It Don’t Mean a Thing (if it ain’t got that swing)

Summary: The year is 1941. War rages across the Atlantic, but at home the warmly lit dance halls are a stark contrast to the cold, fearful blackouts taking place across Europe. It’s in one such dance hall that jazz pianist Soul Evans meets hepcat Maka Albarn, and the two share a whirlwind romance just months before the United States gets pulled into the deadliest conflict in world history. Neither of them will make it out of the war unscathed, but they might just make it out together.
Pairings: Soul/Maka, Black Star/Tsubaki
Rating: Mature

Artist: @snowbunnie42
Art: Tumblr

The year was 1941.

War raged across the Atlantic; an allied effort against the manifestation of all that was evil in the world. For many, it was a worst nightmare come true. The Great War had not been forgotten, and mothers saw not their sons’ shoulders as they turned and walked away, but those of their absent husbands in horrifying echoes of the past.

Two years had passed since Germany invaded Poland. Two years since the fighting began, and it showed no signs of stopping. The United States hovered on the precipice, dipping her toes in the water but ultimately unwilling to dive. It was easier to feign ignorance.

The brassy cries of the trumpet drowned out the ear-shattering explosions landing an ocean away, the warmly lit dance hall a stark contrast to the cold, fearful blackouts taking place across Europe. The carefree laughter that echoed throughout the room was ignorance at its finest. After all, the only immediate concerns were either having toes trodden upon by inept dance partners or bungling notes …

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a demonic not-boyfriend, who you could have a not-relationship with, who you could dance around the obvious truth with but never come to terms with it?

Maka x Soul <3. I just wanted to draw them dancing and then I got carried away. Oops. I may have had too much fun drawing this.

Soul Eater AU where everything’s the same except instead of Meister-Weapon partners, they’re dance partners