soul shifters

Burn Me ~ Part 1 (A Taehyung Series)

Genre:  Romance Fluff/Angst/ Future Smut -  Demon AU

Characters: Taehyung x OC

Description: What is a girl to do when her psychic mate turns out to be a guy who’s rumored to be the most powerful demon in existence? 

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From her seat in the large dome, Hwang Maisie winced along with the other spectators as one of the contenders in the combat circle collided with the ceiling, his opponent looked on with a blank expression, seemingly unmoved.

“That guy doesn’t show an ounce of mercy,” commented her cousin, Minho. “It’s awesome.” He was, of course,  referring to the reaper that, like many other demons, often dueled for money in the Underground.

The subterranean location was just like the Las Vegas strip on steroids. There were restaurants, bars, nightclubs, casinos, hotels, and amusement rides, among many things. Considering their kind was impulsive, plagued by restlessness, had instant gratification problems, and were prone to pursue cheap thrills to chase off their oppressive boredom, the Underground was every demon’s version of heaven.

Moreover, it was a place where they could blow off steam and didn’t have to pretend to be anything other than what they really were.

Maisie winced at the snapping of a bone. Fighters were always guaranteed to leave a duel with injuries, broken bones, or even internal bleeding. Some had died during or after duels, despite demons having an accelerated healing rate. That was why she wasn’t joyful at the idea that her other cousin, Hyuna, was due to enter the combat circle any minute now. Even if Hyuna won the duel, she was still liable to be badly hurt by the end of it.

Maisie watched in morbid fascination as the losing contender dealt the reaper, Jimin, a series of blows that barely managed to register on the reaper’s radar. Instead, he merely lifted his contender by the throat and flung him across the dome. Jimin’s eyes bled to black, which was a tell-tale sign that his inner demon was in control.

Much like shifters, all demons – no matter the breed – had a dualism to the soul. Whereas shifters shared their soul with an animal, demons shared theirs with a conscienceless dark predator that lacked empathy, was unable to emotionally connect, and had a strong sense of entitlement. An inner demon could surface, enabling it to then talk and take control. The only outward indication of such a thing would be that the person’s eyes would turn totally black.

“Jimin will easily end this,” Minho stated happily. “I don’t know what Himchan was thinking when he agreed to this fight. Fuck him up, Jimin!” he hollered along with the rest of the crowd.

She winced as the reaper proceeded to do just that by telekinetically sending Himchan crashing into the ceiling once again.

Some demons were relatively harmless in the fact that their only abilities were to cause nightmares and read thoughts. At their strongest, however, demons could do things such as possess others and steal souls. Although Maisie was powerful, she wasn’t particularly impressed by it. She liked to earn the things she had, and her demonic abilities were something she’d been born with – not the same thing at all.

She scowled at Minho “You’re supposed to be supporting Himchan!” Her eyes narrowed at the shifty expression on her cousin’s face. “You bet on Jimin, didn’t you?”

He gave her a sheepish look. “Hey, I like Himchan, he’s my friend…but I also happen to be fond of money and that meant backing Jimin.”

“Where’s the loyalty toward your friend?”

Minho pointed at himself. “What did you expect? I’m an Imp. You know…selfish, sneaky, fickle, not to be trusted under any circumstances.”

He did have a point about imps. Her family, like all imp families, had a reputation for being what her grandmother Juri liked to call ‘multi-talented.’ Humans would have simply dubbed them as criminals. They tricked, they stole, they lied, they cheated, and they could get in and out of any place without being noticed…and they were completely casual about it too.

Juri had ensured that Maisie was just as ‘multi-talented’ as every other Hwang, despite the fact that Maisie wasn’t an imp. There were no hybrids in the demon world. If two different breeds procreated, the child would be one or the other. And Maisie happened to be the same breed as her absent mother.

Minho elbowed her lightly, practically radiating excitement. “Look, Jimin’s ready to finish him off.”

The reaper was currently looming over Himchan with his hand hovering over his chest, palm down. Himchan was crying out, his back arched like a bow. A few seconds more of what was clearly excruciating pain and Franklin raised his arm – a signal of surrender. The crowd went wild, cheering and chanting Jimin’s name as he stood clenching his fists and breathing deeply, clearly battling his inner demon for complete control. Finally, his eyes returned to normal and his muscles unlocked as the entity retreated

Jimin didn’t strut cockily around the circle like many others did. He was much too busy glaring at Himchan, and she got the feeling that he was annoyed with his opponent for surrendering so soon when he clearly needed a release for his inner demon’s pent-up aggression.

“No wonder he’s Taehyung’s sentinel,” Minho continued.

And who was Taehyung? Well, Kim Taehyung was not only the creator of the Underground but a demon whose lair spanned most of Seoul and even much of South Korea than he let on. The Prime was a ruthless billionaire who owned a chain of hotels, restaurants, security firms, bars, and casinos. That was what demons did: they hid in plain sight, mingled in with unsuspecting humans; often in positions that provided them with power, control, respect, and challenges. Many were entrepreneurs, politicians, stock brokers, CEOs, bankers, lawyers, police officers, journalists, chefs, surgeons, and people in the media. Maisie herself co-owned a tattoo studio that had many oblivious human customers.

