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I'll Be Alright
Slakah the Beatchild (ft Ebrahim)
I'll Be Alright

*TOTD* | Slakah The Beatchild - Be Alright (ft Ebrahim) - Soul Movement Vol I

I first came across Slakah The Beatchild on a track called “Between Us” by producer Häzel, which features fellow Canadian Drake and Slak, a track I have previously posted. The track is an absolute banger and left me wondering who the heck this guy was. 

Well, having stumbled across two of his mixtapes  - “Something Forever” and “Soul Movement Vol I” - where today’s track of the day comes from. “Be Alright” was written by Slakah’s countryman Ebrahim (look out for a post on him) and also appears on his EP “Goldrush”. 

Gotta love the guitars on the track and it’s general feel-good vibe. If you like anything along the lines of the stuff we usually post up on here, then you should definitely appreciate this. Endorsed by the multi-platinum selling Drake (but far less commercial), Slakah’s mixtapes are certainly worth checking out.

♫"Baby, baby, baby…I don’t need you in my life. I’m doing all the right things…I’m gonna be alright" ♫

*bops head*

Enjoy :)

~Ri~ x