.” You felt a warm hand placed on your cheek. You opened your eyes slowly, only to be looking up into a pair of green eyes.

“Wh-who are you?” You asked as your eyes roamed over the person. He had bright green hair, tattoos all over his body and very pale skin. He titled his head to the side. “You don’t remember? ” He asked. You shook your head. “Well, doll I’m the one and only Joker.” The girl standing behind him smiled widely. “Hi! I’m Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya cutie!” The g- Harley said.

You’ve heard those names before. Joker and Harley Quinn. Joker. Joker. You let out a gasp as you remembered him kidnappings you, beating you with a crowbar and then giving you a bomb.

How were you still alive?! The last thing you were remember was the bomb going off. “How?” You asked Joker.

“How what?” Joker asked. “How am I still alive?” You asked. “That’s for me to only know. Didn’t ya ever hear that some secrets aren’t meant to be known?” Joker says but his eyes widened as his eyes went to your arm.

“Oh my gosh! Puddin’ look! We’ve finally found him/her! We’ve found our other half!” Harley sqeauled clapping.

Joker grabbed your right arm and looked at it in disbelief. “I thought your soulmates were Bats and Big Blue?” You furrowed your eyes, confused even more. “What are you talking about?”

Joker showed you your right arm. Clark and Bruce’s words were smudged and dull looking. Two more sentences were on your arm. ‘Didn’t ya ever that some secrets aren’t meant to be known?’ and the other one said, ‘Mistah J! You’ve got some balls for that hot stuff!’

“There’s no fuckin’ way you’re my soulmate! I’ll fuckin’ kill you!” You yelled at Joker. Harley grabbed Joker’s arm and looked at it. “Puddin’ it’s him/her!” She said excitedly. “I’ll be damned!” You yelled at you sat up.

Joker grinned as his eyes roamed over your body. “You just beat me nearly to fuckin’ death and then blowed me the fuck up! You’re insane! A psychopath!” You yelled at him.

“Watch who you’re talking too doll.” Joker growled. “Y'knoe what?! Fuck you!” You yelled and punched him in the face. Harley gasped. “Mistah J! You’ve got some balls for that hot stuff!” Joker stumbled back, holding his eye.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Joker growled. “No Puddin’! Y/N does have a point! And you can’t kill our soulmate! That’s cruel!” Harley said as she pushed Joker back.

Joker snarled. “I don’t fucking care Harley! He/She punched me and there’s no way in hell I’m gonna let her/him get away with it.” Joker said.

“Come on asshole! Bring it on! Because I’m gonna kick your fucking ass for what you’ve done to me!” You yelled as you jumped over the table and balled up your fist.

Harley sighed as Joker growled, pushing Harley off him and started walking over to you. “Seems like I’m gonna be the one to keep you two from kill each other.

~4 Years Later~

“Hun!” You smiled at Joker as you tackled him into a hug. “Y/N, I’ve told you to not hug me in public.” Joker said as he hugged you back. “Oh hush J. Everyone knows you’re a big softie for me!” You giggled giving him a kiss. “Aww man! You two are having fun without me!” Harley whined as she walked over to the pair of you.

You grabbed her, pulling her into a hug. “Hey babes. The boys aren’t acting crazy are they?” You asked as you have her a kiss on the cheek. She shook her head, giggling. “Are we gonna have some fun tonight Mistah J?” Harley asked as she looked at Joker.

“Oh boy. You two are gonna love this. We’re highjacking Batsy’s party tonight. ” You and Harley sqeauled. “But what about Y/N? Does she/he wear a mask.” Harley asked. “No. Let the world see her. I can’t wait to see Batsy’s face when he sees you darling.” Joker laughed, caressing your face. “It’s gonna be fun, fun, fuuuunnn!” Harley giggled.


Clark felt undressed at Bruce’s fundraising gala. Everyone looked like they were red carpet stars. He isn’t use to things this fancy. His eyes scanned around the room looking for Bruce. He found him talking to a group of women. Clark rolled his eyes. Nothing new, Bruce had been acting like this since…Y/N passed.

He didn’t know if Bruce had someone else or not but he’d moved on. Y/N was gone. He missed him/her but he was sure she/he didn’t want him moping around over his/her death.

He had a steady relationship with Lois and he’s planning on asking her to marry him. Lois was his soulmate, she had to be. She understood him like no one else, even better than Y/N.

The sound of gunshots rang out and a chandelier fell to the floor. A few guests screamed in fright while a bunch of henchmen wearing clown masks barged into the room. Shit! He lost focus for two minutes and this happens. He couldn’t leave the room now to change and he can’t fight the criminals as Clark Kent.

“Hellloooo Ladies and Gentlemen!” Joker’s deranged girlfriend Harley Quinn yelled out posing as she waved to the crowd.

The henchmen behind Harley took off his clown mask, revealing green hair and pale skin. Clark recognized him right away. The Joker.

Joker grinned looking around the room. “Mr. Wayne I think our invitation got lost in the mail! I invited you to my party a couple of years ago! It’s only fair that you invite me to yours!” Joker cackled madly.

“You remember the little show I had a couple of years ago? The one that no one came to and you let poor Y/N die? Remember that?” Joker asked grinning at Bruce before his eyes slid over to Clark’s. “Y'Know I brought our little performer from that night.” A male/female walked out from behind Joker.

Clark let out gasp when he saw the person’s face. “Y/N?” He whispered horrified. “Hello Brucie.” Y/N said as she walked over to him. He/She reached toward Bruce and raked his/her hand through his hair before grabbing it and wrenching his head to the side painfully.

“Did ya miss me?” She/He let out a giggle. “Did ya? Don’t ignore my question Brucie. ANSWER ME!” Y/N yelled. Bruce held back tears as he stared in Y/N’s e/c eyes. “Yes.” He said.

Y/N smiled. “Good boy Bruce. But guess what?” Y/N said innocently. “What?” Bruce asked quietly. “I DIDN’T MISS YOU ASSHOLE!” With that Y/N punched him in the face. “You fuckin’ left me to die! You piece of shit!”

Harley let out a yell as she smashed a bunch of champagne bottles and glasses. “Beat his ass baby!” Joker let out a loud laugh as him and his henchmen began shooting wildly again.

Clark couldn’t tear his eyes away from Y/N’s form. She/He was alive! How? She/He was blown up in that building! His/Her soul mark was dull and faded on his arm! He couldn’t hold back anymore and in the middle of the panic he called out your name.

You stopped yelling at Bruce turning to him. You let out a snarl as you saw him. “YOU!” You ran at him and went to hit him but Clark grabbed your hand. “Don’t hurt yourself Y/N.” You sneered and punched him with your other hand. Clark looked at you shocked. Since when did you have super strength?

Clark grunted as a something hard hit him in the back. “Get ya grimmy hands off my Y/N!” Harley yelled at him. Joker let out a loud cough. “Our Y/N!” Joker said. Y/N rolled her eyes.

“You’re… With them? Those monsters?” Bruce asked. “Do not call my soulmates monster!” Y/N yelled pushing Clark away from her. Where the hell were the police? Clark wondered as he watched Joker, Harley and Y/N stand together.

Clark used the everyone panicking to quickly change into his suit and tackled Joker. “J!” You cried out as Superman tackled him.

“Hey! Get your hands off of Mistah J!” Harley yelled going to attack Superman but you placed a hand on her shoulder. “No Harls.”

“Go! Now!” Joker yelled as the blue blur began taking out the henchmen. “Come on Harls!” You yelled grabbing her. “He’s fast! How are we gonna get by?” Harley asked. You smirked.

Superman finished with the henchmen and turned looking for Harley and Y/N but you two were gone. “Joker. Where are they?” Joker just let out a mad cackle. “That’s for me to know Supes!” Superman growled. “I’ll find out what you did to Y/N.”

So guys how was this? Honestly I think it sucks…..

