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Patrick Stump by Jamie
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October 13, 2011 @ The Rialto Theatre Tucson, AZ

every day i think ive reached the peak of my love for Sebastian Stan, im like,,,This Is It™ the optimum level, there’s no more space in me to contain any more love…and every single day i am proved wrong and im starting to think that maybe there is no peak, it’s just like the universe, continually expanding


oh shit..

Psychopomps: Oya

psychopomp: a [creature/god/spirit/being] who guides souls to the underworld

The owner of the marketplace, Oya is the Yoruba Orisha (a manifestation of the supreme divinity) of wind, hurricanes, and change. She assists the dead in their transition from life to death and guards the gates to the cemetary.  

My Attempt at a Linear Synopsis of Ghost Quartet

if you dont listen to ghost quartet im so sorry abt this

Story 1: Arabian Nights, or One Piece of Stardust
The story begins in 14th century Persia with Scheherazade (an incarnation of Pearl) telling stories to Dunyazad (an incarnation of Rose) and Shah Zaman, an incarnation of the Bear (including the later story of Rose and the Camera Shop Owner which she is “remembering” from the point of view of another incarnation of her soul, the Camera Shop Owner). At some point, Scheherazade tells Dunyazad that the ghost of Thelonious Monk is behind a door of the palace, setting up the idea that ghosts don’t simply appear after they die, but rather always have been there and are simply born into new bodies occasionally. After some time has passed, Dunyazad dies and Scheherazade is still telling stories to Shah Zaman trying to avoid being killed. It is then that a past ghost of Rose Red appears, with knowledge of her future corporeal self’s mission, and asks Scheherazade for a piece of stardust (for reasons that will be explained later). Scheherazade remarks that she doesn’t know how much more she has, implying that stardust is what her stories are made from. She then tells Rose Red the story of her feelings of emptiness and her dream about a tango dance in which her past self refused to dance with her, which means that the story/stardust now belongs to Rose Red. It is implied that not long after this event, Shah Zaman kills Scheherazade, because later the Astronomer mentions a “man in Iran” wasting away and talking to ghosts for forty-two years, exactly what Shah Zaman said he would do after he killed Scheherazade. Shah Zaman is said to have said that “every soul that ever died is living in the shadows of the sky,” continuing the show’s idea of nonlinear ghosts.
Story 2: The Wind and Rain, or One Pot of Honey
Years later, Rose Red and Pearl White are born by the sea. They live together happily for many years, and Rose falls in love with the Astronomer. They look at the stars through his telescope in his treehouse, and Rose Red writes poetry about the celestial entities they see together. The Astronomer, enamored by her talent and longing to portray some talent of his own (but he doesn’t practice enough) decides instead to steal Rose Red’s work and publish it in his name. Rose Red grows to hate him, but then he begins to see Pearl White. Rose Red discovers their affair and becomes angry with both the Astronomer and Pearl White. She yells at the Astronomer, saying that she always knew that he was shallow and didn’t truly care about her, and she leaves him with the threat that “we’ll see who’s smarter, we’ll see.” Angered, Rose Red runs into the forest and asks the Bear to maul the Astronomer and turn her sister into a crow. The Bear asks for a pot of honey, a piece of stardust, a secret baptism, and a photo of a ghost. The Bear gives Rose Red the ability to cross into her soul’s different lifetimes at will so that it is possible for her to complete the tasks. The different incarnations of Rose being possessed by Rose Red will appear throughout the synopsis (and one has already appeared, the 14th century Persian version of Rose.) After collecting all of the items (which will be explained in a linear fashion as they happen later in the story), Rose Red returns to the Bear, who reveals that he tricked her, and takes the honey without carrying out her demands. Rose Red, in her anger, descends into alcoholism and kills Pearl White herself by pushing her into a river. Pearl White’s body floats to the Miller’s pond and he, another incarnation of the Astronomer, takes her out of the river to dry. The Fiddler, yet another incarnation of the Bear, happens upon her body and makes a fiddle out of her breastbone, which is later bought by Rose Red, who passes it down to the Fool (who she remembers from one of the lifetimes she crossed through to collect the items, and is also another incarnation of the Bear), although he is probably unaware that this woman is his grandmother (explained later). He accepts the gift anyway, given his affinity for stringed instruments. Over a century later, in 1990′s Sarajevo, an incarnation of Rose appears to seduce the Soldier, who is an incarnation of Pearl to obtain her honey. The Soldier, who has grown depressed from her years of experience with death, requests that Rose let her cry on her shoulder and then asks her to shoot her in the alley. Rose, only in it for the honey, does so.
Story 3: Usher, or One Secret Baptism
