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Beware the Broken Scorpio

Beware the broken Scorpio.
We will draw you in
with our vibrance and sensual appeal…
then pull at the cords of your heart
with the pain the lies beneath the facade.
These tear filled eyes
and pining heart will weaken your resolve
but a heart broken Scorpio is not one to make a lover of,
for amidst our heartbreak we are further volatile…
accidentally causing carnage in the wake of our agony.
A Scorpio that is mourning can not love you…
because they are too busy
loving the one whom has hurt them.
A Scorpio in mourning is a broken soul
searching for band-aids to cover a wound in need of stitches.

We will talk to you,
cling to you even,
and will think that we have fallen in love…
but in reality we love you…
but are not in love with you
and this confusion will damage us all.
So when tending to a Scorpio
engulfed in the smog of emotional collapse
give your love, but protect your heart
for its the love of a friend we are in need of.

So to all souls I extend this advice…
Beware the broken Scorpio.
—Imani Hawkins
(I do not own this poem)