Taehyung blended in with human as best he could, though it was hard for anyone to deny his beauty was anything but mortal. There wasn’t a demon in the world who hadn’t heard of Kim Taehyung, especially since he was rumored to be the most powerful demon in existence – something he’d apparently never denied or confirmed.

There were many other rumors about Taehyung: that he was dangerous, calculated, notoriously sexual, and someone who lived by his own rules on his own schedule. It was also believed that he had the ability to call on and control the flames of hell, which was extremely rare. It was also extremely scary because nothing was impervious to the flames of hell.

Not even demons.

Hearing her cell phone ring, Maisie fished it out of her pocket and frowned at the name on the screen. It was Hyuna. “Shouldn’t you be immersing yourself in ‘your zone’?”  Maisie teased on answering

“I need you to come back here.” Pain dripped from her cousin’s voice and it had Maisie’s tiny body going rigged in mere seconds.

“Hyuna, what’s going on?”

“Quickly.” With that, she ended the call.

“Hyuna needs me for something.” Maisie gave Minho her half-eaten hotdog for safekeeping, though they both knew he’d eat it without even thinking twice. You couldn’t trust an Imp with much of anything. Especially not food. “I’ll be back in two minutes.”

Maisie rushed to the end of the row, vaulted down the steps, and headed to the manned door that led backstage. The doorman, who knew her family well, said, “Hyuna’s in room twelve. You’re not going to like what you find.”


Maisie dashed down the corridor before taking a quick left and reaching the door she was searching for. Stepping into the room, she came to an abrupt halt. Anger whizzed through her system. “Hyuna, what the fuck?”

The tall, olive-skinned girl’s attempt at a smile earned her a wince and instantly put a hand up to her split, swollen lip. Her clothes were torn and she was covered in bruises and scratches. Peeking up at Maisie through one eye, she said, “It wasn’t my fault.”

Well, that would be a first. Hyuna had a tendency to get in deep shit. Regularly too.

“Jihyo’s little group attacked me in the restroom a few minutes ago.”

Jihyo was not only Hyuna’s scheduled opponent but a bitch who had a hard-on for Hyuna simply because she’d once slept with a guy Jihyo liked. Demons tended to hold a grudge.

“I wondered if maybe Jihyo put them up to it,” said Hyuna. “But would she really think she’d get away with this?”

Yes, Jihyo would. The harbinger thought herself untouchable because her anchor was a demon within Taehyung’s Force. Demons were predominantly psychic creatures. They didn’t have soul mates, but they came in pairs. That meant they each had a predestined psychic mate, or ‘anchor’, who made them stronger and gave them the stability that prevented them from turning rogue.

By fusing their psyches, a powerful, unbreakable link formed between the demons. It wasn’t sexual or emotional, it existed on a psychic level. Demons were very protective of their anchors, but Maisie didn’t give a flying shit who Jihyo’s anchor was – no one messed with her family.

“Where are Jihyo’s little bitches now?” Maisie demanded, her anger getting the best of her as she paced back and forth.

Hyuna’s expression was grim. “The doorman went searching for them just before I called you, but they’re nowhere to be found –how fucking convenient, right? They got what they wanted either way; I can’t go out there. I can’t fight like this.”

It was true. Not even their accelerated healing rate would have Hyuna back to normal within the small timeframe she had.

No, you can’t,” Maisie agreed. “But I can.”


Hearing a knock on his office door, Taehyung turned away from the reflective glass that provided him with a perfect view of the combat circle. “Come in.”

Three of his sentinels – Hoseok, Yoongi, and Namjoon– entered. Just by glimpsing the hard set to Hoseok’s jaw, Taehyung already knew he wasn’t going to like the information he had sent them to attain one bit.

Setting his glass of gin and tonic on the desk, Taehyung said, “Tell me.”

Hoseok halted directly in front of him, the others flanking him as closely as they could. “More strays have gone missing than we thought. We checked to see if there have been disappearances in other areas, but it seems to only be happening in Seoul right now.”

The matter had only come to their attention a few days ago since Taehyung didn’t regularly monitor the population of strays – demons that chose to live outside of a lair. But it seemed that someone was simply plucking them from the streets. Strays weren’t under his protection, but that didn’t mean Taehyung liked anyone using Seoul as their own personal hunting ground. Unlike shifters, demons didn’t claim territories, but they were protective of the places where the demons of their lair resided.

Yoongi pulled a flask out of his jacket that Taehyung knew fully well was filled with vodka. The incubus was a heavy drinker, but since it didn’t affect his efficiency as a sentinel, Taehyung never called him on it. “Seoul is highly populated with demons,” the incubus pointed out. Demons have always preferred cities to any old boring town. It made Seoul a popular place for their kind. “A perfect place to hunt strays.”

“The ones we spoke with are scared.” Namjoon moved to the sofa beside the window. “Usually when there are crimes like this, you hear of at least one witness or one person who managed to avoid a kidnapping attempt. There’s been nothing like that. The strays that were taken weren’t weak in power, but they were easily taken.”

Taehyung leaned against his desk. “I have to wonder if Ailee has something to do with it.”

Yoongi frowned as he took a rather hefty swig of his vodka.  “Ailee?”