Linearly, most of this story coincides with Story 2, and they intersect in various ways. An incarnation of Rose, probably periodically possessed by Rose Red due to Lady Usher’s claims that she was a cruel woman, gives birth to Lady Usher, an incarnation of Pearl, who grows up to marry a man named Edgar, who is an incarnation of the Astronomer. They have two children, Roxie (who is Rose) and the Fool (who is the Bear). Roxie is occasionally possessed by Rose Red, and Roxie grows up interpreting Rose as a dead twin sister to her, claiming that Rose tells her that she should cross over to her plane of existence and be like her: “all soul.” Rose also identifies herself to Roxie as a “starchild” which probably means a person who is unhinged from the usual plane of reality and is free to follow their soul throughout history as they please. This behavior from Roxie causes Lady Usher to develop anxiety. When Roxie is seven years old, Edgar asks her to stop talking to Rose, who he believes is simply an imaginary friend, to which Roxie replies with anger. Another event of note occurs when Lady Usher tells Roxie a bedtime story in the form of Arabian Nights (which Lady Usher remembers from her lifetime as Scheherezade). Roxie was born around the same time as Rose Red and Pearl White, and also had an affair with the Astronomer in her teenage years, and they have a daughter. This daughter is Starchild, who is Rose, who inherits the powers of a starchild, possibly due to being the child of  a girl who grew up being constantly possessed by a starchild, but is unaware of the implications of her abilities. However, Starchild is kidnapped by another incarnation of Rose Red, and baptized in secret. Not much is known about the rest of Starchild’s life, but she has descendants, who will be mentioned later on. After Starchild is kidnapped, Roxie falls ill at the age of seventeen, which worries Lady Usher even more. After being sick for a period of time, Roxie dies, and Lady Usher forgives her for her continued acknowledgement of her “imaginary friend” Rose, who she believed in up until her death. Lady Usher preserves Roxie’s corpse for a fortnight. During that time, the family begins to fall apart with Lady Usher’s anxiety being worse than ever, and Edgar succumbing to alcoholism. The Fool, after being given the fiddle by Rose Red, leaves home, and moves to New York City. He begins to play the cello i a band and sell drugs to survive, but as he ages he settles down, has a daughter who is Pearl, and opens a camera shop. He has descendants who will be mentioned later. After the Fool leaves home, Edgar is the only one left to comfort Lady Usher, and one night when she is particularly distressed, he tells her the story of Pearl and the Pusher, which he remembers from his later life as the Driver. That night, Rose Red possesses Roxie’s body, unaware that Roxie has already died, and walks upstairs. When she sees Lady Usher, she sees Pearl White, and kills her.
Story 4: Subway, or A Photo of a Ghost
The Fool’s camera shop stays in the family for four generations and the fiddle stays in it. Eventually, it belongs to an incarnation of Pearl, the Camera Shop Owner. Starchild’s descendants eventually include another incarnation of Rose, who travels from Portland to New York City. Rose is in a subway station and a different incarnation of Pearl, who is  is standing on the platform playing a game on her phone in which she is a soldier battling a bear. The Pusher (who is the Bear) is present in the station, and, upon seeing the Soldier fighting the Bear within Pearl’s game, is suddenly overwhelmed by the influences of both the Bear and the Fool, and pushes Pearl onto the track, inadvertently forcing the Bear to keep his promise to hurt Pearl and giving meaning to the Fool’s cryptic warning to Edgar, “If anyone pushes me, I’m gonna push them back.” The train is coming, and it is driven by the Driver, who is the Astronomer, who has zoned out and does not notice Pearl. In the few seconds left before the train hits Pearl, Rose is possessed by Rose Red, trying to obtain the photo of the ghost, and uses her camera to take a picture of Pearl in the subway track. There is no way she can avoid her death now, and this qualifies her as a ghost. Pearl uses her last few seconds to give herself closure, and is then killed by the train. Rose, disgusted at having taken the picture, smashes her camera, but not before Rose Red exits her body and takes the photo with her. Rose breaks down and  begins to vaguely remember her other lives, and forgives Pearl and the Astronomer/Driver for everything. Rose goes to the camera shop to buy a new camera, and the Camera Shop Owner notices that she is distressed. She shows her the fiddle on the wall, and tells Rose the story of Rose Red and Pearl White, which she remembers from her life as Pearl White. She is correct when she says that the store has been in her family for four generations, but when she says that the fiddle belonged to her great-grandmother she is accidentally speaking from the point of view of her incarnation as the Fool’s daughter for whom Rose Red actually was a great-grandmother, since she was Lady Usher’s mother. Rose befriends the Camera Shop Owner, who suddenly feels compelled to give Rose the phone number of her friend, the Driver, essentially giving the Astronomer back to Rose and ending the ancient feud. Rose falls in love with the Driver and they live happily together for the rest of their lives, and have two daughters, most likely another Rose and Pearl.
Epilogue: Midnight
Years later, and yet years earlier, and yet right at that moment, the souls of all four of them meet in another plane of existence, in-between lives, or maybe after all their lives. They begin to slowly remember things as they piece together the collective story of their many lifetimes as they converse (I Don’t Know, Any Kind of Dead Person, Four Friends). As the final pieces fall into place, Pearl forgives the Bear/Pusher, and they become friends. As the sun rises, the four friends resolve to forgive themselves as well, for only thinking within their own lives and forgetting the vast beauty of the universe.

