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Who Is Your Spiritual Entourage?

In our physical world, we can’t help but notice those with their own entourages. Whether you’re Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Oprah, the Pope, Jesus and his twelve disciples, too many sports figures, powerful business leaders, to politicians, they all have one thing in common. They are surrounded by people whom they trust, have loyalty, can be advised, helped, inspired, healed, with a true sense of community, a physical entourage. So what about the rest of us who may not be rich, powerful, famous, popular, or not have a lot of family and friends on the earthly plane? Who is in our entourage? What entourage do we belong too? Where is our entourage?

The word “entourage,” by definition, is “an informal group or band of people who are closely associated with a famous, notorious, or otherwise notable individual.” Well, you are a famous, notorious, and notable individual for those in the spirit world!

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Class Announcement: Leo’s touching

Look I’m happy you’re all excited and screaming about Leo being able to hold hands but could I ask you not to spread this information ic wise? I’m looking at you anons.

Look me and Alex, mostly me, have been waiting for this moment for 2 years- for me since I’ve pretty much made him. This is very very important to me and Leo and the moment with Riku is supposed to be personal. By spreading around this information ic wise you’re both invading and disrespecting Leo’s and Riku’s privacy and you’re taking away Leo’s voice from this matter.

If he wants to tell people, he will tell people himself because he deserves it. He’s worked so hard for it guys. 

NOT TO MENTION that Leo being able to hold hands comes with a lot of restrictions, so no it still isn’t easy to hold hands. With Riku it’s easier cause she is Leo’s platonic soul mate, best friends. You get what I mean.

Not to mention there’s a high probability that Leo doesn’t even want to touch your muse.

So uh yeah! Please don’t spread this information ic wise, ooc wise it’s perfectly fine! Just not ic wise, please and thank you in advance! 

Do you think Niall ever feels, like…… weird because his four brothers have these other-worldly, beautiful, ethereal love stories, and they’re so solidly and madly in love and certain that they’ve chosen each other forever… and he’s maybe still kind of… looking for his happily ever after, or not sure what he wants out of life, or who he wants to be with, or if he’s even capable of having something like they do? If I had four friends who found their soul mates at such a young age I’d feel so much pressure and kind of restless and a little panicky about finding that too, and I wonder if Niall ever feels like that.

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Sorry, I know this isn't really related to your blog content but - why is Hux so romanticised? He's literally a Nazi parallel and - keeping in mind what the Nazis did to gay people - a bunch of straight female K-lux shippers think he should be the first LGBTQ character in Star Wars? It's just like - wow, I did not realise how bad (and racist) this fanbase actually was, as if anyone would give a damn about him if he wasn't white. My sapphic soul is in pain...

friend, wondering why irrelevant white boys are so loved is totally related to my blog content, don’t stress ;)

yeah I can’t stand h*x or k*lux for real. and people are saying that it’s because h*x is ‘more interesting’ as a character when he was literally in the movie for like five minutes and one of those minutes he was involved in blowing up a bunch of fucking planets.

so idk how folk can think he’s interesting after that. same shit’s happened in so many fandoms man, I know the game and you can’t play me.

and the only reason k*ylux is so damn popular now is because people dropped finnpoe as the main m/m ship because writing characters of color with respect is ‘too hard’ and fans of color that are criticizing it when authors fuck up are being ‘bullies’

s’just a bunch of fucking cowards that hate being called racist more than perpetuating racist shit. so the ones saying that h*x is a more interesting, relateable character are full of it ‘cause he barely had anything and he’s a goddamn space nazi. but he’s white so he’s obviously got to be interesting, there’s just always something more about him.


A runner passed by
on the opposite side of the street
and the sounds his shoes made
as they slapped the concrete were
so precise, so synchronized
with all of the things that propelled
him forward: the noonday sun, his breath, his
circling thoughts (or lack thereof), the
beating of his heart.

It sounded to me
like early mornings on the trail
behind my house,
practicing the art of a steady pace
as I ran across the same bridge that I
tried to throw myself from one summer
when I’d had enough

It sounded to me like
recovery – like finding my way back to
the vessel of my spirit,
the home that I’d abandoned
when the cyclone
approached from the north.
The earthquake – the flood – all manner
of mind-made calamity.

It sounded like
disaster relief
from a distant and generous soul.

It sounded like
becoming my own friend again.

It sounded like the gift
I gave myself after
taking so many things away.

It sounded like
letting one step lead into another,
listening to the chemical exchange
between my body and the atmosphere,
remembering the way it feels to be alive
in the wake of destruction
and the midst of repair,
collecting seeds
to turn the aftermath
back into a place where I could
live, grow, flourish – never quite
the same, but not too different, either –
beauty and charm seeping
through the cracks
of all that was swept into pieces.

I heard all of this in the footfalls
of a man whose path
I’d never crossed – not even

I tell you this so you may consider
that you just never really know
what you’ll sound like
to a stranger.
While you’re just getting in
your cardio, she’s recalling
the grace of the universe
once upon a time
guiding her away from death.


Sketches for a Soul Friends drae au shared between @pinayako2020 and me. Souda takes Komaru’s place and Hinata/Kamukura, (their eyes change colour depending on who is in control,) get Fukawa’s. I think I got most of our ideas down…or at least the main ones.

Every picture but the first two are captioned. I hope my writing is alright to read as well..

A thought that just occured to me: Even though Hajime Hinata woke up as himself and not Izuru Kamukura from the Neo World Program, he still has an augmented brain from the Hope Cultivation Project.

Case In Point: Hinata, after waking up, should still be as smart and talented as Izuru (permanent brain surgery, yo), and could probably save the others who are comatose, along with Souda who as a mechanic would have an easy time understanding both the machinery and the programming.

…Did…I just confirm that the SoulFriends ship saves the comatose SDR2 kids?

In the few short whiles we have esteemed one another you have become my everything. My soul mate. My best friend. As dreary as my world has so recently turned it has never appeared so magnificent.
—  F R E S C O, Article #162 - You are the warmest colour.

I always suspected it but it’s so great to find out that it wasn’t just a matter of Eren just not being able to make any friends beyond Armin, Eren freaking CHOSE Armin, he saw this kid get bullied constantly but never hit back or ever run away and he finally just had to ask “what the f?” And it turns out Armin has a really strong and wise philosophy and Eren was just like

“Oh.. this one. This is the friend I want. This is the one. I will keep him and protect him always. This is it. My friend. 8ever. You.”

Just let these soul mates be together okay–