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An awesome fun analysis request from someone who isn’t on tumblr but sent me a PM elsewhere:

What UT soul trait would each of the Dragon riders have? Include Valka and Eret too. I’m really curious what you might think about that. :)

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Oh my goodness I almost want to draw all the HTTYD characters now with glowing SOULs and some items and…

The soul traits from Undertale are perseverance (purple), integrity (blue), patience (light blue), kindness (green), justice (yellow), bravery (orange), and ??? (red). Some people call red determination, but there is good reason why this is debated, and as is such, I won’t talk about red or determination here. While it is made clear that each human has Determination, the six humans prior to Frisk do demonstrate some other clear traits, as described in the Ball Game, and these we can talk about with no problem.

Valka: Justice (Yellow)

Valka could potentially be argued several ways, but I am quite set on yellow. Yellow was my initial impression, and after toggling with several impressions and possibilities, yellow is where I stay. 

She’s certainly not a blue soul. She’s let her decision to abandon her family eat away at her for years, and try to retroactively justify it to herself. While Valka is mindblowingly brave in standing up against society’s mold, it’s also to note that she is not brave enough to confront her family problems, and is on the contrary rather skittish and timid in many social-familial circumstances. Valka hid for twenty years, so I wouldn’t put orange as her first color. She could perhaps be placed in the kindness category because of how thoughtful she is to saving dragons - creatures usually not treated with love - but I think that justice fits her best.

It is true that Valka isn’t someone who perpetrates justice in the sense of weighing those who deserve punishment or praise, and giving that to them accordingly. However, Valka stands strong for justice in another sense: what the dragons deserve, she’ll do anything to protect. This is an injustice in her world she will not abide.

What Valka does, by standing up to defend the dragons, is go completely against the social mold. She goes against her family, her husband, her chief, her tribe, her culture, her society, her worlds’ fundamental beliefs. That not only is unpopular for Valka to choose, but also inherently dangerous… the Hairy Hooligans are in the middle of the war! Despite this, Valka continues to bravely speak up for what she sees as an injustice in the society. She becomes a vigilante because she believes that the dragons are treated in the wrong.

So Valka is strong in justice from a protective justice standpoint. She’s not some judge who delegates out punishment or rewards. But she is someone who will do anything to see to it that the dragons are no more persecuted by Vikings.

Stoick: Bravery (Orange)

Stoick can be stubborn and he doesn’t always make the best choices, but there’s no denying he makes his choices with a firm, bold, brave conviction. Stoick is extraordinarily courageous and will face extreme danger. He even decides to confront the Red Death headfirst by himself. A dragon the size of a mountain - he’ll take on by himself! Stoick says it’ll be to “buy some time,” knowing that his people are going to be slaughtered by this enormous beast… the least he can do is distract the dragon and allow some other people to escape. Again and again, what Stoick does is brave, often to protect those he loves, and he’ll do it in the face of death. How Stoick died was one last show of deep, loving bravery.

Hiccup: Integrity (Blue)

If red were determination, this would be an amazing candidate for Hiccup. But, as it is, I can’t say that for sure, and integrity is one that fits him solidly. You could also make a fair case for perseverance, but integrity is where I’m putting my vote.

Hiccup is not Lawful Good. That’s not his type of integrity. Hiccup will break rules, but he’s frequently doing it because of a moral conviction. The reason Hiccup gets so caught up in events is because he has to act, he has to do something about this, he has to make things better! It’s all burgeoning out from his internal sense of integrity and moral right.

Think especially of how Hiccup acts in HTTYD 2. He is so propelled to do what he believes is the right thing - talk to Drago and stop a war - that he stops at nothing to achieve this goal. Integrity is what gets Hiccup to stand up in the Kill Ring and announce dragons should not be killed. Integrity is why Hiccup says out, so boldly, at the end of HTTYD 2, “We are the voice of peace, and bit by bit, we will change this world.” Talk about conviction.

Yes, he makes a lot of selfish mistakes - trying to capture a dragon at the start of HTTYD to make himself look good, trying to save Toothless later in HTTYD and putting himself at risk - but there’s also a pretty deep sense of integrity inside this kid. He’s usually trying to make society better by charging out head first. I think it’s the best thing to say that fuels him.

Astrid: Perseverance (Purple)

The reason why Astrid becomes so frustrated by Hiccup in HTTYD is because he is besting her at dragon training. Astrid works extraordinarily hard to be the best of her peers. She studies intensely, goes out to practice, and charges into the ring with determined vehemence. Astrid is the most well-trained warrior out of the youths, having done hours and hours and hours of practice to get good at axe work and even acrobatics. Perseverance again is seen in instances of duress where she confronts the Flightmare, despite failing the first time - she will not give up. Astrid is a diligent, hardworking individual. Perseverance fits her well.

