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I wonder how possible it is to fall in love with someone you haven’t met in person. How you crave for his touch, longing for his kiss, wanting to hold him and hug him tight even if you haven’t done these things with him before. I just find it amazing how that person can make you fall in love with him even he’s  thousands of miles from your presence. I guess everything is possible when it comes to love. That’s just how love works, two souls who met unexpectedly but their hearts are connected to each other.

Seven billion people but fate let us meet each other. We started as strangers. Fate find its way for us to meet. The first time we had a talk i knew then you’re going to be part of my life. It’s possible to love someone from a distance, i do believe on that because this is happening to me now. It’s just a wonderful feeling, a magical one and a love that’s unexplainable. It’s possible if you’ll believe in it. Loving you wasn’t my plan, but His. I love you just because that’s what my heart’s telling me. I love you even more each day. Yes, seven billion people running around the planet yet you’re the one who made me fall in love. You were carved in the pillars of my heart and I have nothing to do with that. Just wondering how you made me fall in love with you, strange but i always end up finding the answers here to my heart.

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.
—  Vincent Van Gogh (March 30, 1853 – July 29, 1890)

anonymous asked:

Kalista Thresh

  • who puts pizza bagels and captain crunch in the shopping cart

I want to say Kalista would do this. They taste good okay.

  • who forgot the rule about putting foil in the microwave and subsequently caused a small fire

Kalista. She doesn’t know how to Microwave.

  • who sleeps naked

Thresh. His cloaks keep him really hot, he likes to cool off in the comfort of the bed.

  • who sleeps under 3 blankets

Kalista. She probably could get cold easily.

  • who has a huge crush on Billy Joel


  • who gets drunk and breaks shit


  • who’s a closeted anime fan

If anyone, I could see Kalista being a closeted anime fan.

  • who initiates sex at inappropriate times/places

Thresh. If he wants it he’s going to get it.

  • who’s afraid of Slenderman

Neither. They’d have tea with the guy.

  • what their wedding song will be

The screams of the damned.

  • what their biggest fight was about

Who gets the souls.

  • why they work together

They both hail from the shadow isles and they deal with souls. 

This work of connecting our light to the world does not need to be done through a mass movement, or by millions of people… The real work is always done by a small number of individuals. What matters is the level of participation: whether we dare to make a real commitment to the work of the soul.

~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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Let’s talk jobs, shall we? Y’all have asked me about my post-residency job plans, and I’ve sort of kept them close to the chest. Well here I am, showing all my cards.

As usual, I went way against the norm when I started “looking” for a job after residency. That’s my norm. I studied for the MCAT all weird when everyone else took classes and had been studying for months. I only applied to one college and one medical school despite my advisors’ warnings. I could count the number of residency programs I ranked on one hand and still have fingers left over. I don’t do things the way the books and advice blogs tell you to do them. 

So it shouldn’t be shocking that when I went “looking” for a job, I, um…didn’t look

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gomu-no-homo asked:

I love you and your blog. Everything you post makes me feel things in my heart and stomach. I've always felt a connection to nature and Wicca, but I don't know where to start. I was wondering if you could help me? Please?

That is so lovely to hear. I’m passionate about the Craft and embracing the mystery of the divine within. First off, get yourself a beautiful journal, you’ll start recording your magick and invocations, rituals, spell recipes ect…. this is your Grimoire.
The Beginning Practice ❤️
Do you want to become a Witch or a Wiccan”? I’m a Green Witch, so I’ll be sharing great beginners tips for Witchcraft not Wicca. Although, I will never preach or claim to “have the answer”.There are indeed many paths and many ways, it is my goal to give you the tools to get started and what to look out for.
The Beginning Practice Phase…
Some of the different Traditions and Ways that Witchcraft is practiced today.
The basic ethical guidelines, such as the Rede or Law of Three.
A basic overview of karma and reincarnation (or transmigration).
An understanding on how Magick works.
Deity Names and Aspects.
The Elements and correspondences.
Basic Tools of the Craft and their use in ritual work.
Some divination, visualization and meditation techniques.
Along the Way, you will stop often to ponder about new materials and visions. Remember to go slowly and to reflect much on what these concepts personally may mean to you. Again, it is very important to allow these new ideas to become integrated into your spirit. This is the only way that they can become “real’ to you. They become a part of who you are and how you think and feel. One of the ways to help this process along is through “practice.”

The rules that my Coven and I abide by are as follows:

1• Thou art God/dess

2• As above, so below; as within so without.

3• Spirit abides in all things; words & names have power. 4•Maintain an attitude of Gratitude (walk the talk 🔑)

5• Honour the Ancestors, teachers,elders, and leaders.
6• All life is Sacred ( Including your own)
7• All acts of Love and pleasure are sacred.
8• Whatever you send out returns threefold.
9• Love is the law, love under will.
10• For the greatest good, an’it harm none.

Chances are pretty good that you have already “dabbled’ a bit with some of the techniques of ritual work. Even if you have only begun this in your mind, you are beginning to feel the stirrings of a desire to actually DO the workings that up until this point you have only been reading or hearing about. Where do you “begin”? Do you dig through your books and find a ritual that appeals to you? Do you have a specific need in your life right now? What will you put into your (Grimoire🌿 ) Book of shadows that you have underlined as important or particularly relevant? What do YOU feel?