“She’s been calling for changes that have been ignored up until recently. Those changes would offer strays protection. If they’re scared…”

“They’re more likely to listen to her,” Yoongi concluded.


Demons didn’t have a global leader, they simply existed in lairs which were ruled by a Prime. The lairs weren’t organized into any kind of hierarchical structure. Demons only answered to their Primes. Ailee, however, had suggested electing one of the Primes – more specifically, her – to rule above all the lairs of Korea. For a long time, no one had listened to her. But now some demons were starting to support her idea, and she’d finally found a true voice.

“Considering it’s rumored that she rents out her own demons to dark practitioners to use in their spells, I doubt she’ll have any qualms with plucking strays off the street,” said Namjoon, his gaze drifting to the reflective glass after a rather loud shout of applause from the audience outside.

“Why would Ailee bother appealing for this?” Hoseok shook his head. “We had a structure like that once, and it resulted in fucking chaos. Why ask to bring that back?”

“Power,” Namjoon answered simply.

He was right.

There was always someone looking for power, control, and money. After so many years of being surrounded by such greed and calculation, everything had started to feel predictable, boring, and cold for Taehyung. Now a numbness was beginning to settle in for both him and his demon.

“I had a call from Jinki,” Taehyung told his sentinels. “He’s holding a conference on Saturday in Busan for every Prime of Korea to discuss the matter.”

“Do you think Ailee has a chance of implementing any changes?” Yoongi’s tone said that he didn’t believe so.

“I think she’s very cunning and calculated, and we shouldn’t underestimate her,” Taehyung told the incubus. “She-demons can be pretty ruthless when they want to be.”

A grin played around the edges of Hoseok’s mouth. “Speaking of ruthless she-demons, you might want to know that Krystal has gotten herself a boyfriend. She’s flaunting him like crazy, obviously hoping it will get a jealous reaction out of you.” And the hellhound seemed to find far too much enjoyment in that.

Inwardly, Taehyung groaned. “Last time we spoke, she promised me I’d regret letting her leave me and that I would beg her to come back on my knees.”

Hoseok laughed. “She sensed your demon losing interest?”

“Yes.” Story of Taehyung’s life. His demon could be very obsessive when fixated on a female, but it got bored so easily that the infatuation was always short-lived, leaving Taehyung to deal with a pissed-off female nursing a bruised ego.

Their inner demons couldn’t ‘care’ for others, but they could form attachments to people. When that happened, those attachments were incredibly intense, because every ounce of a demon’s natural intensity and focus was channeled into them. The only people his demon was attached to were his four sentinels. It obsessed over women it wanted, but it didn’t wish to ‘keep’ them, despite that it experienced the same loneliness that all inner demons were plagued by

Taehyung snapped out of his thoughts as another knock was followed by the entrance of Jimin who had clearly washed up and changed out of his bloody clothes. “You fought dirty, as always.”

Jimin grinned. “There’s no other way to fight.”

“I think Jihyo’s up next,” said Namjoon, looking out of the window. “Here comes the umpire.”

Speaking into a microphone which was wired to the speakerphones in Taehyung’s office, the gray-haired male announced, “There has been a change in the program. Due to Miss Hwang’s poor physical state at this time, she has been substituted—”

“Hold on, that’s not allowed!”  Jihyo insisted as she suddenly stomped into the combat circle. “If a contender decides to pull out, it means their opponent automatically wins.”

“In many cases, yes, but Miss Hwang hasn’t decided to pull out. She’s been rendered unfit to duel. Miss Hwang is within her rights to select someone to replace her.”

The rage that flashed across Jihyo’s face told Taehyung that there was something very personal about this. But that wasn’t what had him stepping closer to the window. No, it was the sight of the dark-haired female now making her way into the circle. She was a petite thing. Five foot two inches tall at most.  She was as delicate as demons came but something about her told him that she was very much capable of taking care of herself.

“Who is that?”

Hoseok glanced at the dark-haired beauty. “Ah, that’s Juri’s youngest granddaughter. Pretty little thing, isn’t she?”

“She’s a teensy little thing. Gorgeous too. Jihyo’s going to kill her just for being prettier.” Namjoon muttered with a sigh, he sounded quite upset with his assessment too. He had never been Jihyo’s biggest fan.

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that,” Taehyung found himself commenting. There was just something about the other she-demon; about the way she cocked her head as she ran her gaze over Mona. She was a predator searching for a weakness. Definitely no easy target. And he suddenly found himself…interested. Not much truly interested Taehyung and his demon anymore. It was a refreshing feeling, to say the least.

“You think the little one has a chance of winning this?” Jimin asked as he neared the glass, his eyes zeroing on the small demon with interest.

The bell suddenly rang.

“We’re about to find out.”


Seeming to revel in the noise of the crowd, Jihyo tossed Maisie a dismissive glance. “Joining me in this circle was a big mistake, Maisie.” She said her name with utter distaste.

Yeah, a lot of people felt that way. Why? Because Maisie was known amongst her social circle for being the sphinx without wings. An oddity. An abnormality. Some people made the mistake of believing that made her easy prey and Jihyo was clearly one of them.

Maisie shrugged at her. “Prove  it.”

