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Just an appreciation post to our futari vocal ~

Singing in their own elements.. I hope they can continue collaborating with lots of other artist as well ~

While EXILE  and The Second vocals had their own solo releases, i wish OmiRyu won’t do that at all anytime soon…because i love them as a whole sandaime :) 

P/S : Can’t wait for P.B.E !! 21st June please come fast!!

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for @soul-of-spades, who is going through a lot right now. :) remember that you have some great friends who love you very much and look out for you, one of which reached out to me to help give you love and encouragement (@kaitlinmarley)!

it’s not much but i hope you feel a little better after seeing this ;u;

the Japanese caption reads “mou ichidou” which means “once again,” which i guess is my roundabout way of saying if something goes wrong, don’t be discouraged, you should try to keep on going, things will get better! i’m sure there is a proper Japanese proverb for that (something about falling down seven times and getting up eight). haha ^^

@kiirohimesama and i are starting an international board (fan message) project for the high & low tour! if you want to write to any of the following groups/artists below, please fill out this form by july 17: here. if you do write a message, please do not exceed 3 sentences. (approximately 150 characters)

  • Sato Taiki
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  • E-girls
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  • ZEN

So remember that Infamous AU that was supposed to happen for resbang but didn’t? Yeah, I do. So I decided to write a short SoMa set in my Infamous AU, so I guess enjoy? And for all you guys who don’t know about the game Infamous, it’s about a quarantined city where an explosion has caused both a plague and a conduit gene to come into existence. The gene gives the people who have it superhuman abilities. So yeah. Read the thing!

Soul climbed the old apartment building with ease, jumping from one windowsill to the next. Occasionally he’d opt for the fire escape, but only to give himself a break. At least, that’s what he liked to tell himself when he misjudged a jump. His pride wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I crossed paths with a sparkly green space girl while skating in the stars,
She was sitting on a comet a few lightyears from Mars,
She stopped me mid roll then cracked open a black hole
Immediately inviting me along for a life changing stroll.

Together we danced on Saturn’s rings, and drank spacey things
She laughed at my gravity walk and suggested I grow wings.
We floated around singing an astronaut tune
We even defaced the flag on the moon,
And although it was by far the longest afternoon,
it all ended much too soon

When my oxygen ran low, I had to go
But I never expected to see something so beautiful, so quickly fall so low.
She cried sparkly tears and told me all her fears,
We both knew then that I wouldn’t see her for years,
And all I could do was tuck that wavy hair behind those alien ears

Now here I am, back on Earth
praying to the stars that she knows her worth.

I’ve got a space princess, my galaxy jewel,
But I’ve also got a spaceship that’s long out of fuel.
I always thought looking up to the sky was so cool,
Who ever knew that distance could be so cruel?
What I wouldn’t give for one more solar stroll.
I found a space babe, who in turn found my soul.

—  Shae Spades
Resbang Partnerships 2015

Here is the lineup for Resbang 2015! We’ve gone from last year’s 47 story partnerships to a whopping 72 this year. That is insane. Keep up the good work guys!

If you notice any broken links, let us know.

Fic titles are subject to change. Public summaries will not be available for a few more weeks, so stay tuned for summaries from these Resbang collaborations:

Bare Feet and Cowboy Boots
author: Khaleesimaka tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Eisschirmchen tumblr, dA

Devil in the Wishing Well
author: Ilarual tumblr, ao3, ffn
collab artists: Professor-Maka tumblr; Scarlethousecarl tumblr
artist: Meisterkasper tumblr

collab authors: Ilarual tumblr, ao3, ffn; Cthulhuwithafez tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Senwe tumblr, dA
artist: Jayjess tumblr

Biological Clock
author: DollyPopUp tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Fabulousanima tumblr

author: DollyPopUp  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Olishia tumblr

You Are the Wilderness
author: DollyPopUp  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Chaoticlivi tumblr
artist: Soundofez  tumblr

Bed of Glass
author: DollyPopUp  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Showknight  tumblr
artist: L0chn3ss  tumblr

Coin Operated Boy
author: DollyPopUp  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Legendaerie  tumblr

author: Sojustifiable tumblr, ffn
artist: Bbykrib  tumblr
artist: Syrochi  tumblr

Poor Unfortuante Soul
author: Judoletteflip (Makapedia) tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Peregr1ne  tumblr
artist: colourfulash  tumblr

The Write Stuff
author: Earthshines tumblr, ffn
artist: Sojustifiable  tumblr
artist: Bbykrib  tumblr

author: Colourfulash tumblr, ao3
artist: L0chn3ss  tumblr

Fledging Ward
author: Scarlethousecarl tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Mysteryshrouded S tumblr

Anomalistic (working title)
author: Chaoticlivi  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Soundofez  tumblr

Contents Under Pressure
author: Redphlox tumblr, ffn
artist: Uminokaze  tumblr
artist: Ifeanart tumblr

Especially Advantaged Talent (working title)
author: Sda209 ao3, ffn
artist: Supermacaquecool tumblr