Ruffnut: Patience (Light Blue)

This is an interesting trait of Ruffnut’s that is barely recognized, if even perceived. There are times that Ruffnut can be fidgety, but she actually demonstrates an amazing amount of patience if you watch her in the background. Ruffnut will react with facial expressions, but she often does not speak up, even when it is clear she has an opinion. She lets Tuffnut do the talking. She lets Tuffnut do a lot of the acting and decision making. She lets everyone else guide the way. She often lets her own feelings go unexpressed - how long has Ruffnut been biting back her frustrations against Astrid? Ruffnut tends to go with the flow. In a weird way, this is a sort of patience, and she exercises it constantly.

Tuffnut: Bravery (Orange)

Tuffnut seems to have little sense of fear. He acts, on the contrary, thrilled to charge into danger. Sometimes his choices might seem foolhardy, but there’s no discounting that Tuffnut is brave.

Fishlegs: Kindness (Green)

Fishlegs is the most peaceful of the dragon riders. He is a goodnatured soul who might sometimes snap at people pointedly, but he’s usually the least contentious, the least rude, the least clashing of the youths. Fishlegs is a very kind person. He’s willing to help out with people like Heather who are in a rough spot. He looks upon dragons with sympathy and interest rather than as enemies. Fishlegs has good manners and prefers to treat others with kindness first. It’s not a bad soul trait for him.

Snotlout: Bravery (Orange)

Snotlout can be intimidated and worried. A lot of his bravado is also obvious show to hide internal insecurities. Nevertheless, even with a lot of false bravery and internal struggles, he is brave. Snotlout makes some incredibly brave decisions in truth. Bravery is not just doing something bold, but it’s standing up even when you’re afraid. Snotlout does that. And so he’ll fight with the dragon riders time and time again, and he’ll even take on his own personal projects, like defending the Fireworm Queen and her nest in RTTE S3.

Heather: Justice (Yellow)

Heather gives up easily to become despaired, so she’s not going to be perseverance. Heather has done or wanted to do a number of cruel things, and has shown problems attaching to or lying to others, so she’s not going to be kindness. Heather often seems anxious rather than patient, worried about the current rather than seeing how the future could be better. But she’s definitely got justice.

Even if Heather herself is sometimes two-faced in how she acts, she treats others with a bit of a justice-honed mind. The biggest example of this is when Dagur kills her foster parents. Heather goes out on an overdone rampage of attacking peaceful boats and taking their belongings to help her village. She’s trying to give the people of the village what they deserve after losing it. It’s a weird Robin Hood mentality, even if she gets it wrong. Heather also is willing to kill Dagur and the other people responsible for it - they get what they sowed, as she sees it. Others in the dragon riding team are more willing to let go to get to safety, but Heather goes further to try to see justice to the end. It’s another reason why Heather is so set on not forgiving Dagur - after what he did, she doesn’t see that he deserves it.

Amusingly, justice is also the color of SOUL I’d ascribe to Dagur…

Eret: Patience (Light Blue)

What? Huh? Really? Eret? Patience? Why?

First off, he’s not bravery. I suspect many people might suggest he’s orange, but while Eret has a big swaggering attitude about him and can be bold in a fight, he’s also someone who gets intimidated and uncomfortable easily throughout HTTYD 2. Eret is often unsettled and wide-eyed, thrown off-guard. Furthermore, Eret is someone who doesn’t stand up. He’s not bravely clashing against Drago… he’s cowering at the sight of the man. As reasonable as that is for Eret to be doing, given his personal experiences, it means I’m not pinning this guy as orange.

Inside Eret, though, I feel as though there’s a strange sense of patience. It’s a patience created through fear, but it’s a patience nevertheless. Eret is someone who works for Drago with some reluctance - the reason he sticks with Drago is due to intimidation factors. But Eret is making the best of his current situation by being the best dragon trapper he can be… and waiting out the bad. It’s a form of patience.

Eret has to be patient in order to capture dragons. Hunting and finding creatures can take a lot of time, effort, watching, and waiting. This might be a job that sounds very exciting - and it probably is, once there’s a dragon in sight - but a whole lot of this occupation will be sailing empty seas, staring at the skies.

And even in how Eret interacts with others, there’s a unique sense of something we could call patience. If you have patience, you perhaps are going to be someone better able to see a different perspective, because you’re going to listen without impatiently jumping to your own ideologies. Eret is someone who firmly believes that dragons are fine to be trapped… but over the course of the journey, soaks in what he learns from others and changes into a pro-dragon fighter. It’s not a direct connection between patience and this attribute, but I think it’s still relevant. Eret has a patient enough ear to listen… even if it does seem like he is outwardly balking and mocking people… and he is… there’s still something cycling mentally on the inside. He can go from trying to trap Stormfly to freeing her. Not everyone can turn their mind around upon hearing an alternate perspective.

So this is a weird one. But I don’t know if I’d call him kindness, and I wouldn’t call him bravery, and he’s not a perseverance-oriented person at all, or someone talking about justice - being as he knows he’s on the wrong side and just keeps working with it - and for that same reason, not someone who lives strongly by their convictions, so not integrity. Patience is better than the others. So patience it is.