soul's direction

We are the girls who kiss wolves, who train foxes hoping we could tame their hearts, hoping we could train them not to leave us, we are the girls who kiss imperfections that cannot be salvage, hoping that our goodness is enough to shed light to darkest and dirtiest part of a human soul. We are the girls who played with fire, burn our tongues and lungs, hoping that the smoke of our ashes will serve as a sign that even when you turn into dust and ash, your cries and pleas will still rise up to the heavens, a ghost of a smoke rising above the forest, guiding the lost souls in the right direction. We are the girls who sing with the wind and dance to a rhythm no one else could hear, who let dangers swirl on our palm, seep on our veins, and swim on our bloodstreams.

We are the girls who wouldn’t kiss frogs hoping they would turn into a prince, because we are the girls who make changes to this upside down world.
—  cynthia go // We are the girls who kiss wolves

Once the Soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency or partial fulfillment. The eternal makes you urgent. You are loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfillment –John O'Donahue

anonymous asked:

I really don't get Taku-san pushing to stay in the Olympics, since he must have known by then he'd be unable to skate acceptably. I mean, yeah, he got the "glory" of it, but everybody saw him fail hard, and knew it was because he had been prideful and stubborn, and now Japan and even the other international skaters are all angry with him or disappointed or upset. Really, what a foolish thing to do. (Believable, though - I'm talking about the character, not your writing.)

Ok, so this is part two.  Also an upside down what if to a real situation that happened.  This time in 2006 instead of 1994.  And it’s aboout Michelle Kwan again… I don’t know why… she was actually the skater I was most familiar with growing up, I guess… 

In 2006, Michelle Kwan – five time World Champion and nine time US Champion, but without a single Olympic gold medal – used a medical bye to get on the USA Olympic team to Turin even though she was out with a groin injury and didn’t compete in Nationals.  She was twenty-five.

Michelle knew it was her last Olympic chance really.  She’d lost in 1998 to Tara Lipinski and in 2002 to Sarah Hughes.  She wasn’t even the Olympic gold favorite going in as she’d been in both 1998 and 2002.

She went to Turin, marched in the Opening Ceremonies, went to practice and injured herself landing on a triple loop.  So she stepped down.  With grace.  Saying that she’d filed for the bye expecting to be in prime competition form by the time the Olympics started and when she realized she wasn’t, that she respected the institution too much and would step aside.

(By the way, her replacement Emily Hughes (younger sister of the Hughes who beat her in 2002) was still in New York because of that whole USFSA doesn’t fly alternates out policy.  See it in action.  They had to wait for her to fly out because of snow closures.)

So I flipped this.  What if the skater wasn’t graceful about it?  What if they were stubborn?  What if they thought that they could do it?  That they’d get better.  That this was it, their chance.  That they could do so well, not only for themself, but for Japan and they’d show all the people who doubted them.   And there was Taku’s thought process…

Yuuri has come across so many people in bysoti(d) who are supportive of his career.  Who have incredible sportsmanship.  The law of averages says that’s not the case.  There had to be at least one… 

Combine that with the JSF’s poor handling of the situation and you’ve got the clusterfuck of Yuuri’s Olympic alternatedom to the Vancouver Olympics.

1D Hiatus: Day 321

* Liam posts a 60-second snippet of his song on Instagram

* Liam’s sister Ruth has a cute Twitter conversation with fans about Liam

* Niall is in London, meets a fan

* Chloe Burcham posts a throwback picture with Harry and Liam on Instagram, taken exactly two years ago

* According to IMDb, Harry’s character in ‘Dunkirk’ is named Alex

* #1MonthOfThisTown trends on Twitter

It’s Oct 29th, 2016.