Jurassic Soul
author: Soul of Spades tumblr, ffn
artist: feather97  tumblr
artist: Regentshaw  tumblr, dA

Falling Star (working title)
author: Redemtion13 tumblr, ffn
artist: Darkpurply tumblr
artist: Strawberrysailor  tumblr

Feedback Loop
author: Bitter November tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: KittyKatz009  tumblr, dA
artist: Khaleesimaka  tumblr, 8tracks

A Lack of Armor
author: AmberLehcar tumblr, ffn
artist: Betafis  tumblr, insta
artist: Peregr1ne  tumblr

author: Lunarresonance tumblr, ffn
artist: Kona  tumblr
artist: Olishia  tumblr

Red Skies
author: Crimson Lia  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Tilliquoi  tumblr

We Nightmare You
author: Jcrycolr3wradc tumblr
artist: Chaoticlivi  tumblr
artist: Resonicance  tumblr, dA

Maka’s Delivery Service
author: Tamashiiresonance tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Amberlehcar  tumblr, dA
artist: Smolscythe  tumblr, 8tracks, dA

The One Road Trip of the Year (working title)
author: Lisy Eikans tumblr, wattpad
collab artists: KittyKatz009 tumblr, dA; xxpsychchickxx

Winds of Change
collab authors: Senwe tumblr, ffn ;  Kona tumblr, ffn
artist: S Puff tumblr

The Blackbook Susurrations
author: Foxikun tumblr
artist: QueenKorri tumblr
artist: Khaleesimaka tumblr, 8tracks

How to Make Friends and Take Down Multinational Corporations
author: Rogha tumblr, ffn
artist: Thebeesnhis tumblr
artist: Novembee tumblr

Reluctant Company
author: SandmanCircus  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Persistentplutonium tumblr

That Girl is a Goddamn Problem
author: Rainshatteredsky  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Yonderlie 

From Blue to Red
author: Cronashy Absentia tumblr, ffn
artist: Phfsiiing

Moment of Inertia
author: Syrochi  tumblr
artist: Novembee  tumblr
artist: Swordbreaker  tumblr

The Initiate
author: Fullmetalgrigori tumblr, ffn
artist: Hysteria347  tumblr
artist: Komaeda  tumblr

Ghosts that We Knew
author: Monkkeyslut  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Karachips  tumblr

author: Jaaaaks tumblr
artist: Theonandonlyrei42  tumblr, dA

The Oldest Lie
author: Emazura tumblr
artist: JeiGoWAY  tumblr, dA

The Devil We Know
author: Lucyrne  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Not Zilon  tumblr

Promise of the Moon (working title)
author: Flurrin tumblr, ffn
artist: Syrochi  tumblr
artist: SugarIntolerant  tumblr

Chase of Tales
author: OblivionTime  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Gunningtwice  tumblr
artist: Queenflora  tumblr

Among the Stars
author: Fabulousanima  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Smolscythe  tumblr, 8tracks, dA
artist: Amberlehcar  tumblr, dA

My Soul Your Beats
author: Kaitlinmarley tumblr
artist: LadyTora  tumblr

Osmosis and Soluble Hearts
author: Bbykrib tumblr
artist: Judoletteflip  tumblr, youtube
artist: Stillestofwords  tumblr

Black Blood Dungeons: Never Trust a Stupid Dragon
collab authors: KittyKatz009 tumblr, ao3, ffn ; MeisterAt221b tumblr, ao3
artist: Deltaserver  tumblr
artist: Rogha  tumblr

stay close to me while the sky is falling
author: zxanthe  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Meisterkasper  tumblr

Day-old Grease Stains
author: Blackstar tumblr, ao3
artist: Treeofjessie  tumblr

Close Encounters (or the Problem with Dat Ass)
author: Professor-Maka  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Notanirishginger  tumblr
artist: Jkat19  tumblr

Sisters Sacrifice
collab authors: Professor-Maka tumblr, ao3, ffn ; Saxy Lady  tumblr, ffn, ao3
artist: Ifeanart  tumblr

Without You, I Am Lost
author: Meisterkasper  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Code425  tumblr
artist: Judoletteflip  tumblr, youtube

Snowfall Never Lies
author: Meisterful  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Swordbreaker06  tumblr
artist: Fistfirst  tumblr

Midsummer Dream (working title)
author: PeppermintPoppy tumblr, ffn
artist: Mssketch tumblr, insta

Didn’t You Flash Your Green Eyes at Me
author: Victoriapyrrhi  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Alliumcepa39  tumblr
artist: Phfsiiing 

These Broken Souls
author: KarmaHope  tumblr, ffn
artist: Cojode tumblr, dA

author: Xwynn tumblr, ffn
artist: Maka tumblr

author: GrigoriGirl  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Makthemeister tumblr
artist: Queen Korri tumblr

In the Dark We Have No Name (working title)
author: Thebrightestfell  tumblr, ffn
artist: Rogha tumblr