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A Little Note to Each Sign
  • Aries: You've always got my back whenever I need you, you're strong and independent soul is bound to do amazing things.
  • Cancer: Thank you. You have made me a better person and have taught me so many valuable lessons that you make a person stop and think about how lucky they are to have you.
  • Taurus: You're royalty, you walk in like you own the place and you can belong anywhere when you choose. Your courage and empathy is stunning. Your heart will forever be gold.
  • Gemini: You use your mind very wisely and that's admirable. You have your priorities straight and you're always on task. You manage to make anyone smile in the hardest times.
  • Leo: You appear in so many places. Your presence is missed when you are not in the room and you are always the talk of the town. Your beauty is astonishing.
  • Virgo: Even though I have not met you, you sound like someone I would adore. When people talk, it gets around. You are the light, and when my day is in dusk, you bring the dawn.
  • Libra: Congratulations, you've made it. Keep going. Your adventures will bring you to great heights and great depths. Your spirit will always remain within the heart of everyone you meet.
  • Scorpio: You daredevil you. What would we do without you? People say darkness is a bad thing but when you wear it my dear it's imperial. The grandness of it all is stunning. Keep it.
  • Sagittarius: You always know what to say. I wish I could get with you more. The crispness of your mind aligned with your body is downright unifying. It uplifts me knowing that someone knows.
  • Capricorn: My dearest, you are the moon, sun, and stars. Don't let anyone take that away from you. Your aura is enlightening and your smile brightens the room. Like Scorpio, keep it.
  • Aquarius: You I know the least, for I am you, and you are me. Let's rule together. Hand in hand and drive the future to greatness. I know we can. Let's see how far we go.
  • Pisces: Last but never least. You're always so charming and can win over anyone you meet. Your kindness can kill and it's amazing. I can see you go places soon.
  • With love,
  • From me.
Soul Bound (Hamilton x Laurens)

Words: 500+

Warnings: small sadness

Prompt:  Colorblind soulmate au with lafayette x reader where reader is a nurse in the revolution and the first color she notices is laffs blood when he gets injured 😨 (pls don’t kill him tho I’ll cry forever) or alternatively colorblind Ham x Laurens where Hams already met Eliza but they’re not soulmates but he loves her anyway and then he meets John and sees color and they’re both kinda like “well fuck” 😓 (I kinda like #2 better but either one you prefer if you do one) 😘

A/N: had to stay up all night doing this yall, hope you like it  After writing this, I realized something: how would Alexander know what brown, what red, what names to go to what colors. Then I was like, eh, it’s a fic. Everything is made up in a fic.

Hamilton wasn’t the type of person that believed in soulmates. Yes, there was some evidence of people seeing in color, but how did he know it was true? How did he know that what everyone said wasn’t just a lie? Sure, it happens to millions of people around the globe, but millions of people died without finding their “soulmate”.

His live was black, white, and every other shade of grey. But when he met Eliza, his world changed. He thought he found his soulmate, the love of his life. But the colors, the thing everyone was talking about, did not appear.

Neither did it for Eliza.

“it’s just not a thing, Eliza. We are meant to be together, and this color thing isn’t going to change how I feel about you.” Hamilton explained to a teary-eyed Eliza. She nodded slowly, and Hamilton kissed her tears away. “Let’s go and get that hot chocolate now.”

His friends didn’t say anything bad about their relationship, but they didn’t say anything good either. Lafayette and Mulligan were soulmates themselves, knowing how it was to finally see color. They stayed quiet about Eliza. But they gave the two looks whenever they saw Hamilton holding her hand, or kissing her lips.

“Are you sure about this, mon ami? What if you do find your soulmate?” Lafayette said to him one day. Hamilton slammed his coffee mug on the table, glaring at him. Lafayette jumped, and Mulligan touched his hand affectionately.

“Laf, I told you; I don’t believe that you have to see color when you find your soulmate. Eliza is the love of my life, and there’s nothing or no one who’s going to change that. Alright?” He finished.

Oui.” Lafayette whispered.

And that’s how it just was. Hamilton and Lafayette were together for a month, sharing their anniversary date at a local coffee shop. As they were sipping their drinks, a man began walking to their table, his pad in his hand. Alexander almost dropped his coffee on the table, watching him come over.

The first thing he noticed was his curly, brown hair pulled back from his face. There were a few strands loose around his face, lightly touching his skin. When the man looked at him, his light brown, almost green eyes, stared into his. They widened when they met Alexander’s, his freckles scattered across his face. Eliza was calling to Alexander, touching his arm. But he was too focused on the man in front of him.

He was beautiful.

The man stumbled over someone’s foot, and Alexander quickly jumped out of his seat, running over to catch the man. He caught his waist before he hit the floor, and the man blushed, the warm color rising on his cheeks. Little did Alex know, but his was the same color.

Alexander Hamilton could finally see color.

