soul for a friend

The day.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff X Reader
Warnings: None.
Summary: Imagine getting married with Pietro

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Today was the day. Today was finally the day you got to marry your best friend, your soul mate. Pietro proposed to you 7 months ago, when he woke up from the coma after saving Clint’s life. He treated you like if you were the one who put the stars in the sky reminded you he loved you every day. Pietro was the perfect man for you.

You were so nervous, but your father, Tony, was even more nervous than you. He was checking your hair and your dress every minute. Making sure that everything was perfect for his little girl.

“Calm down dad, you are making me nervous” You said to him with a smile.  

“Sorry sweetie” He apologized “I just… I can’t believe you are going to get married today”

Your heart melted when you saw his expression. Your father was always a cocky person, but today he seemed melancholic…

“Hey, dad” You grabbed his face with both hands and hugged him “I’m just going to get married okay? That doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon you! I will continue living in the Stark Tower, I mean, I’m an Avenger, right?”

“Yes, you are” Tony smiled.

“This is only… the day I say to the man I love that I want to spent every day of my life with him.”

Tony kissed your forehead and smiled to you.

“I love you my little girl.”

“And I love you too daddy.”

The organ began playing and you held onto your father’s arm as you started down the aisle. “C’mon Y/N…act like a normal person, don’t fall in your own wedding…” You thought while you were walking.
Everyone rose as you walked past them, giving you smiles and thumbs-up. Clint and Natasha had a huge smile in their faces; Wanda who was sitting with Vision was crying, same as Bruce. And then you saw Pietro. He was dressed in a navy suit with a blue tie as a complement. He seemed very nervous but you saw his childish smile plastered in his face.
When you reached the end of the aisle, you kissed your father on the cheek. When you saw that your father was crying, you started to cry to. You stood across from Pietro, who was already in tears. Perfect…now everyone was crying…

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here to join together this man and this woman in Matrimony; which is an honorable estate, and therefore is not by any to be entered upon, nor taken In hand, unadvisedly, lightly, or wantonly; but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, duly considering the causes for which Matrimony was ordained. Matrimony was ordained for the mutual society, help, and comfort that the one ought to have of the other, in both prosperity and adversity. Into which estate these two persons present come now to be joined. Therefore if any man can show any just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter forever hold his peace.” The priest said.

The priest turned to Pietro now.

“Wilt thou have this woman to be thy wedded wife? Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honor, and keep her, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all other, keep the only unto her, so long as you both shall live?” He asked.

“I do” Pietro smiled a tear sliding down his cheek.

“Wilt thou have this man to be thy wedded husband? Wilt thou love him, comfort him, honor, and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all other, keep the only unto him, so long as you both shall live?” The priest asked you.

“I do” You said, crying.

“At this time, the bride and groom will exchange vows,” the priest said, waiting for you to pull out your vows.

“Pietro, I love you with all my heart. I knew since the day I met you that I would love you, and I have. I miss you when you are gone and I cherish you when you are with me. You are my life, my light, my childish Sokovian boy” He laughs at that “You comfort me when I’m sad, and you celebrate with me when times are good. I know things haven’t and won’t always be the easiest, but I promise I will stick by you and make it through, no matter what. You are the most amazing man I have ever met, and I am overjoyed to be able to spend the rest of my life with my best friend,” you smiled, in tears.

You turned your head to the public to realize that everyone had tears on their eyes. Pietro was crying as he pulled out his own vows.

“(Y/N), I never thought I would find someone like you.  You are beautiful, and although you don’t always believe it, I vow to remind you every day just how stunning you are to me. Since the day I meet you I been the happiest man on earth. You make me the happiest person; you make me a better person. I will always be here for you, no matter what. And above all, I will always love you. ” he said, winking at the end of his speech.

Then, you two exchanged rings. He picked out the most beautiful ring for you: a silver one with a beautiful sapphire.

“Forasmuch as these two have pledged their troth either to other, and have declared the same by giving and receiving of a ring, I pronounce that they be man and wife together. You may now kiss the bride,” the priest announced.

Pietro rushed up to you, holding your waist as he kissed you passionately, dipping you a little. You held his face and kissed him back as the guests stood up and clapped.

