The many appearances of Quintet’s Turbo the Dog…

Every game in Quintet’s Soul Blazer trilogy features a dog named Turbo.

Soul Blazer: Dr. Leo’s dog and founder of Greenwood village is named Turbo.

Illusion of Gaia: Turbo can be found outside of the man’s house in Diamond Coast.

Terranigma: When you meet Meilin in Louran, you will discover that her dog is named Turbo.

Turbo is also found in Robotrek, hanging out in the hero’s hometown of Rococo.

Illusion of Gaia
Quintet, 1994. Nintendo.

When Will loses all of his health points in Illusion of Gaia, he’s brought to the entry point of the map he’s on and he remarks that he’s had a premonition of his own demise. It’s an interesting way of addressing a gameplay mechanic, and the game’s iffy translation makes the line sound more esoteric–and somehow more enigmatic–than it is.