soul of the sunflower

Her sunflowers

She held them close – sunflowers
Filling herself with their brightness
After those long, dark nights
When alone meant tears for companions

He gave her sunflowers
Held together in promises
My adoration and loyalty, he whispered
My place of happiness, he breathed into her

This was the end of the road
Grown, or come to a stand still
No following the sun – just stillness
Come night or day

A chance encounter – call it fate
A wandering soul – call him a nomad
That preferred to leave flowers in the ground
Be it night or day

He offered her reminders
The sunflowers were her soul
Blessings she had always carried
But, forgotten amidst his chaos

She knows it will take time
She knows this now
But, belief – that will take time
To find her place – her happiness

She doesn’t collect them now – sunflowers
She holds them close
Be it night or day
Now alone is not as dark as it once was


postcard set ‘autumn memories’ by Rona Keller

The thing is Synthetics aren’t allowed to play carnival games, that’s cheating. Ripley has no fucking idea what she’s even going to DO with the bear, but the fact that he feigned human well enough to win it for her still makes her dizzy with joy.

Now that I finished Sense8 instead of studying for the hard as hell test that I’ll have this week, I can’t help but imagine a whole alternative universe with the hetalia characters.

Like, the five allies and the three axis (8 people) being a cluster of sensate. 

It doesn’t have to be exactly like the series, but similar. I can imagine their parts:

  • Alfred F. Jones (America) is and ex-marine (he was a sniper) who now works for the NYC police. He is having some troubles with his department (because Alfred was pissed off with the police trying to cover up an execution of a black man and is trying to bring the killer cops to justice).
  • Ivan Braginsky (Russia) is the only male child of a Russian warlord/mob boss who doesn’t want to take over the “family business” (because he is deep down a gentle soul who just wanted to plant sunflowers), but feels like he doesn’t have a choice (and because of that, he is forced to become violent and cruel).
  • Francis Bonnefoy (France) is the young son of a French diplomat on Canada, and his father wants him to marry a girl that is daughter of a very influent Canadian businessman and he wants Francis to become a diplomat himself. Francis wants nothing more than becoming an artist.
  • Arthur Kirkland (England) is a punk pub owner who is a writer as well. He is incredibly lonely and he is always trying to isolate himself more (because he blames himself for the death of his mother).
  • Yao Wang (China) is a cientist on China who may have found out  that some companies were using a cheaper and toxic products on their production of baby pacifiers. 
  • Ludwig Beilschmidt (Germany) is a fierce and stern international prosecuter by day, professional hacker by night (the bad guys that he cannot arrest legaly, he do something to punish them illegaly via hacking).
  • Feliciano Vargas (Italy) is a cheerful touristic bus driver. He just wants to make enough money to survive and to help his family (his grandpa is very old and very sick). The problem is that me Italian Mafia is making his job VERY difficult (almost impossible).
  • Kiku Honda (Japan) is the last decendant of a very long line of warriors (a decendant of samurais). He had to watch his whole family being killed when he was very young. He had trained and became a master of martial arts. And he wants revenge. 

They were living their lives, with all singular problems that they had. Then, one day/night, they all have the same vision of a young woman killing herself and they start to share thoughts, sensations, feelings and abilities with each other. They even start to talk with each other (they can see one another, as if they share the bodies at the same time).

It was something quite fantastic, and it helps on their problems (either by having someone who understand to talk or to use the abilities that one need).

However, a mysterious organization starts to hunt them (to make experiment on them and then to execute them) and they have to combine forces in order to survive…

AND OF COURSE: there is some romance between them <3 

I can imagine the FrUk part (with Francis not wanting to marry the politician’s daughter and falling in love every time he share his thought with Arthur and Arthur trying to convince him not to marry her and using any persuasion that he learned listening to people on his pub but Francis being a pro in persuasion (diplomat son) and resisting, but at the same time he doesn’t want to resist BECAUSE HE DOESN’T WANT TO MARRY THAT WOMAN, HE WANT TO ELOPE WITH THAT HANDSOME ENGLISH DUDE!)

And I’m completely ok with other couples forming (RusAme? GerIta? Ameripan? Rochu? AmeGer? AmeIta? Any other ideas? xD)
As long as there is FrUk, I’m happy with this idea <3