soul gallifrey

Soul Gallifrey

Just to sort of explain the Soul Gallifrey thing… Owen and I were playing Soul Calibur IV while I was visiting him, because it’s fun and because it has character customisation. And so we just started making a bunch of Doctor Who characters, some more obscure than others, and battling them.

We’d make up really silly reasons for why they were battling in the first place, too, or quote things at each other. Fitz and C'rizz fighting over who was the biggest woobie. (Fitz lost and thus was the biggest woobie.) Eight and Charley quoted lots of Scherzo lines at each other. Adric and Turlough fought over their room. I’m sure we made up something or other for almost all of them.

Also, I should note we didn’t have screencapping possibilities. I just took photos of the screen. It turned out impressively well, actually, but then it was a good camera and a big TV.

In the end, it played out like:

Krissy vs Owen
18 - 14  (battles)
70 - 61  (single fights)

Despite me only having played Soul Calibur II, and never having played anything on an Xbox before, I managed to win. I felt quite proud, which is why I’m bragging. Sorry, Owen. But it was pretty fun whether winning or losing, because of the Whoniverse geeking that took place.

Here’s a full count of which characters won which matches:

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