soul runner

Mindenkinek ajánlom, hogy fusson néha hosszabb távokat, 6-10-15 kilométereket . Futás közben olyan életbölcsességek juthatnak az ember eszébe, hogy mikor végez az adott távval, sokkal pozitívabban látja az egész életet, újra elkezd hinni magában és közelebbinek érzi a céljait. Mindegy mennyivel kezded, csak csináld!

A runner jogging through the Swiss Alps describes the experience - 

ATARAXIA is a short film that was born after a discussion with a good friend, Rudi. Rudi is a runner, he loves the great outdoors and running long distances. He also holds a PhD in linguistics and once talked about “ataraxia”, this incredible state of freedom that he sometimes reaches during long alpine outings. This film is about understanding that feeling.

Youthful Thoughts In The Elder Hours

Maybe I’m just a dreamer
with complicated themes
of simple realizations,
cryptic as they seem.

I took a walk
replaying music
‘til my iPod died,
getting in touch
with the old school vibe
the best way I know how.
Don’t have a tape,
but every project
from those I consider greats
have them.
Well, in the way I describe gems,
current as they may be.

I’m mixing descriptions
with muddled intentions
of simple wishes
to become
one of the wicked.

In the eldest of hours
these youthful thoughts
become addictions,
but in the morning
they’re just old predictions.

Burn It Down
Dexy's Midnight Runners
Burn It Down

Dexys Midnight Runners - Burn It Down (1980)

Kevin Rowland’s birthday today. Mine too, actually. You wouldn’t know it by looking at Tumblr, but Dexys had more than one song.  I’ve heard Come on Eileen so many times I am unable to actually hear it anymore. Though it is worth pointing out that with Kevin Rowland’s odd, over the top vocals and “celtic soul brothers” schtick, it must be one of the strangest songs to ever become a U.S. hit. 

Now back to pre-Eileen Dexys Mk1 - this great song (originally titled Dance Stance, their first single) starts off Searching for the Young Soul Rebels with a wallop of punk-energized northern soul that does not let up for the entire album. 

Shut your fucking mouth ‘til you know the truth