soul toast


latest observation: toast watching furiosa intently for her reaction to max holding her at gunpoint, and then showing the exact same indifference when max does the same to her

I’mma make you mine by the end of the summer.

Summer trip AU Lance aaaaaaa fjdsjfjdfjg….. this AU is so cute ;;; I want to thank the academy–


She doesn’t like the fog, and she’s commented on it about twenty times on the way over. Funny how the more she seems to notice it, the worse it gets.

“Used to– used to sneak over here, at night.” She murmurs, her expression somewhere between nostalgic and miserable. “Claudia would sneak out the back door, or climb out her window, depending on how sound asleep Leonard was, whether the dog was up or not. We’d play in the woods, pretend we were– fairy princesses, or something…”

y'all take a look at my gross face

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A little scene I tried to draw from mikaelahyakyua​’s awesome fic!!!
(I thought I could draw more but these six panels are literally only three sentences of the fic lmao. Fanfiction is powerful folks👍)

(Also if anyone has any headcannons, feel free to just send a message/ask and I’LL BE ON IT LIKE BUTTER ON TOAST ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Soul Eater AU! HQ!!
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“So, uh, two things,” She fiddles with the set of keys. “First, Leonard Wolf gave me these keys to a place that should have a mold for the bullet making… thing. It’s in a creepy basement. And then I get to go down to the crematorium in the hospital. These are both places that i really don’t want to see, but. I mean. Best chance at not getting blindsided by the ghost of my crazy mom.” Her eyes narrow. “God, I’m probably over preparing. I’m pretty okay with that. That make me sound desperate..?”

Top 10 Soulsborne Gestures

You guys voted. Here’s the Top 10 Gestures in Soulsborne games!

10) Patches Squat. (Dark Souls III)

Mhmmmm Patches Squatting.

9) Toast (Dark Souls III)

What’s the best thing after a toast? zzzzz

8) Quiet Resolve (Dark Souls Trailer, Dark Souls III)


7) Make Contact (Bloodborne)

Io_         _oI        Io_         _oI       Io_         _oI

6) Applause (Dark Souls III)

Totally serious, not sarcastic….at….all….

5) The League Oath (Bloodborne)

For when you need to pull a cane out of your ass and hail Hitler.

4) Praise The Sun (Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III, Real Life whenever it’s sunny)

There. You made the list you Solaire jackels.

3) Call Over “HEY!?” (Dark Souls III)

For when you’re too lazy to use the Hello Carving and want the other person to shit their pants.

2) Stretch out (Dark Souls III)

The ultimate combo gesture for dark souls sexual acts. You’re welcome.

1) Well? What is it!? (Dank Souls)