soul surfer*


I’ve learned that life is a lot like surfing. 
When you get caught in the impact zone, you need to get right back up because you never know what’s over the next wave.
And if you have faith, anything is possible.
- Soul Surfer (2011)

Some movies that will help put you in a good mood especially if you're feeling down:

• the kings of summer
• the grand budapest hotel
• footloose
• the breakfast club
• soul surfer
• silver linings playbook
• the best exotic marigold hotel
• RV
• we’re the millers
• the internship
• we bought a zoo
• the spectacular now
• the perks of being a wallflower

I met Harry Shum Jr. in a mall near my house on Mother’s Day. It was a few years ago and my family had gone out to see the movie Soul Surfer. We were just coming out of the movie when I saw a sign for a meet and greet with Mike Chang from Glee and I was beyond excited because my little mind was like ooh famous person! So I went to go get in line to get Harry’s autograph.

Basically he was the cutest lil bean on the planet and he was super nice and asked me what my name was and thanked me for watching Glee and was giving all of the mothers at the meet and greet flowers. No literally as I was collecting my autograph and leaving he stopped me and gave me a rose and said “Give this to your mom, okay?” and it was so freaking sweet and every time I think about how I met this wonderful man and how now he’s a main character on a popular TV show and is getting recognition for his acting skills and his role and is playing one of my favorite characters of all time and is such an inspiration I get so emotional

Surfing AU Headcanons

So I got really inspired by @comixartist to think of all the types of boards and type of surfers all of the gang is. (Forgive my surfer lingo)
Edd- Uses a foam board (with a leash) and surfs as a hobby. Would probably be the guy doing the bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression at Muscle Beach. He’s newer to the sport than Matt and Tom, so he mostly just surfs whitewash.
Tom- Uses a fiberglass short board. Surprisingly amazing at surfing, since he’s always drinking. He’s super competitive when it comes to surfing. He’d probably try and shoot a pier just because someone dared him to. Him and Tord used to compete against each other a lot.
Matt- Fiberglass longboard. A sort of “soul surfer”. Thinks that you must “become one with the wave”. Probably meditates.
Mark and Edduardo- Don’t surf a lot, Edduardo thinks it impresses girls probably. Listen to Beach Boys LOUD AND UNIRONCALLY.
Jon- I feel like he might’ve kiteboarded outside of surfing. He seems like he would’ve been good at that.
Tord- Fiberglass shortboard. Part of me wants Tord to teach kids how to surf.
Paul and Patryk- Part of me feels like these two would be lifeguards… I don’t know