soul society

Meeting someone at the wrong time is the saddest thing I have ever come to comprehend. There is this unfathomable pain rooted deep in knowing that you have to let go to continue growth separately when in your heart, you just know- you know that since the first day you were both put on this planet, you must have been two seeds planted right next to each other, the crossing of roots inevitable because what else could explain how you see the world almost identically? What else could explain how when it rains on the other, you feel it too? And it is for these exact reasons I know that us meeting was not a coincidence; we will meet again someday when we have bloomed a little stronger in order to maximise eachother’s growth.
—  Farewell for now, my flower.
The Ichigo Kurosaki Defense Squad

I have a bone to pick with Late Canon Ichigo. 

He sucks. He’s generic and lame. Everything that made him an amazing, interesting protagonist was gone by the end. Prepare yourselves for meta.

Early Canon Ichigo is a soft soft boy whose physical appearance invites trouble. He brings FLOWERS to a ghost every week. He probably helps old ladies cross streets. He probably bakes.

His heart is broken because he couldn’t protect his mother and so he spends the rest of his life trying to make up for that. With everyone. He is SO GRATEFUL to Rukia and even Urahara for giving him the opportunity to do it. He sees storming soul society and stopping her execution as an equivalent, that he’s paying her back for the deed of giving him power and teaching him how to use it.

He’s so friendly. How friendly is he? Even though he literally almost killed like half the people in SS, they’re all still his buds and they visit him in the living world.

He’s also a little shit. He’s a troll. His entire relationship with Ishida is based on this. He’s a sarcastic little shit who uses his words first.

Speaking of: This dork loves poetry. Look at all his damn flowery speeches. I would bet serious money that he has a journal that he jots that shit down in.

This sap has so many quotes about destiny and “The power I gained was for her sake” “How can I keep up with the spee d of the woRlD without Y O U IN IT” Somebody stop me.

He’s in touch with his feelings. He’s not afraid to care about others.

He’s also a Drama Queen. He does things specifically to be Extra and Dramatique. He didn’t need to show up on the Sogyoku in a flowy cape, blotting out the sun and spouting a sassy quip.

You cannot convince me that the pod person we see by the end is the same sweet boy.

Protect him.

How can you forget someone you’ve loved for so long if thinking about them became a habit?
—  T.D

“Do you believe in love?” asks someone.

“Not really. But, don’t get me wrong. I do believe in love, I do believe in soulmates, happily ever after, someone you believe as the ‘one’. I have seen other people find that, that’s why I know it’s real out there. I just think that love is not meant for me.”

—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #69