soul is saving her again

After seeing a good amount of tags and confusion I wanna tell everyone about Nagisa Momoe. Obviously Rebellion spoilers below.

Yes, she is Charlotte.

But in Rebellion she comes back to help Madoka. When she comes back she takes the form Mami named “Bebe”. “She was expressionless and silent when she was first encountered, but took on its current appearance out of the blue. A bit loud. Mami made its clothes by hand” To blend in she plays the role of team pet and loyal companion to Mami.

She ends up telling Mami later that she came with Madoka and Sayaka to help save Homura. We find out later from Sayaka they came to keep Madoka’s memories and powers safe and since there was two of them if one died they would have a back up. So her and Sayaka end up acting as Madoka’s angels if you will.

Remember, in Madoka’s new world as the Law of Cycles she never killed Mami in this timeline. She was absorbed into the Law of Cycles like everyone else. The only one who this didn’t apply to was Sayaka it seems who retains all memories of all timelines. Nagisa does seem to have retained some memory of the timelines considering “Mami resembles someone who appeared in the final nightmare the witch saw.” So, she did kill Mami in at least one timeline, but neither know that.

About her wish:

It would seem judging by the amount of medical things in her labyrinth in the show, the fact her grief seed was found at the hospital, as well as production notes that her mother was very sick and her wish was for her mother.

As per her wish she revived “one single cheesecake” (which I am guessing was her mothers favorite food). In the design for her labyrinth it says “It’s really a delicious cheese cake. My dying mother wanted to eat it, but maybe I should have cured her disease instead. However, that surely wasn’t appropriate.”

Other notes:

- She is estimated to be about 10

- Her she has two kinds of minions: Pyotr that look a bit like mice that are to locate cheese. And Polina who “nurse” the cheese. 

- She states the reason for coming and helping save Homura was to eat cheese again.

- Her soul gem is shaped like a piece of candy

- Her weapon is a bubble trumpet

In Homura’s new reality she is alive again, so there is likely to be more of her and the ending has her and Mami meeting so it is likely they will become friends.

Please don’t hate her because she is Charlotte. All magical girls used to become witches and what they do as witches is beyond their control. She is just a little girl who wanted to do something for her mother without knowing it would cost her life.

Imaginary Demon

Word Count: 517

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Death

A/N: This is for @one-shots-supernatural ‘s hiatus challenge. Prompt is: Point your gun at me if it helps you relax. 

“Hi Dean.” You smiled as he entered the warehouse where you’d manage to lure him. “Did you miss me?”

“You know I did. You died…you were in hell for months…” He whispered, choking back the tears and pointing his gun at you. “But you’re not Y/N. Not anymore.”

“Oh, but she is…” Alistair’s voice rang out as he entered the room, putting an arm around you. “New and improved. A better student than you ever were.”

“Come on, Dean.” You smiled threateningly and advanced on him. “Point your gun at me if it helps you relax. We both know the gun won’t hurt me even if you could bring yourself to shoot it. Just give us what we want.” Your eyes flashed black and Dean cocked the gun, backing away as you advanced.

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My thoughts on Oliver's greatest fears

“When you’re in love with someone, it’s very hard for the person you love to tell you something that’s going to make you fall out of love with them instantaneously…

I really just love this interview and everything about the SDCC that I haven’t even had a moment to really put all my thoughts together. However the comment above was such a testament to something I have always believed so I had to pause.

Felicity’s feelings for Oliver are constantly discussed, it’s always at the forefront but something I feel is mistakenly overlooked is Oliver’s feelings for Felicity. Oliver’s worst fears and deep insecurities.

From the moment Oliver met Felicity she saw his as just that. Oliver Queen. Not “Ollie”.  Not the man who was responsible for the death of Sara Lance. Not the college drop out who couldn’t get his act together.

She saw Oliver Queen.

Through a series of casual interactions where Oliver wasn’t being truthful and Felicity knew it. And made him fully aware (insert the infamous head tilt) she still helped him. Again and again. One of their most powerful scenes in S1, “I trust you” shows early on, she saw something in him. She saw a man worthy of her trust despite his BS stories. Again when he showed in her car bleeding just as much as he put his trust in her, she did the same thing.

Fast forward or this will turn into a 3,000 word essay. Felicity is always there bringing him joy, inspiring and challenging him. Does she think he absolutely beautiful? YES! But most importantly inside and out. She looks at him and the weight of that must be so heavy in Oliver’s chest. He never wants her to stop looking at him like that.

So inadvertently hurting her by sleeping with Isabel (interesting how it happened as he’s protesting that anything is going on between him and Felicity) is nothing compared to not having her bright shining eyes look at him with all that love, compassion, fascination and admiration.

Is Oliver scared of Felicity getting hurt because of him? Of course. But he’s equally scared of her rejecting him. It would be easier for him to never have had her than lose her. Because once they do go there, he’ll be hers and she’ll be his - completely. Felicity has captivated and affected him in a way sometimes I don’t think he can understand. They are so deep and intertwined at this point there is no other way but complete surrender.

Oliver’s relationship with Sara to me, was in part because of the fact that he perceived her to be like him, if not worse, in the unspeakable acts department. Sara’s League of Assasians past helped, because of the darkness in her he never had to worry about her turning away because of the darkness in him. You see that in the way he looks at her when she did her Canary cry. He could focus on her darkness (again the “save her soul” mentality like with Helena). This is all ultimately a way of him trying to prove to himself that no soul is beyond saving because he fears he is beyond redemption. So in his mind if he could fix Helena, if he could fix Sara, then there was hope for him. As we all know, and as Diggle put it so eloquently that’s not love.  

There was a time when it was just enough to be near Felicity, to have her make him smile, to work together on a Team Arrow case, to have a moment where he entertained the thought in his head. We see that through parts of S1 and early episodes of S2. But slowly but surely we get to the point in 2x10 where that’s no longer the case. It is so painfully evident to him, that it will never be “just enough”. He needs her. We see that the moment she walks into his office at QC returning from Central City. It’s proven further by Oliver’s outburst and the apology afterwards (i need you…you’re my partner).

Barry Allen was the optimity of a good guy. Oliver was desperate to find a fault in him because just as quickly as Felicity Smoak and her ponytail bopped it’s way into his life. He realizes she can just as quickly leave it. Similarly to the way Felicity is unaware of Oliver’s feelings. Oliver himself has struggled to discern what Felicity feels for him because no-one has ever seen him the way she does. He has nothing to compare it to and he struggles to understand why this intelligent, beautiful, caring woman having seen his scars both physical and mentally would be interested in him.

So Oliver has been holding his breath for a long time, refusing to allow himself to breathe, to live, because of the fear drowning all over again.

The most scariest thing for Oliver Queen is to allow Felicity Smoak to see him - all of him.

  • Hook: *whines for an entire season because Emma won't date him*
  • Hook: *is literally only doing good just to look good for Emma*
  • Hook: *just threatened to kill people and beat up a man*
  • Hook: *blackmails behind Emma's back*
  • Fandom: Aww !! Poor Killian !!!Wrap him up in a warm blanket :(((
  • Rumps: *manipulates basically every woman on the show*
  • Rumps: *pretends to be good in front of Belle but then lies constantly*
  • Rumps: *just killed a woman*
  • Rumps: *is working for the Snow Queen*
  • Fandom: Wow! They are messing up rumbelle :(( He'll do good again!
  • Regina: *saves her soul mates wife twice*
  • Regina: *is upset for losing her soul mate*
  • Regina: *yells at Emma after asking her to leave her alone in the first place*
  • Regina: *doesn't deny her soul mate when he kisses her*
  • Fandom: Wow. What a selfish homewrecker, god I wish she would stop whining, she's so evil...verbal abuse, child abuse, etc.
  • Me: Ya'll are sexist as fuck.