You will notice a lot of emphasis on “feelings”. What do “feelings” have to do with all of this? Well, your feelings tell you what is right or wrong to your Spirit, they will create your path. Trust yourself, know you are powerful.

Look for SYMBOLISM-The subconscious mind works through pictures and symbols. This is why the “inner” work that you do is the starting point of all Magick. Look over your magickal tools and objects. Choose one or two at random. Touch them. Hold them in your hands. Close your eyes. What are they “saying” to your inner self? What images do they bring up and what memories do they unlock?

You are using your IMAGINATION-You are not “making things up”, give yourself permission to Believe!

Imagination is the ability to use your mind creatively. The word “creative” is linked with “creation”. In a very real sense you are creating what you imagine. Just as a sculptor has an image of a work in his or her mind and then seeks to unlock the image from the physical materials at hand, so you create magick from the images that surface as a result of your meditations and desires.

Now put the symbolism and the imagination together. What symbols came into your mind and what did your imagination do with these images? Ask a question and see if the images change around or become more clear. Don’t be surprised where you may end up. Your subconscious mind is a very rich and fertile place. It is the ‘playground’ of your spirit where anything is possible. And if you “wake up” with a start and realize that you have just spent 20 minutes in reverie, you are really getting the hang of it!

The next exercise will be your first step from the mental/spiritual into the physical/spiritual realm. This is where you begin to actually DO THE WORK. You will start slowly and build on each previous step. Do not rush this process. This is very important. Let me explain a bit.🌿🔑
The gestures, tools and workings of your beginning ritual practice should be exactly the same each time that you do them during your Beginning Practice Phase. This repetition trains your subconscious mind to remember what is coming next. The subconscious is like the child who wants to hear that story the same way over and over. The “ritual”-repeated over and over- provides a safe and comforting setting for both your imagination and the symbolic elements to expand and grow. You’ll have plenty of time to “get fancy” later on.

DO The BASIC RITUAL OUTLINE something like this:

Activate the Chakras…. Use a singing bowl or bell over the energy centers of the body.

Cleansing the Area.
Get the Altar set up.
Lighting the candles.
Casting the circle.
Welcoming the elements.
Welcoming the Deities.
Stating the Purpose of the ritual.
Magickal workings or devotions.
Raising the Energy. Releasing the Energy.
Thanking the Deities.
Thanking the elements.
Closing(or sometimes called opening) the circle.
Celebrating with food or ( I love to have a bath)💕✨

There are many simpler or more elaborate ways to do a ritual. Many Traditions have their own formats as well. But if you know how to do this basic ritual, you will pretty much be comfortable in any open Circle that you may attend.

Make notes on each step in your journal as you begin to plan your ritual. How will you cleanse your working area? Salt and water? Besom (broom)? Incense? What will you place on your altar? (Making a list first insures that you will not forget something….”Matches, anyone?”, is the most classical “oops”!).
Take time to sit quietly and center yourself before you begin. Be honest about your feelings. Are you excited…scared….nervous? That is normal. This is important stuff and not to be entered into lightly. O.K.? Now you can start….. Remember to breath, it’s all okay, we all start somewhere at the beginnin🌿🔑
Tell the Old Ones that you are “practicing’. Although They already know this (and They are ready to help you), it will be reassuring to YOU to state this in case you end up feeling that you may have “done something wrong”. You haven’t. You are “practicing” and practice involves a certain amount of trial and error. No one ‘upstairs’ is laughing at you.
Perform each step slowly and carefully. Let the symbols speak to your inner self. Take time between each step to feel how the ritual has affected you and changed your surroundings. As you ground, listen for answers…listen for advice…listen to yourself…listen to the phone ringing because you forgot put it on silent or even better turn it off.🌿🔑Listen. We ask for things and then we often do not take the time to listen for the answers. Write everything down. Doodle impressions in the margins. These symbols may be important late🔑🌿this same basic ritual over and over and over again. Rather than becoming boring, you will probably find that it becomes MORE meaningful each time that you do it. And your inner child’s subconscious mind will be loving it👻🔮

Witchcraft is based on the “rhythms’ of Nature and that will be the next step…watch the moon and her phases, learn to achieve the best rituals in harmony with the Goddess.🌒🌕🌘
If a ritual is to much for you at this time, I suggest you go for a walk and connect with the elements. Talk with the animals, record what you see and read up on that animal or tree medicine. Animals have great massages to share with us, honour them by listening. 🌙🍂🌿🔑
There is so much to go over but I would like to send you a witches starter kit, handcrafted by myself to help you begin. I was in your shoes once and had no one to help me along, it’s been years but I’ve found a great circle of Witches, Buddhists and Druids to practice with the laws of Spirit with and I’m very connected to my Guides. You will be here too, if you keep up faith and trust in your power.

Please message me, and I will send out your magical tools. Perhaps you’ll have it right before Candlemas!

Be Well my little Sister,