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Fresh Sans x Purple Soul SO head cannons?

As someone who would have a purple soul, this was weird to think about~Mod God
-He finds it interesting how hard you work when you have your mind set on something.
-He might try to test your limits. He means no ill intent, he’s just curious to see how far you’ll go.
-It’s a good thing you can put up with a lot, because he can be a lot to handle.

Sugar Pt. 3 (Luke)



“I wrote the lyrics in Chicago. I was with my dad, and we were listening to the old music where they’d always say ‘sugar’ and ‘honey’ - stuff like that. I was like, ‘Why doesn’t anyone do that anymore?’ - Pete Wentz


“Smells delightful, sugar.”

The soulful scent of fresh herbs wafts through your kitchen, slices of potatoes marinating in a sizzling pan. Warm pieces of bread are sandwiched in their slots on the counter, the slow timer ticking its soft metronome. The early morning  earthly smell of coffee follow its course through a dilapidated kitchen window , its weary hinges rusty with age. You smile when you realise its none of these scents he’s referring to, his nose buried deep in the skin of your exposed neck.

“Luke…” You warn, feeling his mouth leave wet kisses in a string to your collarbone, the soft press of his hands lifting up his knee-length shirt you’d grown so accustomed to wearing in bed.

Luke merely hums in response, licking his way back up to your waiting mouth, your head tilted at an odd angle to meet his eager lips.

“Luke…” You warn again as his tongue pushes past and bumps sloppily with your own, his sporadic moans as sweet and filling as spoonfuls of honey. His hands inch higher this time, nimble fingers prancing excitedly along the lace of your underwear, your thighs pricked with bumps from the cold feel of his palms. “Isabelle is bound to walk in.”

“Nonsense.” He purrs, slipping a finger inside and running it teasingly over the length of your folds. His voice is nothing but rushes of air, silent whispers of lust against your skin. “No offence sweetheart, but based from what I’m feeling, I don’t think you seem to care.”

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On this day in music history: May 18, 1985 - “Fresh” by Kool & The Gang hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also topping the Club Play chart for 1 week on May 4, 1985, and peaking at #9 on the Hot 100 on June 8, 1985. Written by James “J.T.” Taylor, Sandy Linzer and Kool & The Gang, it is the eighth chart topping single for the veteran R&B/Funk band from Jersey City, NJ. The original idea for what become “Fresh” comes from lead singer J.T Taylor who had written it prior to joining Kool & The Gang in 1978. Showing it to drummer George Brown, Brown changes the original groove to what it becomes on the finished recording. They invite songwriter Sandy Linzer (“A Lover’s Concerto”, “Native New Yorker”, “Let’s Hang On”, Working My Way Back To You") to help finish the song. Linzer come up with the title and write the lyrics. Released as the second single from Kool & The Gang’s eighteenth studio album “Emergency” in March of 1985, it quickly follows its predecessor “Misled” (#3 R&B, #10 Pop), into the top ten on the pop and R&B charts. The song becomes one of the bands most popular and frequently played songs, both on radio and live. “Fresh” is also supported by a pair of 12" dance mixes, one remixed by co-producer Jim Bonnefond, John Rollo and Kendall Stubbs, and another by Mark S. Berry, that become huge on club dance floors around the world. The song is supported by a music video that spoofs the fairy tale “Cinderella” and features actress and singer Telma Hopkins as “Cinderella” and J.T. Taylor as the prince. “Fresh” unseats USA For Africa’s “We Are The World” from the top spot on the R&B singles chart in the Spring of 1985.

OKAY! Someone wanted me to put these all together and it took some time to make sure I got them all but here you go!! X”D
All the Sans sprites I’ve made!(minus the crack ship babies which tbh probably comes close to this in number.)

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It is always tough to give up on your dreams.
Your hopes, your ambitions, everything you’ve done and everything you’ve seen that has led you up to this point of uncertainty where you’re demanded to choose between yourself and the people around you.
Yet, I watched her do it without any hesitation. Leaving her half-finished canvasses for 9 to 5 jobs, choosing to be happy with the knowledge that she is doing enough to provide food and shelter for her family, burying herself in her work, and still smiling. She asks for nothing in return. Except for a smile or two, I suppose. And I know she just wants her efforts to be recognised because sometimes I find her awake at 2 in the morning, rocking back and forth softly with her knees to her chest, wondering if she’ll ever be good enough.
I wish I could just tell her how she is enough. More than enough. How she has touched so many lives with her soft hands and warm eyes. How I’ve always looked up to her for being so brave.

Sometimes I wonder why the best of us are so trapped within our cages of insecurity to realise how beautiful our souls are.
She’s a fresh breath of air in this world reeking of misery.
The kindest person I’ve ever met.
And I love her.

—  Tamarind Fall; Writing prompt: For a girl who gave up all of her dreams for her family and she doesn’t ask for anything in return but I know she wants to have her efforts recognised. Always doubts her self worth but she has changed so many lives without realising, including mine. I just want her to know she’s enough, more than enough. She’s the kindest person I’ve ever met and I absolutely love her.