soul wanderer

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Speaking as an avid analyst of Denny's as a pillar (and symbol) of American society, Denny's social media accounts don't seem to do much to draw customers, because Denny's is more often a place to 'end up' than to 'go to.' However, the social media presence does add to the (correct) cultural perception of Denny's as a land of surrealism and broken dreams, where the veil between our dimension and others is thin and permeable.

“let’s cultivate our reputation as a desperate last resort for lost souls”

Y'know… I guess I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if I became lost in another dimension and the Inn Between Worlds turned out to be a Denny’s. Disappointed, but not surprised.


Come wayward souls, who wander through the darkness. There is a light for the lost and the meek. Sorrow and fear are easily forgotten, when you submit to the soil of the earth. Grow, tiny seed, you are gone to the tree. Rise, till your leaves fill the sky, until your sighs fill the air in the night. Lift your mighty limbs, and give praise to the fire.