soul shredding

There was a girl who knew the worst pains—she knew the feeling of her heart torn to pieces, the feeling of her soul ripped apart to shreds. So she became kind—she let people break her, hurt her in so many ways, that she would slowly pick the shards and put them back again.

After all, what’s there to be scared of after dying a million times inside?

—  hanzelwrites
I lapsed into my pathetic cut-off period. Often with humans, both good and bad, my senses simply shut off, they get tired, I give up. I am polite. I nod. I pretend to understand because I don’t want anybody to be hurt. That is the one weakness that has lead me into the most trouble. Trying to be kind to others I often get my soul shredded into a kind of spiritual pasta. No matter. My brain shuts off. I listen. I respond. And they are too dumb to know that I am not there.
—  Charles Bukowski

just one last poem i own, deep in my soul. and it shall be the final doom, the poison of them all - and of you.

only one last poem to pray to - and it’s the revolting beauty of my decaying truth.

i’ll tell you what i would have done for you, for us - what i’ve already done a thousand times in the sacred, holy dungeons of my agonizing heart.

one, i would have grew fangs. i would have greeted legions and legions of tides and blood and rage to steal my soul away, a newborn moon newly crowning her witches with the gore dripping down their alabaster thighs.

i would have ripped your soul out in shreds with them, ingested them all with my bare hands. i would have taken you vulgarly, taken you with such greed your whole being would have tasted the whip that are my lips.

two, i would have murdered the universe for us, right in its heart and with its own stars - and their sharp, sharp edges of conscience lost and broken promises and tears as sweet and blessed as your desperate fears.

three, i would have smashed the bones, chewed the flesh, of each person flower sunset or prey you’ve ever loved, i would have smashed them against my bare teeth and grin at the long dead heavens your devotion to me.

“no, stop. this isn’t you. this isn’t love.” i can hear you weep even from here, even from a future that shall never be - you murdered it.

and yes, you’re right. you see, this is indeed not love my sweet.

Love, is far deeper, far worse
than any of this.

Love, is far worse than anything.

—  Love // l.e. wildë 
Hii, would like to know what book(s) have made you cry the absolute mosttt

Sorry it’s quite an odd thing to ask but you just gotta love those books that just rip your heart and soul to shreds :)

Reblog or comment with which books you recommend for some intense heart-wrenching and crying, and if this does get enough recommendations I’ll compile a list of the suggestions so we can all suffer together xx


Shadow Realm facts, according to Pegasus, Yami Yugi, and Ryou Bakura:

1. There’s very little to eat there, at least for humans.
2. Duel Monsters are real in the realm, and you can mentally summon them up, though doing so is considerably difficult and puts a strain on your mind.
3. Running out of energy while there will shred your soul to pieces.
4. Being trapped there increases the power of Millennium Items, and it’s implied the bearer of an Item can leech off your soul for extra power.

From this we can conclude that

5. Ryou had one heck of an offscreen adventure. He was the only one sent there after Yami Bakura lost the duel, and made it out okay. (I don’t know if he just died or what in the Japanese version, but that’s also very impressive to come back from XD)

Cold Nightmares

Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Rating: M (see below comments)

Characters: Feyre, Rhysand

POV: Rhysand

Words: 1871 

Prompt: @feysandweek - Day 3: “Nightmares" 

Comments: I’m sorry in advance. Also, I never feel the need to put warnings on my fics, but this one includes implied rape, death, and mental torment. In case this really bothers anyone, I just wanted to give fair warning, and I figured it’s better to rate it higher for safety than too low. I promise it isn’t all dark… Just about half of it. If that hasn’t scared you off, then I hope you like it!

Summary: End of Chapter 38-Beginning of Chapter 39 of ACOMAF from Rhys’s POV of his nightmare.

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I was born from the mighty waves of the sea.

Her waves crashing onto land teach me to be passionate about my ideals as resistance is inevitable.

Her paradoxical nature helps me understand the calm storm within me as I exist among 1 dimensional, shredded souls who have dissolved and lost touch with nature and themselves.

She is a life force who only takes when pushed to her limit.

Respect my mother.

Without her, you are nothing.

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I stared at its eyes for a second and I think I can feel my soul being ripped to shreds

let us await death’s sweet and loving embrace…the void is waiting and hopefully the void is free of… that thing

Okay, if you’re actually going to kill her off, WHY SHREDDING HER SOUL? THERE ARE BILLIONS OF WAYS TO SEND HER TO PEACE. BUT NO. LET’S SHRED HER SOUL, GUYS! Fuck this show! SHE’S A CHILD DAMMIT. Marcel better fuck up them Mikaelsons and their “Always and Forever” “We are Family” bullshit. Marcel finally pouring all of them truth tea. I have been waiting for someone to say those words to them. Marcel was never their family. Davina was his family! He better avenge her good! Even more disappointed in Freya. Never thought she was capable of doing that to Davina, a girl!


you’re the fire and the flood
and i’ll always feel you in my blood