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Sugar Pt. 3 (Luke)



“I wrote the lyrics in Chicago. I was with my dad, and we were listening to the old music where they’d always say ‘sugar’ and ‘honey’ - stuff like that. I was like, ‘Why doesn’t anyone do that anymore?’ - Pete Wentz


“Smells delightful, sugar.”

The soulful scent of fresh herbs wafts through your kitchen, slices of potatoes marinating in a sizzling pan. Warm pieces of bread are sandwiched in their slots on the counter, the slow timer ticking its soft metronome. The early morning  earthly smell of coffee follow its course through a dilapidated kitchen window , its weary hinges rusty with age. You smile when you realise its none of these scents he’s referring to, his nose buried deep in the skin of your exposed neck.

“Luke…” You warn, feeling his mouth leave wet kisses in a string to your collarbone, the soft press of his hands lifting up his knee-length shirt you’d grown so accustomed to wearing in bed.

Luke merely hums in response, licking his way back up to your waiting mouth, your head tilted at an odd angle to meet his eager lips.

“Luke…” You warn again as his tongue pushes past and bumps sloppily with your own, his sporadic moans as sweet and filling as spoonfuls of honey. His hands inch higher this time, nimble fingers prancing excitedly along the lace of your underwear, your thighs pricked with bumps from the cold feel of his palms. “Isabelle is bound to walk in.”

“Nonsense.” He purrs, slipping a finger inside and running it teasingly over the length of your folds. His voice is nothing but rushes of air, silent whispers of lust against your skin. “No offence sweetheart, but based from what I’m feeling, I don’t think you seem to care.”

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OKAY! Someone wanted me to put these all together and it took some time to make sure I got them all but here you go!! X”D
All the Sans sprites I’ve made!(minus the crack ship babies which tbh probably comes close to this in number.)

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The Goal is God's Love Not Religion

‘The best among you is one who possesses God’s love in his heart even if he does not practise a religion.’ - His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi

God granted every messenger two types of knowledge. One is the knowledge that deals with exterior cleanliness and rituals of the religion. The other knowledge is the core of religion, knowledge which awakens your soul, enlightens your heart and purifies your ego. HDE Gohar Shahi declared: the exterior form of knowledge without accompanying the interior knowledge is a great mischief. HDE Gohar Shahi has been a super spiritual scientist. He doesnt simply tell you what to do rather he tells you what will be the consequences.

HDE Gohar Shahi gives more importance to God’s love; the importance of religion is being totally nullified. Your goal is God’s love, not the religion. Now you don’t have to adopt a religion. All you need is to obtain God’s love.

The real question is are the boundaries drawn by religions really helping humanity? Religion seems to be a form of slavery. Someone may love God and help the poor but because they don’t follow a religion, religious clerics would say: they did this without faith so its useless. Even atheists have more moral values than many religious people today – they care for humanity and religious people seem to do it to show off. It doesn’t matter if you eat pork or live with your partner without marriage; what matters is whether or not your heart possesses God’s love.

It is very unfortunate that more fraudulent human beings are found to be those who are religious. Religion is a very sensitive matter. It is a product, which will always sell like a hot cake. Had there not been any religions, the world would have been less corrupted and human beings would have been less inhumane. For example, any cooked food goes bad after three days; you only enjoy food when its fresh. In a similar way, the religions are nice when they are fresh, so to speak. In order to preserve food you refrigerate it and in order to preserve the religion you spiritualise it.

Not only Islam but every religion, when its Spiritual system was destroyed, was made subject to great violence in the name of religion and God.

If spirituality is not handy and not synchronised within the religion, the religion without spirituality becomes a horrible monster.

- YA

Soul Singer Sharon Jones: ‘The Cancer Is Here, But I Want To Perform’

Jones says that while extensive surgery and chemotherapy took a lot out of her, her desire to make music never faltered. After finishing chemo, recovering from the surgery and getting clean scans, she returned to the stage with The Dap-Kings in 2014.

The cancer has since returned, but Jones wants to continue making music. “This cancer is here, and I have to take the chemo,” she says, “but I want to perform. I just want to be able to get onstage and move.”

Femslash Feb Day 13 - Theme Park (Duchess/Briar)


At least it’s biased towards top fave tho??? *sweats* By no means do I want this bias to stop, Duchess is my sweet daughter, my one true love


Brief Summary: Briar wants Duchess to come to the amusement park so she can ride the scariest rides possible, but Duchess has more refined theme park tastes. 

Word Count: 498

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