With a smirk, Jihyo conjured an orb of hellfire – a standard ability that most demons had – and hurled it at Maise. Sharply stepping to the side, Maisie dodged the orb. But in spite of the anger threatening to steal her self-control, she didn’t retaliate, which clearly puzzled Jihyo. What the harbinger didn’t realize was that Maisie didn’t want to duel with her, she didn’t deem the bitch worthy of one. All Maisie wanted was to get a grip on the dumb heifer.

Of course, she had abilities which would allow her to hurt Jihyo from a rather lengthy distance. But if she wanted to cause the harbinger real pain, she’d need to get her hands on her. Unfortunately, Jihyo seemingly intended to attack from afar. Maisie needed to lure her close. That meant pissing her off – something which Maisie was totally okay with. By nature, Maisie was a reasonably collected person.  But she did have a temper that ran quick and hot.

“You know, I can’t work out why you thought you’d get away with having your little friends attack Hyuna. Do you feel empty inside? I mean, like, in your skull?”

“You little bitch.” Jihyo hissed, as launched one orb of hellfire after another; aiming for Maisie’s head, chest, legs, and abdomen. Anything that was of value really.

Maisie evaded most of them, purposely allowing one to clip her shoulder and another to graze her leg. She didn’t want Jihyo to know how fast she was, not if she also wanted Mona to be arrogant enough to come closer. “All this because Hoshi chose Hyuna over you three years ago? Really? How pathetic.”

“He didn’t choose her. She lured him away.”

Hyuna could control most minds with ease, but she had too much self-respect to ever use the ability to get a guy who didn’t want her. “We both know that isn’t true. But even if it was, two wrongs don’t make a right. Your parents have proved that.”

Snarling, Jihyo conjured two orbs of hellfire and threw them simultaneously. Maisie ducked, evading both. Lightning fast, she whipped a stiletto blade out of her boot, curving her hand around the ruby-red marble handle.

Jihyo laughed. “You think a little knife will save you?”

Ordinarily, probably not.

“It’s almost cute.”

Masie sidestepped the orb of hellfire that flew her way. Conjuring orbs was something Maisie had personally never been able to master. She could create hellfire, but she couldn’t shape it into anything. She could, however, do something else.

Generating hellfire in her left hand, Maisie then infused it into the knife. Just like that, the blade was aflame and totally lethal. Stilling, Jihyo gaped. For a brief moment, the crowd fell silent. They had all obviously assumed that the reason Maisie wasn’t retaliating was that she didn’t have any offensive gifts to boast of – how wrong they were.

Wearing a patronizing smile, Maisie twirled her blade on her finger. “Personally, I think this beats orbs.” Especially since she could infuse hellfire into any object and make them instantly deadly. A blade. A pen. A hairclip. Anything. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that was fear on your chimp-like face.”

There was a cry from the side and then Jihyo caught a dagger that one of her friends chucked her way and then launched herself at Maisie – giving her exactly what she wanted. Maisie evaded the sword, slashed Jihyo’s thigh, and then slammed her palm into Jihyo’s abdomen all in one collective move.

Jihyo dropped to her knees, shuddering, with her mouth open in a silent scream of excruciating agony. It wasn’t because of the hellfire eating away at her flesh. No, it was because of something far worse.

The crowd once more turned quiet, no doubt confused as to why a mere slice and a single hit had taken Jihyo down.

“Does it hurt?” Maisie squatted down beside her, a teasing pout playing on her lips. “No one fucks with my family. Go near any of them again, and this pain will seem like a fucking slap on the wrist. You got me?”

Jihyo fell onto her side and curled into a fetal position, sobbing, just as the umpire dashed over. “What’s happening?” he asked.

Maisie returned her blade to her boot. “She’s getting what she deserved.”

With that, she strode out of the combat circle. It took a few minutes to squeeze through the cheering, congratulatory crowd before she reached her cousins near the exit of the dome.

Hyuna beamed at the sight of her, dramatically fanning herself as she fell into step beside Maisie. “My hero! I’m so happy I could cry.”

Minho, on the other hand, looked extremely pissed. “I can’t believe the bitch sent her friends to—”

They halted as two demons suddenly planted themselves in front of them. The first male was tall and she could have sworn she smelt a hint of whiskey on his breath, the second was a golden eyed male that made her think of a hellhound.Maisie had seen them patrolling the Underground many times, knew exactly what they were – sentinels.

“Mr. Kim would like to talk to you.”


“Oh yeah? I’m not really the chatty type.”

The second male grinned, genuinely seeming more than a little amused. “I’m sure you won’t mind sparing Mr. Kim a few minutes.”

Well, actually, Maisie did mind. Given everything she knew about Kim Taehyung, the prospect of meeting him didn’t exactly fill her with joy – especially since there was a little something else about him that bugged their kind: no one seemed to know what breed of demon he was. Maisie didn’t like blind spots. But it was vital to never show weakness to a predator, and backing away from the challenge in his sentinels’ eyes would definitely make her look weak.

“I’ll go, but tell me this first…Am I getting a medal?”

Spirit Reign: “The Messenger”

Two souls reside within one body, and only through a special skull necklace known as “The Soul-shifter” can alter both spirits to avoid confusion.

The Protagonist of this Story. Twin Brothers who reside in one body.

*Shin Igami -  The soul with a twisted mind and the sinister grin.