“Uh, hi.” The man said, straightening himself up. Alexander still held on to him, but realizing that everyone was staring at them, he quickly let go. Alexander held out his hand, and the shorter man took it, smiling at him. Alexander’s heart fluttered at the touch, at the expression.

“Hi, I’m Alexander Hamilton.” He replied, their hands still together.

“John Laurens.” They stared at each other for a few moments like this, admiring each other. Alexander heard a cough behind him, and he tore his gaze away from John, looking back.

Eliza stood there, confused. Once she saw the look in Alexander’s eyes, a look she had never seen him look at her with, her heart dropped. Alexander’s eyes softened, and he took his hand out of Laurens. He felt like a small part of his heart cracked when he did so. He saw the look on Laurens face as he glanced at Eliza. She was even more beautiful in color, her dark black hair shiny against her pale skin. There was pink on her cheeks, like she was blushing all the time.

“Um, Eliza, this is John Laurens. He’s…” Hamilton trailed off, not knowing what to say. Before he met this man, before he realized what a soulmate actually felt like, it broke his heart. Eliza would understand, she would know what’s going on right?

Hamilton looked down at Eliza, and her face made the stars in his eyes disappear. She was crying, the tears going down her cheeks. Hamilton tried to pull her into him, but she backed away.

“No, Alex, it’s fine. It’s completely, utterly fine. I get it, I know where this is going to go.” She grabbed her bag, throwing her coat over her shoulder. “You don’t have to explain it to me.”

“Eliza…” Hamilton started, but she ignored him, stomping out of the apartment. Hamilton gave one look back at Laurens, and his face was sad, but he nodded, seeming to give permission for him to go after her. Hamilton threw his cash for the meal on the table, running after her.

He looked around the street, searching for wherever she might have gone. He noticed her at the far end of the street, sitting on a bench. He quickly ran over to her, concern in his eyes. She barely glanced at him, her face in her hands. He sat next to her silently, listening to her sniff. After a few minutes, she finally looked up.

“I’m not mad at you, Alexander, I’m just sad that I can’t be with you anymore.” She whispered. Alexander put his hand in hers.

“You don’t know that, Eliza. Laurens and I could just be good friends, and that’s it. We don’t have to be together.” Eliza looked at Alex like he was stupid, shaking her head.

“Trust me, when you guys were standing there staring at each other for a solid three minutes straight, I knew. You are meant to be together, Alex. I’m not going to stand in your way of doing that.” Alexander was hurting, not wanting to give up Eliza. But not wanting to not see Laurens ever again.

“I love you, you know that right?” Alex whispered, and she nodded.

“I know.” They both pulled each other into their arms, their tears running down their faces. “Now, go. He needs to know that you didn’t leave him.”

Alexander knew that. He felt his heart ache, and a small part of him thought that he could feel how Laurens felt. Alexander gave Eliza one last kiss on the forehead, and jogged back to the coffee shop. Laurens was waiting on other people in the restaurant, a look of sadness on his face. Alex’s chest panged at the sight of his soulmate. Laurens turned around sensing that he was there. 

They both gave each other a smile, and Alexander walked over to him. “Do you want to get a coffee later?” His face dropped. Why would he want coffee? He stands around coffee all day. Oh Hamilton, you’re messing this up already.

“I would love to.” Laurens whispered.

I like the symbolism of the blood moon ball in the episode “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown”. Like, even though Marco and Jackie maybe be going out and may end up together, Star and Marco will always share a bond of the soul. However, soulmates does not have to mean romantically. Marco can love Jackie romantically but still be soul bound to Star as a best friend and brother figure and they know when something’s up with either one of them. That doesn’t mean that Marco and Star HAVE to end up together. He could probably end up with Jackie or even end up with TOM or Star with JANNA and they would still be soulmates because it just means no matter what, they will always have each other’s back and will always care about each other, no matter romantic or platonic but the blood moon helps them sense when the other is in trouble.

Every soul is bound to taste death. So (O people), you will but be repaid in full on the Day of Resurrection (for whatever you have done in the world). Whoever is spared the Fire and admitted into Paradise has indeed prospered and triumphed. (Know that) the present, worldly life is nothing but a transient enjoyment of delusion.
—  Holy Qur'an, al-i Imran 185