You were finally married to your best friend.

i love this girl so much. She’s my everything and i honestly dont know what i would do without her. I just wish she would see what i see. I see a beautiful, kind, loving, sweet, cute, sexy, and adorable girl. She’s so precious like she couldn’t hurt a fly. She’s so kind and non judgmental to everyone she knows and she has the sweetest heart, this girl would do anything for anyone. This is the girl i have fallen in love with. My heart is hers fully and completely. I just cant see myself with anyone else. I love you babygirl and i will never let you forget that. I will tell a thousand times a day that i love you because i never want you to forget it. You’re my home…my love, my world, my best friend, my girlfriend, my soul mate, and i will never give up on you. 2,210 miles cannot stop me from loving you. ❤️ donutsforall

Crashing Waves

My very first Dean x Reader.
Posted on original blog, inspired by mamapeterson and jessica-bones-winchester

You feel breath catch in your throat as your brain becomes aware that you are awake. A dream lingers in your mind, something about a beach and people running towards crashing waves. Not sure what woke you, your hand curls under your chin and you try to snuggle back into the pillow.

Someone shifts next to you. Hopefully Dean was actually sleeping; you had done your best puppy dog eyes before he promised he would follow you to bed in a minute.  Months of waking up to an empty bed or a clink of glass and the TV whispering about some new invention were weighing on your mind.
It had been a rough year for Dean. You knew only a little about how Sam had gone from losing his soul to losing his sense of reality, and their angel friend Cas had ingested ugly monsters from purgatory and walked himself into a lake, apparently to his death. Of course, if you hadn’t had been rescued by Sherriff Mills in a strange work-incident, you wouldn’t know any of this.

Sometimes you wonder how you got dragged along to a secluded cabin to have people “keep you safe” and let a green-eyed hunter convince you about everything that was out there. More than that, you didn’t know why you had decided you were going to stay.

The pain etched into every part of Dean had hit you the moment he grimaced a smile and shook your hand. Once you had decided him and his brother weren’t completely bat-shit crazy, you saw how concerned he was about Sam, their older hunter friend Bobby, and even Sherriff Mills. You picked up on little things he did, like stick his tongue out just a bit when he was concentrating on his computer, and how his eyes darted everywhere, constantly on alert.

It had taken two weeks of late nights and gauze changes Dean insisted on doing before you realized how his pupils dilated and wrinkles softened when he looked at you. Sam, who also was always watching, had started pulling you aside asking what Dean was telling you. You could tell he was concerned about all that Dean was holding in. He stopped asking once he caught on that things had become a little more physical.

You groan as you realize that you are now completely awake. You push your face into the pillow and feel the sheets shift under your stomach. You try to clear your mind, you promised yourself you would actually get some sleep tonight.

A deep-throated chuckle fills your ears.

You turn and squint in the darkness. The faint sparkle of green eyes stares back at you.

“What are you doing?” you whisper.

“Watching you,” Dean mumbles back.

“Nope, not creepy at all,” you turn on your side and pull your knees up to your chest. You see a shadow in your peripheral before Dean’s hand pushes a strand of hair out of your face.

“You’re nose scrunches when you think too much,” you can hear the smile in his voice for calling him creepy and the question of what was on your mind. God, it was scary how well you understood him already.

“Just thinking about what brought me here.” Dean’s hand is still right below your jaw, slowly brushing the pad of his thumb up and down. You try to breathe normally, but you know he knows that drives you crazy. “If that leviathan hadn’t taken over my manager, I would never have had to worry about you.”

Dean’s thumb stops right on your pulse point. Your brain goes back over what you said, realizing it came out completely wrong.

“Look, I…” Your eyes, which had started to flutter closed at his touch, are wide and searching desperately in the dark for his.

“What do you worry about?”

You stay quiet and lift your hand to rest on top of his. He lets out a breath of hot air on your face.

“Why you don’t sleep,” you whisper. “All the time you spend researching monsters and leviathan. How you try to protect Sam from everything.”

“He’s my responsibility,” he roughly lets out. Crap. You can tell that this isn’t going well.

“You made Bobby and Jodi go with him to check out someone falling through a window.” Your voice carries more as you remember that no one is in the cabin. Clearly, sleep isn’t happening tonight. “I may not know much about hunting, but I don’t know if that needs 3 people.”

Dean sighs again. His hand twitches, and you worry he is going to roll away from you and dismiss the conversation. Instead, he winds his hand through hair at the base of your neck and shifts himself closer. You feel his breath along the base of your neck.