*Hiro Sanse - The soul of pure heart and unimaginable innocence O_o…..

(Feel Free to ask them questions! =w= )

((Great idea, two of my favorite things dragon-shifters & the soul mate AU. <3))


Genji wasn’t overly concerned with finding his soul-mate like his brother was, he wanted to live in the moment and enjoy himself. After all belonging to an ancient clan of dragon-shifting crime lords was stressful; he didn’t want to take over the family business with his brother, Hanzo. He was a free-spirit, he didn’t follow rules, and believed traditions (as well as rules) were meant to be broken.

There was nothing more freeing than just being Genji at the arcade, or soaring through the air gracefully as a dragon throughout the forest.  Not having the Shimada name behind him was liberating, the young green dragon craved freedom more than anyone could understand. Nothing was going to hold him back, not his clan, brother, you, his soulmate.

That all changed when he spotted the most beautiful and graceful person, alone they sat by the river. Flowers in their (Hair Length) (H/C), they were dressed in traditional attire as they dipped their (Skin color) feet into the rushing river. Genji was absolutely taken by how quiet and gentle you looked, of course Genji had quite the reputation as a flirt; he never backed down from a chance to make someone blush.  As he got closer to you the name on his shoulder burned excitedly, Genji paid no mind to it; nor to his racing heart. You looked back at him, frozen like a deer in the headlights, your heart thumped loudly, and you looked at the name on the palm of your hand.

“It’s glowing…” You were amazed, studying it.

“I could say the same about you.” He laughed nervously; confused by the way he was feeling. You got up, noticing an area of his shirt was glowing; you got extremely close, paying no mind to Genji’s stuttering as you touched the glowing area. “You’re glowing too.” You gasped, you pulled the sleeve of his shirt all the way up and you saw your name.

“You’re Genji. You’re him… my Genji. “A smile spread across your face as you showed him the palm of your head. Genji’s jaw almost dropped, his first instinct was to run away but instead he grabbed your hand and kissed it. “And you’re my (Y/N). Even lovelier than I dreamed when I was a young boy.”

“I’ve dreamed of you too, you look exactly how I thought. It’s weird but… I’ve seen parts of your life before, in my dreams. You’re a dragon… yet human. “You touched his face, studying his every inch face.

“I don’t remember much, but I have seen your life too. You’ve been so… alone, yet you’re so kind still. I didn’t want to meet you; I didn’t want to follow fate.” He whispered, holding you close to him.

“I know. I’ve always wanted to see you. Genji, we don’t have to follow fate. Would you make your own path with me? Away from your duties, away from all of this.” You kissed his pale cheek, looking into his eyes for some sign of disapproval.

“You speak my language well… I want to gather a few things before we go. Have you ever ridden a dragon before?” The dark haired man chuckled as you shook your head.

“We can work on it. Way cheaper than a plane. “Genji teased as he led you out of the woods towards a new life with one another.



Ever since he was a young boy he had his whole life planned out, first he would begin his training to take over as clan-head, then he would find you, you would get married, have or adopt children, and then he would take over the clan alongside Genji. You would be the absolute perfect soul-mate; everything about you would fit him just fine. The couple everyone wished they were, you and he would bring the clan honor.

It was later in life Hanzo learned things don’t always go as planned.  After Genji’s death by his hands he couldn’t help but break down, he left all of his plans behind to search for redemption. On his journey for self-forgiveness and to find his true self, he had found you. You were his polar opposite, a klutz, loud, forgiving, strange, and yet you were everything he needed. You helped him more than any trip could have, he knew Genji would have adored you and welcomed you with open arms.

You yawned as you snuggled against Hanzo in his dragon form; you loved it when he took you out for midnight adventures. “What are you thinking about?” You looked the name on your leg, your heart beating rapidly.

“About how I met my clumsy soul mate who tripped over air, spilling a bowl filled with hot ramen on me and themselves. How you utterly charmed me in minutes without even trying.” His voice echoed softly throughout the woods.
“I feel like it was different, you rescued me from that angry shopkeeper who was mad I broke their bowl. “You chirped in, remembering that fateful day so well.

“That too, there is just something so alluring about you, my love; never have I ever met someone like you before in my whole entire life. I am glad things are the way they are. I wouldn’t trade this life or you for anything, (Y/N). I love you. “

Beauty and the Beast (Chapter Two)

Rated: M++ for sexual content and language

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Erotic/Romance

Pairing: Kris & you

This is a continuation of an EXO Kris smut scenario that includes imagination, demons, and sex. Hope you enjoy it ^-^

Chapter One


Bang bang bang bang bang

“Kris, wake up!”

Bang bang bang bang bang

A muffled groan leaves his mouth as he rolls over and wraps his arms around you.

Bang bang bang bang bang


He clenches his jaw realizing who the voice behind the door was and slowly sits up, rubbing his left eye with his left palm.

Bang bang bang bang bang

‘How can she sleep through this?’ he wonders looking down at your sleeping figure, breathing in and out softly. He throws the covers off and walks past the staircase to his locked bedroom door. The banging continues until he opens the door and pushes the tall figure standing outside the door, pushing him back a couple of steps into the hallway.

“Damnit Chanyeol,” Kris hisses at his brother and best friend softly closing the door behind him, “What happened to not ever waking me up before noon?”