A small tribute to anime’s shady shop owners!

If you are looking for a great product or need some info, then these guys are here to help!

Warning: One or more of these shop owners may sell you faulty products, kill you, eat you, zombify your corpse, scare you upon entry, scare you in general, have a name that starts with a U, give cryptic information, withhold important information, be secretly evil, be secretly badass, implant foreign objects in your body, be pals with your parents, invade personal space, invite you to do questionable things, expect a good laugh out of you, or destroy/change your life as you know it……

But seriously come and have a look around!

Legendary Laundry Artifacts

Every week or so, our cleaning crew gathers up the laundry from our various henchcrews for cleaning and mending. Given the nature of our work, the artifacts found tend to be strange and unusual.

The following is a snapshot of recently retrieved items:

  • 3 lost souls (returned to owners)
  • 16 waterproof matches that were burning with 12 different flame colors (to clarify: 1 color per match)
  • A small boulder (to discuss with earth elementals: please empty pockets before sending laundry to sort)
  • A laundry hamper (to discuss with laundry crew: please do not wash laundry hampers with clothes)
  • A very confused ghost who got lost (in life he was a sailor)
  • 7 fey manuscripts (waterlogged but state they do not mind… currently unsure if overly polite or if they are ocean-based)
  • 5 skeleton keys
  • 4 skeletons (possible fifth may be stuck in the dryer, maintenance has been alerted)
  • 9 flowers (various, beautiful)
  • 3 packaged snacks (various, eaten by laundry crew)
  • 32 mermaid scales
  • Every lost sock from every superhero and side kick laundered in the past week (via mystical and unexplainable convergence)
bodysharing in undertale

(undertale spoilers)

how do souls work? what exactly happens to a monster when it absorbs a human soul? what really happened to asriel when he had the power of seven human souls? these are all questions that can be answered with one simple statement made in undertale.

when a monster absorbs a soul, the two souls don’t reside separately within one body – they “combine”. they become one soul. each original owner of the soul gains the ability to control the body to some degree.

the same rules seem to apply to “something that’s neither human nor monster”. if something like that absorbs multiple souls, all the souls combine into one. this is proven when asriel absorbs all the human and monster souls and recreates a monster body with his “godlike” powers; the flavour text refers to the combined soul as “asriel’s soul”, not “asriel’s souls”. 

so why does flowey have so much power over the souls? why don’t all the souls have equal control over his body? that’s harder to say for sure. it seems as though the more souls that are inside the body, the more control over them the body’s original owner has. 