“Ever since Cas broke the wall in his head, I can’t…” His thumb begins moving again, up and down the back of your neck. “I want him to be okay. Our lives are just never that simple.”

“Always waiting for the other shoe to drop,” you mutter and realize that’s probably a version of what he was just going to say.

“Nothing is going to help, especially sleep, so I just gotta keep looking,”

“You’re going to drive yourself crazy with the amount of whiskey you’ve gone through,” You knew it was pushing the issue even further, but it was another growing concern. “You need to have a clear head to really make a breakthrough.”

You suddenly realize Dean’s hand had left your neck and was moving slowly down your arm towards your hip. You don’t need lights on to know that Dean’s eyes are sparkling again.

“You saying my mind isn’t clear?” The sarcasm ripples off his lips. “You want to know a fact that I picked up in the last five minutes? Using my whiskey-induced, lack of sleep senses?” His hand closes over your hip bone and feel his fingers brush along the top of your thigh and butt-cheek. He wiggles even closer until his nose is right over your mouth.  You suck in a breath, not wanting him to know how much he gets to you. The bed dips ever so slightly as he pushes up on his elbow to bring his other hand back to your face and runs his thumb over your jaw.

“You got nothing,” you whisper, but your breathing is uneven.

Sun starts to creep in through the blinds, bringing about the dawn of another day. His face is more visible and his lips twitch up into a smile. He slowly grazes his hand over your butt and he gives a strong squeeze. Damn, he knows all your weaknesses.  

“I got you. That’s definitely something.”

Air rushes out of your mouth as you break the distance to feel his lips. He smiles as his tongue runs along your bottom lip, begging for entrance. He uses his hand, still massaging your butt, to pull you into him and then quickly shifts to his back and has you rest on his hips. Hands drift up into his hair and you crush your mouth to his, feeling the taste of whiskey on the tip of his tongue. His hands continue their pressure and your legs fall to either side of his, bringing you even closer.

His boxers and your over-size t-shirt are quickly discarded as passion fills the bed. Images from your dream fill your head as Dean washes over you like water on the beach. Taking in every part of him, all his pain, all his commitment, and all his love fill you.

You curl yourself against Dean’s chest as you both come down, feeling your hair stick to the back of your neck. He runs his hand through it and lifts it to lay over the pillow. Your legs are still intertwined, and you realize with a wave of nerves that part of you never wants to leave.

“Thank you,” Dean whispers into your ear, not trying to hide the small nips he makes at the base of your neck. “I’m glad you worry about me.”

You kiss his chin, feeling his scruff against your face, and kiss his lips again.

“I’m happy I decided to stay too,” you mutter, hearing the hidden statement he had meant to say.

His breathing deepens, and a smile comes to your face as he begins to fall asleep. You curl yourself tighter around him, wanting so desperately to protect him from his life, and drift off into sleep as well.

So today would have been #MichaelJackson’s 57th birthday! This is one of my top 10 most memorable days as a reporter…A glimpse of what it was like to live just one day in his shoes. He had such a gentle soul and shared alot that day. It was like we were old friends… RIP He suffered much…. I often wonder and pray that he found the Lord. Fanchon Stinger

Good GAWD, this guy friended me in Dark Souls II and I thought he was a girl because he customized his ID with pastel colors and his username is a reference to a visual kei band and his avatar is a picture of Poison from Street Fighter,

but instead he turned out to be a creepy dude who harassed me through messages for TWO HOURS about whether or not I’m a “woman with a female body” and kept asking me questions in a really rude and demanding way. He kept bothering me about my username (which is “iamahotmom” because I thought it would be funny!) and telling me I’m not hot because I don’t have children(?) and at the end of the exchange, after I told him like 6 times that I’m gay, he told me he wants to be my husband…………..

Quotev vs. Tumblr

tumblr: i can steal your soul
quotev: same
tumblr: who the fuck are you
quotev: your doom
tumblr: leave my people alone
quotev: man ive already gotten my own souls lmao
tumblr: hiSS

Copyright my friend on Quotev.

Here’s my friend Kyle and his 15g shroom

Last night was wild✌🏼️ thunderstorm and shroom trip. Me and my friends all went camping and best/worst trip of my life. There was so much chaos around because of the rain, me and k ended up tripping in my car before another friend joined us. I didn’t have a spiritual experience this time which i was missing .. I’ll do them again soon so I can figure some shit out ✨