“Sorry hyung, I just couldn’t wait,” Chanyeol replies smiling, scratching the back of his head.

“Wait for what?”

“You know,” he says wiggling his eyebrows with a grin on his face.

Kris rolls his eyes and shakes his head, “Not today.”

Chanyeol’s puppy dog eyes appear as he says, “B-but hyu-”

“No, you’re not meeting her today. Nobody is,” Kris sternly replies ignoring the look Chanyeol was giving.

“That’s not fair,” Chanyeol pouts crossing his arms over his chest, “I let you meet Dara the day after, why can’t I meet her?! Besides if you’re trying to keep her a secret you can’t. I wasn’t the only one who could hear you guys last night.”

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Lost in the mines(Closed with the-shifters-of-earth)

After being sent out on another one of the labs missions for samples, Hunter had happened upon a hole in the ground. Though happened probably wasn’t the best word, fallen more likely and falling unconscious from the fall which left him deep under which only catching a glimpse of some minerals on the way down. Hopefully someone would find the poor soul sometime soon.



Soul Shifters Showcase 10-07-2012 (by Karl deGuzman)

Weekend at Dean-o’s

Supernatural One Shot

DeanxReader (Will Be)

Warnings: Mild Language, Sarcastic Reader

Word Count: 3,242

Imagine getting hurt on a hunt and coming to the Winchester’s aid and they make you stay while you heal.

Life as a hunter wasn’t easy. It wasn’t even a desirable job, but someone had to do it. But with any job, the longer you perform it, the lazier you become and you don’t notice everything that needed to be noticed. The only problem is when you get lazy as a hunter, nine times out of ten, you get killed. There is no boss to yell at you to get your head in the game unless you call a monster ripping off your head getting it in the game. There is no second chance unless you happen to have luck on your side. But hunters don’t believe in luck. Most of the time we have to fold the cards to play in our favor instead of waiting for them to fold right. But tonight I could say that I had a little bit of luck on my side. Well, some luck and fast reflexes.

The shifter was fast. A lot faster than I thought he would be. I had him cornered which was just as much dangerous as it was convenient for me. Sure it would be an easy kill but he was a cornered animal. He was scared. He could smell danger and he was going to attack. And this was where I got lazy. I let my guard down because he looked like a kicked dog and he was done fighting. He let me think that. I came closer to him. A sick pleasure of mine was I liked to be close for the kill. I loved to see the light drain from the monsters eyes. It just told me that I saved another innocent soul. But this shifter was waiting for that. It was like he knew that I was going in for the close kill. The knife that he held in his hand somehow ended up in my gut. I grunted as I felt the sharp edge enter me. But wound or no wound, this shifter wasn’t going to leave her alive.

A shot rang out around us and the creature fell with a hushed thud. The same smile that usually appears on my lips after a successful hunt seemed to be on vacation. My hand gripped the hilt of the knife and I pulled it out. A scream that I couldn’t control came from my lips. Blood seeped through my shirt and joined the blood of the dead shifter on the ground.

“Shit,” I mumbled as I stripped out of my shirt and pressed in against my wound. My head was already spinning from the blood loss.

I wasn’t too far from Kansas and if I could there before I bled out, I would be able to get help. Help from the Winchesters.

They sometimes showed up on my case and helped me out. This one was one that they showed up at, but I convinced them that I had it under control. At the moment though, I wished that I could have some help.

My tank-top was sticking to me as I climbed into the front seat of my car. Like Dean’s, it was a classic but it wasn’t as pretty as his. I didn’t have the money or the time to fix it up.

Blood fell upon the seat staining the fabric. That didn’t matter. It wouldn’t matter if I bled out and died at the wheel of my car. And it would be because I was careless. If I made it to the Bunker there would be no doubt that I would get an earful from both brothers.

Every time we would go on a hunt together, they would make sure that I was perfectly safe. Dean seemed to be the one who watched out for me more than Sam did. It was a nice gesture, but frankly it was annoying. I didn’t need to be protected or watched out for. They both treated me like a little sister.

The drive was hell. I was losing blood a lot quicker than I could imagine. Twice I almost lost consciousness. After the longest drive in my life, I finally parked in front of the Bunker. Using the hood of my car to keep me propped up; I made it to the front door. The knock was light. I was weak. I wasn’t able to muster any more strength to knock any louder. I doubted that anyone could hear me if there was anyone home. I was going to die feet from safety.

But after what felt like hours, the door in front of me opened. Dean smiled when he saw it was me, but that faded when he saw the bloody state I was in.

“Please don’t let me die,” I managed to get out before my whole world collapsed on me.


She fell, but Dean was quicker. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her inside. He made quick work of carrying her down the stairs and setting her on the table to examine the wound. It was still bleeding and it didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon. It worried him to see her so pale.

“Sam,” Dean called out into the Bunker. “Get the first aid kit and quickly!”

Moments later Sam appeared with the first aid kit and also looked at the wound.

“Knife?” He asked.

“That’s what it looks like,” Dean replied reaching across the table for the bottle of whiskey that sat there. Partly for him to get a drink and also for him to disinfect the wound.

“Did she say anything? Like what her?”

