soul of asia

I feel very guilty and happy for taking this picture because it perfectly shows Mongolian culture and our human characters. Also, our famous hospitality.

We were in the middle of nowhere, seeking for a shelter, following dirt path; and we saw this family, their yurts (ger.) Went there to ask which dirt roads to follow for our next destination but they, without seconds of thought, gave one of their yurts for us to spend the night. For an urban kid like me it was the first time witnessing it.

Only thing that makes me feel guilty is that I might scared this true Mongolian girl with my camera. At the same time, hopefully, you can see how nomadic Mongolians grow to be very shy. And I love this about my people.

Sam Winchester- Kool Aid

AN/ I don’t know why this is happening, but it is.

I sit in the back of the impala, arm out the window, surfing against the wind. Sam has his head buried in newspapers about our next case. And Dean softly sings along to Soul Survivor by Asia. It was an overall good day. The boys were happy. I’m happy. There was no impending doom of the world ending, or demon trying to end us. Just a murdering ghost. No big. 

I lean forward, resting my head on Sam’s seat. He looks up and smiles, while leaning in to kiss me. Our lips meet, and it’s like a match made in heaven. His lips are so soft, and gently moves with mine, our lip perfectly molded together. I pull away, and boop him on the noose with my finger. Sam smiles and looks back down to the newspaper, and I could hear Dean chuckle. I give him a small slap on his shoulder. 

“So, give me the rundown on this again.”  Sam looks back up and smiles,

“Madison, Wisconsin has a problem. A house that seems pretty old has had three fresh murders. Always the female in the couple.” 

“And why do we think it’s paranormal?”

“Because the bodies of all the woman will be on one side of the wall, while their insides are on the other. No exit wound, the organs are just there.” I nod my head. Oh. Well, I’m glad we took this up. I’ve always wondered how someone could have their organs taken without it being cut out. Yup, always wanted to know that.


I knock on all the walls of the house. It’s old inside and out. The walls feel like they could fall apart if a body hit it. I keep knocking against the ugly yellow wall paper, while also looking for any clues. Whether it’s on the walls or a personal item the last family left behind. Though, the husband took most things, so I doubt it would be something of theirs.

I knock my way to the basement, where the boys are. I come to the wall dividing me and the brothers. Fresh, thin drywall. It seems to be one layer, so practically card board due to the already indented pounding on it.  I listen in to the conversation.

“Oh no.” Sam had sighed. Dean agreed,

“Oh no.”

Oh yes. It’s my chance to do what I’ve always wanted.

I crash through the wall, doing jazz hands, and yelling,


The thin dry wall crumbles to the floor. It’s not like anyone was going to use this house again. This murder house won’t have more occupants than those already here. And I will never miss an opportunity to do a joke like that. I look down to my clothes to find them, for the most part, clean. I make eye contact with Sam, while brushing off the access dust on my shoulders.

I wink, and he smiles. Dean rolls his eyes and says,

“(YN). We need you as bait. If the ghost is killing woman in couples that live here, you and Sam will need to stay the night.”

“Okay, I’m good with that. What are you going to do with this night off?” He smile, and licks his lips. His brows raise, and he wiggles them a little. I laugh,

“If it’s just sex, you can say the word.” Sam laughs and walks over to me, getting pieces of drywall out of my hair. He leans down for another kiss, and Dean groans.

“You guys need to find a room.” He starts walking up the stairs, but stops, “And this is a hunt. No getting it on in the murder house!”


Operation Wandering Soul: Ghost Tape Number 10

Psychological Operations In Vietnam

This is a recording used during experiments in psychological warfare during the Vietnam conflict as carried out by the US military. Basically – it is supposed to be the voice of the ghost of a fallen Vietnamese soldier wandering the forest at night, looking for his family.

Also known as “Ghost Tape Number 10″ was an audio mix the US military used during the Vietnam War against the North Vietnamese. It played deeply on the Vietnamese belief of ancestor worship, spirits and the afterlife. 

The Wandering Soul was played on loudspeakers installed on helicopters, PCF boats or by infantry ‘loudspeaker teams’ on known enemy areas usually at night deep within the jungle.

“It exploited the belief among many of the Vietnamese people that once a person is dead the remains must be placed in an ancestral burial ground or that person will forever wander aimlessly in space forever…The tape was so effective that we were instructed not to play it within earshot of the South Vietnamese forces, because they were as susceptible as the Viet Cong or North Vietnamese Army.

Wandering Soul’ broadcasts of eerie sounds intended to represent the souls of enemy dead who have not found peace (i.e. by being buried in the village family plot)…the idea was that the sounds would at least get a Communist soldier to think about where his soul would rest in the likely event of his being killed far from home.”

– LTC Raymond Deitch, 6th PSYOP Battalion Commander

“The damn reverb effect of the recording is eerie. I saw and picked-up leaflets and once heard Funeral Music played over the valleys around Landing Zone Mary Ann. A Kit Carson Scout told me what the music was. This was a ghostly sound. Hell, listening to that made me want to Chieu Hoi myself. It must have been effective as hell in the jungle at night.”

– Unnamed 1st Infantry Division sergeant 1968-1970

thequeen-of-hell  asked:

Sami, omg I'm sorry if I ask too many questions and annoy you but you're the first person who comes to my mind when I need to know smthing about Kpop and also I look up on you so much! K, here's my question: can I find all the previous SHINee concerts on youtube? I know this is kinda stupid to ask, but I really don't know which concerts they made till now. PS: There's no need to list them, it'd be too much trouble and I don't wanna bother you, just answer yes or no and I'll do my researches ^.^

Hello my beautiful Leti. <3 Please don’t be sorry because you are never annoying me, even if you have 100 questions. I am sorry for the late reply, I was busy the whole day, and didn’t really have chance to get on until now. Also thank you so much for your kind words, you are precious to me. <3 

As for SHINee concerts, they had many. Although, their solo concerts are only SWC tours. Unfortunately, as far as I know, many concerts in their full length were not uploaded on YouTube. :( And it’s absolutely not stupid to ask. Don’t worry. I will list you all the SHINee, either solo or concerts they participated in from the 2008 that I know of. Links that I had saved are underlined, just click on it to watch. Others, unfortunately I don’t have links to full concerts, but you can find lots of fancams on YT. Enjoy! ^^