when chara and asriel shared one body, their control of the body was apparently split equally. when flowey gained six human souls, he had most of the control, but the souls were also capable of rebelling against him, making him weak and powerless against frisk. when flowey gained the equivalent of seven human souls, none of the souls inside him were able to overpower him – his only weakness was that he was able to feel what every soul inside him was feeling. in the end, he gave up and released them of his own accord. 

why does the body’s original owner get the most control? this could be related to a being’s essence. essence is different from a soul. a soul contains feelings memories, and really everything but an actual body. 

pacifist route / asriel:
As a flower, I was soulless.
I lacked the power to love other people.
However, with everyone’s souls inside me…
I not only have my own compassion back…
But I can feel every other monster’s as well.

an essence contains memories and instincts, but it has no emotions.

genocide route / flowey:
But as I left this mortal coil…
I started to feel apprehensive.
If you don’t have a SOUL, what happens when you…?
Something primal started to burn inside me.
“No,” I thought. “I don’t want to die!”

in the case of both flowey and chara, it is shown that when an essence comes into contact with determination, the mind can come back to life without its own soul/feelings. asriel’s essence had been trapped inside the flower that alphys injected with determination and it came alive. chara’s essence came into contact with frisk’s (and perhaps the player’s) determination when frisk fell onto their grave. 

the above is part of the dialogue that occurs after a genocide route is aborted, when flowey can acknowledge chara inside of frisk. in this neutral ending, flowey addresses chara directly.

in chara’s case, flowey suggests they are able to feel things despite the fact that they lack a soul of their own. he seems to be envious of chara’s situation – he believes for a moment that chara is forcing him to watch them enjoy their new life while he has to suffer.

however, it’s also suggested that chara is borrowing somebody else’s soul. whether the soul in question belongs to frisk or the player is up for debate. 

genocide route / flowey:
We’re still inseperable, after all these years…
Listen. I have a plan to become all powerful.
Even more powerful than you and your stolen soul.

chara also claims to be able to feel the things in their “stolen soul”, although they cannot necessarily understand why the player does what the player does.

genocide route / chara:
You and I are not the same, are we?
This SOUL resonates with a strange feeling.
There is a reason you continue to recreate this world.
There is a reason you continue to destroy it.
You are wracked with a perverted sentimentality.
I cannot understand these feelings any more.

all of this might explain why chara, particularly if they are the one who provides the flavour text, appears particularly emotional at times. it seems likely that chara is able to feel even without a soul of their own and even before taking the soul for themself.

under specific circumstances, chara has the ability to completely take over their host’s body. chara can use the player and frisk to become more powerful than either of them. as such, while an essence cannot feel emotions of its own, it is still a formidable power. flowey, too, proves how dangerous and powerful an essence alone inside a body filled with determination can be.

one thing to note is that photoshop flowey claimed to be able to feel the human souls “wriggling” inside him, meaning more than one.

neutral route / photoshop flowey:
It feels great to have a SOUL inside me again.
Mmmm, I can feel them wriggling…
Awww, you’re feeling left out, aren’t you?

maybe the souls didn’t combine properly in this case. a possible explanation for this is that human souls cannot be absorbed or combined into one. perhaps that’s why each of the souls can be seen during the battle individually rather than as one soul. in asriel’s case, he had monster souls to combine the human souls with.

the main points about bodysharing:

  • when multiple souls are absorbed into one body, they combine into one soul
  • each soul has some level of control over the body
  • the level of control seems to decline when many souls inhabit the body
  • it seems that the essence of an individual (either a human or a monster) can be reborn through determination
  • a monster’s essence is left behind via their dust
  • it is suggested that a human’s essence remains in their corpse
  • an essence without its own soul can be very powerful
  • an essence alone can gain the power to control many souls
I could not help being overcome by a sense of sadness. I couldn’t help thinking that if I, by pure chance, had found a whole universe in a single unknown book, buried in that endless necropolis, tens of thousands more would remain unexplored, forgotten forever. I felt myself surrounded by millions of abandoned pages, by worlds and souls without an owner sinking in an ocean of darkness, while the world that throbbed outside the library seemed to be losing its memory, day after day, unknowingly feeling all the wiser the more it forgot.
—  Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind