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Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Albums of All Time + Opening Lyrics

Bass in Soul and Funk Music

Basslines are the heart and soul of any good funk song and the centerpiece of Soul and Funk songs. In fact the bassline has always ruled the dancefloor and we want to celebrate this with another bassline top 20 in soul and funk music.

20 Funky basslines in Soul and Funk music

Top 10 Basslines in Gospel Music  and much more funky basslines!

things to do when you’re sad
  • take a nap
  • cry it out
  • read a book
  • write
  • listen to your favorite song on repeat (even if it’s a sad song)
  • make art (any kind of art)
  • go for a walk or a run or a drive (just get out and distract yourself)
  • watch your favorite movie or tv series
  • surround yourself with love

But please, whatever you do, don’t hurt yourself. Please don’t pick up the razor blade or the lighter and harm your beautiful skin. If you must take those prescribed pills, please don’t take one or two or three more than you should. Please take the correct amount. And please don’t drown yourself in alcohol. 

They will only make you sadder and I know this because I used to do those things to myself.

You are a beautiful and kind soul and you deserve to be happy.

For Paul.

Playlist of The Beatles, containing some of Paul’s lesser-known songs that are similar in style.

  1. Blackbird
  2. And I Love Her
  3. Here, There and Everywhere
  4. Martha My Dear
  5. For No One
  6. Michelle
  7. I Will
  8. I’m Looking Through You
  9. Her Majesty

These are songs I feel are either beautifully composed, simple and sweet or have amazing lyrics. I also feel like most of the public don’t really know or have never heard these songs before and because of that they will say something stupid like “Paul’s overrated”.

Top 15 Songs to Honor Martin Luther King

Today is Martin Luther King Day. On this day we celebrate the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. Here are 15 songs to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and ideals.

  1. Abraham, Martin and John - Marvin Gaye (That’s the Way Love Is, 1970)
  2. American Dream- Bobby Womack (The Poet II, 1984)
  3. Ballad Of Birmingham - Jerry Moore (Life is a Constant Journey Home, 1967)
  4. Blues For Martin Luther King - Otis Spann (Rare Chicago Blues 1962-68, 1968)
  5. The Edge Of A Dream - Minnie Riperton ‎(Perfect Angel, 1974)
  6. Happy Birthday - Stevie Wonder (Hotter Than July, 1980)
  7. Heaven Will Welcome You, Dr. King - Big Maybelle (Eleanor Rigby / Heaven Will Welcome You Dr. King, 1968)
  8. I Have A Dream - Solomon Burke (I Have A Dream, 1974)
  9. The Memory Of Dr. Martin Luther King - Bill Moss And The Celestials (I Ain’t Gonna Sing No Rock and Roll, 1983)
  10. Remember Martin Luther King - Shirley Wahls  (Remember Martin Luther King - Shirley Wahls / Walking - Tom Washington Band, 1976)
  11. Time Brings On a Change - Leroy Hutson (Love Oh Love, 1973)
  12. Tribute To Dr. King - The Loving Sisters (A Tribute To Dr. Martin L. King, 1968)
  13. Tributo A Martin Luther King - Wilson Simonal (Tributo A Martin Luther King, 1967)
  14. We’re A Winner - The Impressions (We’re A Winner, 1968)
  15. Why? (The King Of Love Is Dead) - Nina Simone (‘Nuff Said!, 1969)

List of number-one R&B singles

“I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)” (1967)
“Respect” (1967)
“Baby I Love You” (1967)
“Chain of Fools” (1967)
“(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You’ve Been Gone” (1968)
“Think” (1968)
“Share Your Love with Me” (1969)
“Call Me” (1970)
“Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)” (1970)
“Bridge Over Troubled Water” (1971)
“Spanish Harlem” (1971)
“Day Dreaming” (1972)
“Angel” (1973)
“Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do)” (1973)
“I’m in Love” (1974)
“Something He Can Feel” (1976)
“Break It to Me Gently” (1977)
“Jump to It” (1982)
“Get It Right” (1983)
“Freeway of Love” (1985)
be the QUEEN

History of Rap: The Best Proto Rap, Part 2

Proto Rap 

Before There Was Rap, There Were The Last Poets, Micky Grant, Gary Bird and …… Last year we’ve posted part 1 of the History of Rap. And yes, we’ve found 10 more ancestors of rap songs. Listen to part 2 of rap ‘avant la lettre’.

History of Rap

  1. Delights of the Garden - The Last Poets with Bernard Purdie (Delights Of The Garden, 1977)
  2. Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope - Micky Grant (Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope, 1972)
  3. Ego Tripping - Nikki Giovanni And The New York Community Choir (Truth Is On Its Way, 1971)
  4. Every Brother Aint a Brother - Gary Byrd (Every Brother Ain’t A Brother / Are You Really Ready For Black Power, 1970)
  5. Love Potion-Cheeba Cheeba - Mighty Tom Cats (Love Potion-Cheeba Cheeba / Finger In It, 1973)
  6. The Payback - James Brown ‎(The Payback, 1973)
  7. Put a Curse on You - Melvin van Peebles (Ain’t Supposed To Die A Natural Death, 1974)
  8. The Signifyin’ Monkey - The Johnny Otis Show (Cold Shot, 1968)
  9. Troglodyte (Cave Man) - The Jimmy Castor Bunch (It’s Just Begun, 1972)
  10. What Do I Have? - Nancy Dupree with Group Of Rochester, NY Youngsters (Ghetto Reality, 1970)

Read more about Proto Rap and the History of Rap.

For when you be grinding for dem souls or just trying to get threw the game without crying cause you accidental fucked up and killed your favorite NPC.

Listen Here

Track List:
Come Back/Fox Stevenson
We Are The Night/Kai Wachi
The Nights/Avicii
Renaissance Dogs/Exabyte
I Will Pick You Up/S3RL
Like a Baws/DEAD END
Money Counter/xKore & Stereoliez

Funky Basslines in Soul Music, part 4

Yes … 10 more cool soul and funk music with awesome basslines… to be continued

  1. Black Woman - Tala Andre Marie (Black Woman, 1976)
  2. Disco Congo - King Errisson ‎(L.A. Bound, 1977)
  3. Funk Brother Soul - Gerson King Combo (Gerson King Combo, Volume II, 1977)
  4. Funky Nassau - Wess and The Airedales (Vehicle, 1972)
  5. Let The Groove Move You - Gus ‘The Groove’ Lewis (Together / Let The Groove Move You, 1969)
  6. Perdigouna - Godchild ‎(Godchild, 1975)
  7. Sweetest Thing In The World - Turner Bros. (Act 1, 1974)
  8. There’s Nothing Like This - Omar (There’s Nothing Like This, 1990)
  9. When You Feel It Grunt If You Can - The J.B.s (These Are The J.B.’s, 1971)
  10. You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet - Hot Ice Company (You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet / Got To Learn To Do Without You, 1970)

More funky basslines herehere and here.

Top 10 Soul Instrumentals

My personal top 10 so far, of instrumental soul music, funk and r&b beats. 

  1. Black Purd’s Theme - Bernard Purdie (Master Drummers Volume One, 1993)
  2. Cleo’s Mood - Jr. Walker and the All Stars (Shotgun, 1965)
  3. Concentration - Dennis Landry (Sing My Song / Concentration, 1974)
  4. Eli’s Pork Chop - Little Sonny (New King of Blues Harmonica, 1970)
  5. Light Four - Herbie Flowers and Barry Morgan ‎(Bass Guitar And Percussion, 1971)
  6. Mama Soul - Harold Alexander (Sunshine Man, 1971)
  7. Outa-Space - Billy Preston (I wrote a simple song, 1972) 
  8. Stories - Chakachas (Chakachas, 1972)
  9. Watermelon Man - Mongo Santamaria (Watermelon Man, 1963)
  10. Your Love Is Just Too Much - Gene Harris & The Three Sounds (Gene Harris / The Three Sounds, 1971)

Will be continued…

Strange Soul Top 11

11 Soul songs with weird titles, unusual instruments or strange sounding melodies. 

  1. 10-2 Double Plus - Jackie and Tut (10-2 Double Plus / Hawaiian Punch, 1967)
  2. Chant - Lancelot Layne (Yo Tink It Sorf / Chant, 1976)
  3. Cookies - Brother Soul (Cookies / Do It Good, 1974)
  4. Fuck You Symphony - Millie Jackson (Back To The S..t!, 1989)
  5. Look At Me I’m In Love (French Version) - The Moments (Look At Me (I’m In Love) / Look At Me (I’m In Love) (French Version), 1975)
  6. Mama Soul - Harold Alexander (Sunshine Man, 1971)
  7. Nobody Knows The Trouble We’ve Seen - Rufus Harley ‎(Re-Creation Of The Gods, 1972): Bagpipes Funk
  8. Psychedelic Woman  - Honey and the Bees Band (originally 1973 / Ghana Soundz: Afrobeat, Funk and Fusion in the 70’s, 2003)
  9. Put a Curse on You - Melvin van Peebles (Ain’t Supposed To Die A Natural Death, 1974)
  10. Queer For The New Year - Blowfly (The Weird World of Blowfly, 1969)
  11. Tempura Soul - Fuka Vicente (G.I. Funk (14 Vietnam Wartime Funky Club Hits), 2004)