En Vogue
author: Uminokaze  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Agownofgoldenleaves tumblr

Swallowing the Brimstone
author: Marsh of Sleep  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Blackstar tumblr
artist: Tilliquoi tumblr

Pyrrhic Victory
author: Snorlaxlovesme tumblr, ffn
artist: Flurrin tumblr, youtube, dA

author: Dorkusextradonaire tumblr
artist: Fictionprincess tumblr
artist: Yonderlie

Baseball Pants and Knee-High Socks (working title)
author: Saxy Lady  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Ahshesgone tumblr
artist: Makthemeister tumblr

author: Poisoned Scarlet tumblr
artist: Sugarintolerant tumblr
artist: Sojustifiable tumblr

I Hope it Hurts (Enough to Make You Cry) (working title)
author: HiddinginShadows tumblr, ffn
artist: Likasashes tumblr

author: L0chn3ss ffn
artist: Victoriapyrrhi tumblr

My Fair Meister (working title)
author: BendAndCurl  tumblr, ffn
artist: Ilarual tumblr, dA

author: Bones (Adulterclavis)  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Adorabbey tumblr
artist: Darkpurply tumblr

Gunshot in the Dark
author: lilbits12 tumblr, ffn
artist: Kaitlinmarley  tumblr

Dire Circus 2 (working title)
author: Rainingdownhearts tumblr, ffn
artist: Wings of Flame tumblr
artist: Eisschirmchen tumblr, dA

Doctor’s Diagnosis
author: Polka Dots  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Mika213 tumblr

author: Soprana tumblr, ffn
artist: Foxikun tumblr
artist: Thebeesnhis tumblr

Fight Song
author: Psychadelicrose tumblr, ffn
artist: Colourfulash tumblr

When Worlds Collide
author: Blake12376 ffn
artist: Kyyrin

The Dragon Queen
author: Dragons4ever  tumblr, ao3, ffn
artist: Rainshatteredsky tumblr
artist: Marsh of Sleep tumblr, 8tracks


“Our bond shall live in infamy-you and I.”

Hello, everyone! :D This is Black Rose Mikage, whom some of you know on Deviantart and Tumblr. This Tumblr blog is dedicated to my biggest project thus far- my comic series Soul Spade. I have always dreamed of creating my own comic series since I was…wow, practically in middle school! I am very excited to finally have the opportunity to re-vamp it and get started on it at last.

Anyways,Soul Spadetakes place in an AU, similar to our own dimension. The story revolves around our main character, Cordelia Lovell- an eighteen year old high school graduate who contracts with a demon incubus, Ralis. Now, Ralis is escaping Hell, which is broken by civil war and mass destruction, in order to find a human contract to restore Hell to its proper state. This is just a small introductory synopsis since the story is still being developed.

Soul Spade is about learning your inner strengths and weaknesses, to change your fate. It also deals with falling in love and accepting that one’s own soul and attitude are one’s main obstacle to achieving any goal that you desire.

(I am terrible at summaries ^^;; )

I am going to update this blog as often as I can (since I have three jobs and no tablet YET lol ) I am so grateful to those who have visited and follow this blog <3 This is my first time tackling a webcomic this huge, so I hope I can do it justice. Thank you all so much!
BTW: The image up above is Cordelia in her usual daytime clothes :) I am hoping to get Ralis up next :D

-Jaclyn “Mikage”

Hope everyone is ready, because RESBANG IS ALMOST FINISHED! Posting begins on December 1st and continues into January. Get hype!

Below the cut is our current posting schedule, though dates may be subject to change. This schedule and where to view all these stories and artworks can be found here, which will be updated as content is released. 

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Interested in joining Resbang for 2016? Keep an eye out for our tumblr in early summer for sign ups, or track the #resbang tag. 

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anjoholegacy  asked:

Which site gives you hate comments that make you laugh the hardest, Youtube or Tumblr? Tumblr surely gives a lot more vitriolic hate, but you never know what someone's gonna say on Youtube.

YouTube is a teeeeny more hurtful because it’s quick, easy and plentiful. Like @thatonevideojirard said - the more popular you get, the more hate you get, or the more people tell you you’re good but aren’t doing enough. Often times, 1 positive comment in every 100! There’s sometimes so much of it in spades it’s soul crushing. But, still, unless I’m mistaken, there’s a crazy figure (like 80% or something) of comments on YT that are made by people under 13 or something. In that sense, the pointless hate is often quite funny.

Tumblr though? Fucking hilarious. It’s the fact people go through that extra effort to try their hardest to upset you. And it’s the anonymous nature. And the grammar. Everything about it makes me laugh!

Resbang 2015 summary masterlist

We’re heading into the last stretch of 2015’s Resonance Bang! Here for everyone’s browsing pleasure is a compilation of the amazing collaborations that you can expect to be seeing once December hits! We’ll also be queuing up these promos individually for the length of November – we hope you like and reblog and keep getting pumped for Resbang!

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