soul fresh


Ink : Yes, i know. That’s why i said i would sell my soul for him :D

Credits :

Ink Sans - @comyet

Fresh Sans - @loverofpiggies

I don’t know if someone already made this before. But i want to make it so bad, ‘cause is so hilarious XD

and i don’t know how to Fresh’s talking ;w;

anonymous asked:

Fresh Sans with a green soul S/O?

~Mod Feral to self with how she acted to the Fresh x Perseverance before

Fresh Sans x Kindness

- He is amazed on how you can act towards certain situations, and will sometimes push you on it to figure you out more.

- He’s likely to try and mirror your actions to help you feel better, even before getting a grasp on emotions himself, just because you’re better when positive.

- He’s bound to ask you why you do what you do often. He actually finds it endearing after a while, but at the start it’s just curiosity that fuels why he does.

- Is actually glad that you’re willing to help him with things and take good care of his stuff.

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Fresh Sans x Purple Soul SO head cannons?

As someone who would have a purple soul, this was weird to think about~Mod God
-He finds it interesting how hard you work when you have your mind set on something.
-He might try to test your limits. He means no ill intent, he’s just curious to see how far you’ll go.
-It’s a good thing you can put up with a lot, because he can be a lot to handle.