The Best Gospel Funk Ever

The Gospel Funk Blog posted more than 100 Funky Gospel tracks

They’ve put together a top 10 with their personal favorites. Get ready to enter into the funky world of Gospel music!

  1. After The Rain - Pastor T. L. Barrett ‎(Do Not Pass Me By, 1976)
  2. Do Your Thing - The Marion Gaines Singers (Leaning On The Everlasting Arms, 1974)
  3. God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes - Horace Family (God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes / Low Is The Way, 1977)
  4. Jesus Is Waiting - Al Green (Call Me, 1973)
  5. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright - Liz Dargan and the Gospelettes (Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, 1973)
  6. Hymn No. 5 - King Hannibal (Truth, 1973)
  7. Lying on the Truth - The Rance Allen Group (Straight from the Heart, 1979)
  8. Keep the Faith - Mel and Tim (Mel and Tim, 1973)
  9. Stand on the Word - The Joubert Singers (Stand on the Word / Stand on the Word (Instrumental), 1985)
  10. The same thing it took - The Inspirational Gospel singers (Good God!: Born Again Funk, 2010)

Top 10 September Soul

Today it’s the first day of September. Let’s celebrate this with 10 great soul and funk songs about this beautiful month.

  1. It’s September - Johnnie Taylor (Super Taylor, 1974)
  2. One September Day - Nina Simone (I Put A Spell On You, 1965)
  3. See You In September - Rhoades Affair (See You In September / Tomorrow, 1979)
  4. September - Earth, Wind and Fire (The Best Of Earth Wind & Fire Vol. I, 1978)
  5. September 13 - Deodato (Prelude, 1972)
  6. September Love - Kool and The Gang (In the Heart, 1983)
  7. September Song - Earl Bostic (Harlem Nocturne / September Song, 1969)
  8. September Song - James Brown (Soul On Top, 1970)
  9. September When I First Met You - Barry White (September When I First Met You / Early Years, 1978)
  10. Sweet Lady September - The Floaters (Float into the Future, 1979)

Soul Music Discoveries

Five Soul Music Discoveries. My top 5 of soul and funk music tracks. Music that is unusual, different, awesome or just great to listen to. Enjoy!

  1. Great Stax recording is Bed Of Roses by Judy Clay ‎(Bed Of Roses / Remove These Clouds, 1968)
  2. Blind Alley - The Emotions (Untouched, 1972)
  3. Candela - Zulu (Candela / Sueño De Amor, 1973)
  4. James Brown at the organ on Jimmy Mack (Plays The Real Thing, 1967)
  5. Tombstones For Three - Tony Middleton (Tombstones For Three If You Had To Break Someone’s Heart, 196?)

Soul Tribute Songs

Ten Great Tribute Songs (songs written to salute other artists) and songs written about other musicians.

  1. Aretha; Sing One For Me - George Jackson (Aretha; Sing One For Me / I’m Gonna Wait, 1972)
  2. Blues for Billie Holiday- Terry Callier (Lookin’ Out, 2004)
  3. Cole, Cooke and Redding - Wilson Pickett (Cole, Cooke and Redding / Sugar, Sugar, 1970)
  4. Crystal Closet Queen - Leon Russell (Leon Russell and the Shelter People, 1971). A tribute to Little Richard.
  5. Otis Sleep On - Arthur Conley ‎(Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / Otis Sleep On, 1968)
  6. Sister Aretha - Memphis Black (The Soul Club, 1969)   
  7. Song for Aretha - Bernard Purdie (Soul Is… Pretty Purdie, 1972)
  8. A Song for Donny - The Whispers (The Whispers, 1979)
  9. Sweet Soul Music - Arthur Conley ‎(Sweet Soul Music, 1967)
  10. A Tribute To A King - William Bell (A Tribute To A King, 1967)