“She did a good job of just getting here without passing out from blood loss.” He glanced over at her blood covered shirt. “She’s lost a lot of blood.”

“Why did she come here instead of going to the hospital? I mean I know that you can work miracles but…” his sentence didn’t need to be finished. They both knew that she lost a lot of blood. Hell, she probably knew and yet she showed up on their doorstep instead of a hospital’s doorstep.

“Maybe safety in comfort? Or maybe she didn’t want to explain how she got stabbed. Too many questions” Dean answered as he took another swing of whiskey. “She was hunting the shifter, right?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“God, I wish she accepted our help. Maybe we could have prevented her from bleeding out on our table.”

“Yeah but hunters hate sharing cases, you know and she was there first so we have to respect her wishes to hunt alone.”

“Well, that’s stupid,” Dean mumbled.

Then he mumbled a quiet sorry before he poured the contents of the bottle on her wound. It was going to hurt like a bitch. And as he predicted, the burn of the liquor woke her up from her blood loss induced slumber. She woke with a gasp, her fist flinging to fight whatever dangers might be present. Dean wrapped his arms around her small wrist trying to keep her from hitting hit. Soon the adrenaline that was pumping through her veins disappeared and it left her breathless. Dean watched the rise and fall of her chest as she tried to get her breathing back to normal. At least she was breathing but the thing that chilled him to the bone was how her eyes were wide with fright. She was on high alert for anything that could jump out and hurt her.

“Hey,” Dean said releasing her arms. “Hey, calm down. It’s okay. You’re safe. Y/N, you’re safe.”

A quiet whimper escaped from her lips. Dean eased her back down on the table to where she was lying back down.

“It hurts,” she said through clenched teeth. A groan echoed through the Bunker. “God, it hurts so much!”

“Yes, I know but I had to make sure that it won’t get an infection. The worse is yet to come.”

She threw her head back down on the table with a thud. Sam walked over closer to her as Dean gathered the needle and thread for the stitching and he grabbed her hand. It was a completely innocent gesture, but something clenched in Dean’s chest. There was a part of him that wanted to hold her hand. But what was he thinking? He’s held hands with hundreds of girls. Hell, he’s slept with hundreds of them so what makes her any different? She was just a hunter that they’ve worked a couple cases together. Well, maybe it was more than a couple and strangely enough he could remember all of them. He shook his head slightly to clear his head of the thoughts that were currently swimming around.

Dean pushed Sam out of the way to get a better position to stitch her up.

“Before you start, can I have a sip of that?” She asked pointing to the bottle of whiskey that was sitting next to her. Dean took another sip before he gave it to her. She grimaced as the liquid burned her throat when she swallowed.

Dean gave her a small smile before he started. The next half hour was hell for the both of them. But luckily for her, she passed out after the first stitch. Even though she wasn’t awake, every time the needle poked through her skin, she flinched. And Dean just wanted to stop but he couldn’t. He wasn’t sure how much blood she lost other than the fact that she was pale. Too pale for his liking. He noticed that her breathing had become shallower.

“We might have to take her to the hospital,” Sam said after Dean was finished. “She’s not looking any better.”

Dean looked down at her pale face and sighed. He picked up one of the flannel shirts that was lying on one of the chairs, took off her bloody tank-top, and dressed her in the oversized shirt. She was swallowed by it.

“Let’s give it a couple of days. There was a reason why she came here instead of going to the hospital,” Dean replied picking her up. “But if she continues to look worse than I’ll take her.”

He took her out of the library and within a few paces she was laying on Dean’s bed.

Before he turned off the light, closing her in darkness, he said, “Do me a favor. Please don’t die on me.”

It was pretty touch a go for a while. She was asleep for two days and her condition hadn’t changed, but it didn’t get any worse. Dean took that as a good sign. They would change the bandages every so often. He left a bottle of water on the nightstand so if she did wake while he wasn’t there, he wouldn’t have to go far to get something to drink.

Dean hardly left her bedside. He was too worried to leave her alone. Any moment she could stop breathing.

But she never did stop. Her chest still rose and fell with her breaths and with each passing moment she seemed to look better. At least a little. Color was returning to her skin, but she still hadn’t woken up.

Finally after another day of waiting, her eyes fluttered open and Dean took his first breath in three days.

Your POV

I wasn’t sure how long I was asleep, but it felt like days. I groaned as I shifted in the bed and I was immediately greeted with a shooting pain in my side. I froze and waited for the pain to pass. I didn’t even have to look over to my side to notice that Dean was sitting there, watching me like a hawk.

“I told you to keep me from dying, Winchester, not make me feel worse. Next time I’m asking Sam to patch me up,” I grunted as I struggled to sit up. Dean reached out to help me but I pushed him away.

I was a strong hunter that didn’t need no man.

“As long as I get to be the sexy nurse,” he cracked a grin but it disappeared just as quickly as it came. He was still worried about me.

I chuckled lightly. Of course he would be making jokes at a time at this. “Sure.” But he was still frowning. “I’m fine, Dean,” I tried to reassure him.

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” he sighed. “It’s just, you were bleeding out on my table and you were dying on me and…”

“Are you, Dean Winchester, getting all sappy on me? Man, you’ve changed since the last time I saw you.”

“Oh yeah, you’re real funny, Y/N.”

“Damn straight I am.”

Silence fell over us. I caught Dean looking down at my stomach where I was stabbed and then back up at my face as if he was looking for any signs of pain.

“Um…” he cleared his throat. “You owe me a bottle of whiskey. You damn near drank the whole thing while I was stitching you up.”

“Okay, I’ll get right on that. Just let me get out of bed,” I made a move to swing my legs off but he stopped my advances to standing up.

“That’s not happening. You were literally dying a few days ago. You’re not just going to pop up and start walking around.”

“Well, when aren’t we dying, Dean?” I asked and saw as the corners of his lips pulled downward to form a frown. He looked at my body again and he looked tired. Exhausted actually. Dark circles pulled under his eyes and his face was sporting some longer stubble than what I remember when I first got here. “And hell, Dean, you look worse than I do and I’m the one that was dying! Have you slept at all?”

“Sleep’s for the weak.”

“Right and Dean Winchester isn’t weak. He’s the strongest man to roam this Earth.”

“Well…” he replied with a coy little grin but it didn’t reach his eyes.

I lightly punched him in the arm with a laugh. He rubbed his arm like it hurt and looked at me with a fake hurt expression.

“Damn woman, are you trying to kill me?” He joked.

“Whatever. Now, you better let me out of this bed or I will make it hurt next time,” I swung my legs off the bed again and this time Dean let me stand.

My legs were still a little unsure of themselves. If it wasn’t for Dean, I would have ended up on the floor but he caught me before I could touch the ground.

He opened his mouth to say something but I beat him to it.

“I swear, you say that I need to lay back down and rest, I am taking that little gun of yours and shooting you in the mouth.”

“You’re cranky when you first wake up,” Dean replied.

I glared at him. He was really pushing his luck. I may be injured but I could still take down his ass. Dean helped me into the library where Sam was sitting reading something on his precious laptop.

“Sammy, still the little nerd as always,” I laughed as Dean set me down in a chair at the table.

Sam looked up at me and smiled.

“You sure that you don’t want to be a little nerd right along with me?” He asked.

“As tempting as that offer sounds, Dean already made me promise to drink with him.”

Sam shot a glare at his older brother who was settling in his chair. Dean looked at me for a moment and then back at his annoyed brother. He held his hands in the air as surrender.

“Dean,” he hissed.

“I never said that. I told her that she owed me a bottle of whiskey,” Dean defended himself.

Sam looked back over at me. “It means the same thing. I was going to drink it anyway.” I turned to Dean. “You really didn’t think that I would give you an entire bottle without taking a few drinks myself, did you?”

“No but I was hoping that you would,” Dean mumbled.

“That’s right. Now what are we hunting, Sammy?” I asked turning your attention back to Sam.

Both brothers stared at you like you were crazy.

“Y/N, you just got upright, you’re in no shape to be hunting right now,” Dean said after a moment of silence.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m glad that you’re okay Y/N, but Dean’s right. There is no way that we would let you go out there and hunt right now,” Sam backed his older brother.

“Well, look at your brother Sam. Tell me the last time he slept. He’s in no condition to be hunting either but if something popped up right this moment he would be grabbing the keys to his car and driving half way across the country to get there.”

“I’ve operated on less,” Dean retorted like that made it any better.

“And I can’t do anything about him. Hell, I could lock him in the dungeon and he would find a way out. You on the other hand, I can lock you in my room and make sure you don’t leave until I want you too.” Sam said closing his laptop.

“I bet you would like that, Sammy,” I flashed him a smile and he gave me one of his notorious bitch face. Okay, apparently Sammy doesn’t like my flirting. “What? You don’t know what to do when a pretty girl flirts with you? Your brother is right. You are hopeless around girls.” I heard Dean choke back a laugh.

“Bottom line, you’re not hunting anytime soon,” Sam said ignoring my comment and there was no more debating him on the matter.

“Fine, Dad, but if I can’t hunt then one of the two of you will have to stay with me. If I can get hurt out there, I can get hurt here.” If they wanted me to stay here in there freaking fortress then one of them was going to stay with me.

Sam sighed. “Y/N…”

“I’ll do it,” Dean stood from his seat and headed off toward the kitchen. Sam and I both watched him leave and a moment later he emerged with a bottle of whiskey in his hands. He shrugged. “What? If I’m going to have to stay here with her then I’m going to need a little pick-me-up.”

“You know, sleep does the same thing,” I said in a loud whisper like I was spreading a secret.

Dean narrowed his eyes at me.

“Yeah, I’ll need something,” he mumbled.

Sam shot Dean a confused look before sighing and climbing to his feet.

“Well, I’ll be back in a few days. Hopefully, it won’t take too long,” he headed off towards his room. “Please don’t kill each other while I’m gone.”

I shot Sam a fake smile. “What are you talking about? Dean and I get along great.”

Sam shook his head and looked between the two of us like he knew something that we didn’t. “Oh and stay out of my room.”

Dean and I shared a look before returning our gaze back to Sam. I mean, it wasn’t like I was planning on going into his room but now… He basically gave us an invitation.

“Sure,” Dean shrugged.

Dean looked back at me with a mischievous smile on his face.

This weekend at Dean-o’s just got to be a lot more fun.